Prose that Blows Runner-Up: Best Story

All In

By Inflate123


"Shuffle up and deal!"

The voice boomed over unseen loudspeakers. Sara couldn't see a crowd through the darkness -- all she could see was the table in front of her, the disembodied, metallic arms of the dealer, and the blonde sitting across from her -- but she had to assume there was a silent audience. As cards sailed across the table, the harsh reality hit Sara: She had to win. 

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Eye of Helios, The

Alisa could have had the easy life. Almost as soon as she could walk, she’d been trained as an acrobat in her family’s circus. It was long, hard work for little reward, but she accepted it as her calling and put all her heart into it. Then, when she was 12, a lottery ticket bought on a whim made the family instant multi-millionaires. Almost overnight, her parents shut down the circus and retired to a life of luxury. But Alisa knew she’d never be happy with everything just handed to her on a platter, and after a few months of “retirement”, she ran away from home.

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Community Service

Danielle felt a hand slide up the inside of her thigh and stifled a surprised squeal.

She was instantly flooded with some rather vivid memories of the last… however long it had been.  In that moment Danielle recalled the feeling of her legs growing thicker and thicker until she couldn’t move them anymore.  Now, of course, the hand wasn’t really touching her leg at all; she had no legs to touch.  It just felt like they were still there… sort of.

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Emergency Escape Enchantment

Being a mercenary for hire was always an interesting job. The work took you to many strange and facinating places. Unfortunately, it also took you some very dark and unwelcome places.

Such as the inescapable, direbadger filled canyon swordsman Flint Ironstag and his mage partner Haruka Ariadust had found themselves trapped in.

It had started like a routine quest, some old fart requesting they check out an old temple, find the treasure within, and bring it back to the starving villiage so the townsfolk could buy some food. Pretty simple really.

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When one goes to sleep at night, there is the pleasing certainty that when we wake, we will be in the same place, in the exact state we drifted off in.So when Nina woke up, felt a weight on her chest, and looked down at herself to discover she had changed, she was not very pleased.When she had gone to bed, her breasts were a modest C-Cup. Now she had what appeared to be a pair of volleyballs grafted to her chest, straining her pyjama top.

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Routine Physical

“Financial services, this is Eric. How can I help you?”

“Hey, it’s me.”

“Oh, hey, honey! Are you at the doctor’s office yet?”

“Yep, they just started my physical a couple minutes ago. Thought I’d give you a call.”

“Ah, good. Are you naked?”

“What do you think? Of course I am.”

“Awesome. How’s it coming so far?”

“Oh, you know the drill… I’m all belly… Is now a bad time?”

“Oh, no, not at all, of course not. It’s Friday, things are pretty slow here.”

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This Only Works Once

The cardboard sign read “Haunted House” in black magic marker with an arrow pointing down the street. It was nearing 10 o’clock; our bags sagged from so much free candy and our limbs were sore. A haunted house adventure sounded like a perfect ending to Halloween. We mustered the strength to hurry and resisted temptations to continue begging houses for candy.

Orange and purple lights strung along its walls shone through the artificial fog belching from concealed machines. Spooky sounds and eerie music emanated from the open door; strobe lights illuminated the entrance.

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Sweet Release

Naomi and Cassandra glanced around the lab, shutting the door behind them.

“I told you it’d be empty!”

Cassandra ran a hand through her long black hair and gave Naomi a grin. “Relax, we know what we’re doing. Besides, it’s a surprise.”

Naomi grinned, her short auburn hair framing her round face and sighed. “Touché. Let’s get to work then.”

A few hours later, the two of them powered down the machines. “Ahh, success…” Cassandra said, peering though the observation window.

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Haunted House Five: A Duty Dance with Destiny

It was a Halloween night like any other and my girlfriend Elle and I were stumbling back from one hell of a party. I wasn’t feeling so hot, a combination of lots of rum and the fact that nobody got my costume (Apparently, nobody watched Filmation’s Ghostbusters like I did so my effort in making a great Jake Kong costume was in vain). I would’ve been angrier, but Elle was looking great in her “Mad Maxine”(her name for it, not mine) leather getup. I was just about to make a witty remark about my drunken state when all of a sudden she stopped and pointed

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Bad Beans

After the meal, Alicia burped. Loudly.

Around the campfire the other girls looked up, disgusted rather than perturbed. But screw them. Alicia was counting on them being too polite, in addition to their other faults.

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