Prose that Blows Winner: Most Superest Superhero/Supervillain

Wicked Game

Aether Price flew through the afternoon sky, her blue eyes tracing a route along the rooftops toward the building targeted in her police scanner’s latest dispatch. Already she could see the halo of emergency vehicles surrounding it, and with a swish of her arms, another gust of air filled her gold cape and propelled her swiftly onward.

She landed beside a flashing squad car, her blonde bobcut swishing in the breeze. The police captain ran over to greet her.

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Vinylady vs. The Penetrator

Vinylady floated imposingly over the battered bad guy. “It should help you in court that the launch codes aren’t compromised,” she reassured him. Her pink and black day costume shone wetly in the noonday sun.

As federal agents dragged Captain Klepto off, however, he cackled, “No, but you will be!”

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