Prose that Blows Winner: Most Disturbing Story

Red Christmas

It was the night before Christmas when Santa Claus fell ill.
He was under a mountain of blankets, warding off chill.

Mrs. Claus took his temperature; ‘twas 102.
“Dear Nicholas,” she said, “Whatever should we do?”

With a cough and a hack, he beckoned an elf to his side.
That elf was Ginny, whose beauty and charm were bona fide.

Her long ginger hair flowed in tangles from beneath her cap.
Fit, young, perky: she was strictly kept from Santa’s lap.

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Unusual Favor, An

When Yrgthlax came through the interdimensional rift a few years ago, it was Amelia with whom he had made first contact, albeit accidentally. (But that’s another story.) Instead of freaking and calling the cops, however, she befriended him, educated him on human culture, and helped him blend into society so he could observe humans. In exchange for Amelia’s generosity, Yrgthlax offered her ten supernatural favors to use at any time. She had already cashed in on several; the rest she was saving for later in her life. But she’d have to burn one sooner than that.

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Balloon Race



A thin stream lanced out from the plastic gun and into plastic clown’s wide grin. Atop its hat protruded a pink balloon which swelled at rate faster than his rivals. Within seconds, it popped; a bell rang to signify his victory.

“Winner!” shouted the booth operator from around his cigar. The rivals scuffled off to seek their glory elsewhere in Funland while the operator waved the youth over to the side.

“You been out in the heat all day, kid,” he said between puffs of his cigar. “You ain’t fed up yet?”

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