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Katie had had a dull life. It all started (or ended) when she was given a puppy as a child. She laughed as it gambolled around her but suddenly heard a hissing noise she couldn’t place. She quickly located the sound as she felt herself swelling up like a balloon. Her parents quickly whisked the little dog away, naturally thinking she was allergic. But Katie knew different.

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Evelyn Corsets

Two women stepped onto the set. They were both gorgeous; long legs, firm asses, full breasts, and slender comely physiques. For all their beauty the pair looked very similar. Indeed, the shared pout of inviting lips and sparkling blue eyes seemed to suggest they might be related. The only obvious, immediate difference between the two was their hair; one girl wore hers short and scarlet red, the other had a cascade of mahogany curls down to her shoulders.

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Community Service

Danielle felt a hand slide up the inside of her thigh and stifled a surprised squeal.

She was instantly flooded with some rather vivid memories of the last… however long it had been.  In that moment Danielle recalled the feeling of her legs growing thicker and thicker until she couldn’t move them anymore.  Now, of course, the hand wasn’t really touching her leg at all; she had no legs to touch.  It just felt like they were still there… sort of.

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Chain Reaction (Extended)

Irina was only halfway through a mug of mead when Cerys ran into the inn and to Irina's side.

Irina sighed. "What did you do?"


Irina gave her a sharp look. "I told you I don't want to draw attention while we're travelling."

"No, really!" Cerys said. "I was just looking around the outpost and some men yelled at me!"

"Why are you worried? You're indestructible."

"They're scary! Oh no, here they come!"

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“Honey.. are you absolutely sure about this?”

Standing in the surf with water splashing at her ankles, she stares directly at me, her eyes indicating that she’s deadly serious about this.

“Of course I’m sure. I wouldn’t suggest it otherwise.”

“It’s just… it sounds pretty dangerous. And a little dodgy.”

“It’s not. Loads of people on the internet swear by it.”

“On the internet?” I scoff. “Now I’m less convinced.”

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