Minimum Wage, part 6: Wedding Caterer

Patricia was used to people looking down at her -- literally. Puberty and growth spurts had passed her by with barely a glance, leaving her 4'10" and just shy of 90 lbs. "Trixie the Pixie", they called her in high school. Boys treated her like a disposable sex toy. Girls saw her as an object of pity and scorn, when they weren't just stuffing her into lockers. Her intellect, talents, and assertive personality went unnoticed, wrapped up in such a tiny package. But Patricia was determined not to let her body's failings define her destiny.

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Minimum Wage

A series about minimum wage jobs, and the special hazards they sometimes entail.


Eye of Helios II: The Curse of Helios

Alisa knew she had only herself to blame for her current predicament.  She had had a difficult but rewarding life as an acrobat in her family's circus, and then an easy life when her parents won the jackpot in the state lottery.  When she found that retirement didn't suit her, she ran away from home as a teenager, and joined a gang of bank and museum robbers.  Her formidable talents made them and her a lot of money, but still she wasn't satisfied.  Striking out on her own, she pulled off heist after incredible heist, until her fortune made her parents' pale in comparison

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Eye of Helios, The

Alisa could have had the easy life. Almost as soon as she could walk, she’d been trained as an acrobat in her family’s circus. It was long, hard work for little reward, but she accepted it as her calling and put all her heart into it. Then, when she was 12, a lottery ticket bought on a whim made the family instant multi-millionaires. Almost overnight, her parents shut down the circus and retired to a life of luxury. But Alisa knew she’d never be happy with everything just handed to her on a platter, and after a few months of “retirement”, she ran away from home.

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Curious Case of Wendy’s Pregnancy, The

Wendy took deep, slow, breaths, trying to steel herself for the task at hand.  All she wanted to do was sit inside with the curtains drawn, safe from the prying eyes of her curious neighbors.  But the newspapers had piled up by the dozens at the end of her driveway, and she knew they’d attract burglars unless she took care of them.  And going outside presented profound challenges in her current state.

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Sorceress’ Apprentice, The

Shalandra waited patiently under the covers, not daring to move a muscle. When at last she heard Mistress begin to snore, she carefully climbed out of bed, threw on a dress, and crept quietly out of the bedroom.

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Sting, The

Mary shivered in the brisk autumn air as she jogged down the path. She knew that most people would think she was nuts for being outside in such flimsy attire. But she liked the exercise, the crisp evening atmosphere, and the solitude of the lake behind her home. And when she met a cute guy on the path, she liked showing off her shapely body in this tight leotard.

Distracted by the cold and by her music player, Mary let her guard down. And so, when a bee landed on the back of her neck, a moment’s hesitation was all it took for her to get stung.

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Heather's life was just about perfect, she reflected to herself, as she floated in the gentle waves just offshore. She was an adult now, a high school graduate, with her own apartment, and accountable to no one but herself. A world of choices had opened up to her; she could do anything she wanted, or just lounge on the beach all day. And the first thing she was going to do, this very evening, was let her boyfriend Brad take her virginity. Closing her eyes, she dreamily imagined how the night would play out. She'd show up at his front door in only her lace bra and panties...

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Gone Tubing

Heather kept glancing backwards as she walked to the beach. She told herself that she was eighteen now, and that the swimsuit she was wearing was appropriate for her age. Heather considered herself rather thin and scrawny, but the bikini top and thong bottom did a good job of presenting her feminine assets and making her look more womanly. All the same, she was glad her parents couldn’t see her as they sunned themselves on the elevated back porch.

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Minimum Wage, part 7: Night Watchman

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Sometimes, Samantha felt like her life was slipping away. She spent every weeknight guarding a soda bottling plant, and every weekend at home with her significant other. She knew there was more to life than this, and that someday she'd regret being such a shut-in. But every time she tried to venture out into the world, her "curse" forced her right back into self-imposed solitude.

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