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State Fair, The

Drenched in the summer heat, fair-goers were having a miserable time at this year’s state fair. The humidity made fried foods undesirable, and the attendees were getting impatient waiting for the day’s main attraction. This attraction was none other than the State Fair’s Wet T-Shirt Contest, a coy event to help certain fair-goers beat the heat while putting on a show for everyone else.

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More Than Yesterday

I jumped when Vivi tapped on the balcony door. I should have been looking forward to it, and I was, but then again I wasn’t. I wished I’d been honest yesterday. Now she’d want to do it again.

I checked the mirror. I’d abandoned trying to dress up for someone who’s always naked, and just wore comfortable jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. It was too thin, my nipples poked through. I considered putting on a bra, but it had pinched yesterday. Vivi wouldn’t care anyway.

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Floatatious Fizz

The day started off so well. I had a good night’s sleep, a wonderful day at school and the weather was beautiful. The birds were singing and children were playing in the park I was at. Such a heavenly day and boy was it about to go badly wrong.

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Evelyn Corsets

Two women stepped onto the set. They were both gorgeous; long legs, firm asses, full breasts, and slender comely physiques. For all their beauty the pair looked very similar. Indeed, the shared pout of inviting lips and sparkling blue eyes seemed to suggest they might be related. The only obvious, immediate difference between the two was their hair; one girl wore hers short and scarlet red, the other had a cascade of mahogany curls down to her shoulders.

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Blowing Her Socks Off

She breathed deeply, again and again, and each time she was slightly plumper than she had been with the previous breath. It wasn’t immediately obvious to the casual observer, but I’d been studying her curves and I could see as she began to fill out.

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Springfield Student Discovers Shocking Weight Loss Trick!

Sandra eyed the strange garment cautiously, trying to figure out how the object she'd bought online for $175 was going to help her lose weight. It had arrived in the mail that morning and sat in it's box on the table for most of the day whilst Sandra contemplated sending back the overpriced onesie, after all, she reasoned, they were only $40 at the mall. What made this one so special?

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Hit and Run

Hit & Run

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Meddle Not

As Dame Francesca’s host drew near
each wearing plates of steel,
the wizard in his feignéd fear
did turn upon his heel.

“You cannot run, you simpering knave,”
the dame called out to him,
“for I have twenty horsemen brave
awaiting, at my whim.”

“You cannot flee, this shall end here,
you’ll answer for your sin,
and for not yet another year
you’ll terrorize my kin!”

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All In

By Inflate123


"Shuffle up and deal!"

The voice boomed over unseen loudspeakers. Sara couldn't see a crowd through the darkness -- all she could see was the table in front of her, the disembodied, metallic arms of the dealer, and the blonde sitting across from her -- but she had to assume there was a silent audience. As cards sailed across the table, the harsh reality hit Sara: She had to win. 

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