Ordos Tsceri

Evelyn Corsets

Two women stepped onto the set. They were both gorgeous; long legs, firm asses, full breasts, and slender comely physiques. For all their beauty the pair looked very similar. Indeed, the shared pout of inviting lips and sparkling blue eyes seemed to suggest they might be related. The only obvious, immediate difference between the two was their hair; one girl wore hers short and scarlet red, the other had a cascade of mahogany curls down to her shoulders.

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After a Wild Night

“And over the loop and back again and… there!” Emily smiled with pride at her handiwork, tugging at the silk string she just tied to Tanya’s golden belly-button ring.

“You’re sure that’s secure?” Tanya asked hesitantly.  She couldn’t see what her friend was doing.  She couldn’t see over the curve of her beach-ball sized boobs at all, for that matter.  She’d spent the last day bobbing against a hastily erected tarp-tent Emily erected outside her apartment, pondering her new condition.

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