Rage Read

She could not stop reading.

Without a doubt, it was the worst book she had ever read.  Its characters were stupid and juvenile in their execution.  The sentence structure and wording bore all the refinement of crude oil: black, monotonous, and stinky.  An erotic novel of pervasive popularity, yet containing not a single line that brought her carnal pleasure.  Rather than forge a white hot yearning in her loins that was the author’s overtly obvious intent, it only forged a white hot rage that sat heavily within her entire being.

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The door to the small apartment opens, revealing a form, barely recognizable as feminine beneath layers and layers of warm clothing.  With a flick of the switch the lines of stress and exhaustion are revealed on her normally cute face.  Thin lips, slightly blued by the Michigan winter, let loose a sigh of depression.

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Factory, The

She awoke with a start, her dream of weightless frolicking interrupted by the sickening feeling of free fall. Down she fell from her pleasant dreamscape back into the cradling arms of her real world bed, the illusion of clouds being replaced by her comforter and the soft red glow of the clock.

2:34 AM.

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