State Fair, The

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Drenched in the summer heat, fair-goers were having a miserable time at this year’s state fair. The humidity made fried foods undesirable, and the attendees were getting impatient waiting for the day’s main attraction. This attraction was none other than the State Fair’s Wet T-Shirt Contest, a coy event to help certain fair-goers beat the heat while putting on a show for everyone else.

In the interest of cooling off, Karin found herself staring at the tented stage for this contest, often glancing over to her friend Shara to see if she was also debating the option. College girls in their 20s, Karin and Shara had been best friends since their freshman year, and today was just another excursion in their ordinary college life.

“Contest starts in 15 minutes folks,” announced an on-stage judge, “We’ll be accepting sign ups right up until the last minute, so get in it for a chance to win it!”

After some arguing, the girls decided that they didn’t come out to the fair just to let bad weather send them home. So, they nervously approached the stage.

“Hi,” Karin asked, “where do we sign up for the contest?”

“Here,” gestured a judge, “just sign this form. Y’know, liability ‘n whatnot.”

After signing the form, they were shown to the dressing area. Neither of the girls had came to the fair with the idea of entering the contest, so they found themselves in a need of a white tee. Not one to back out, Karin decided to deal with wearing one of the dubious “free Ts” the staff made available. Before heading out, she gave herself one look-over in a mirror. The white-T went nice with her jean shorts; giving her the girl-next-door look. “Good enough,” she decided.

After a few minutes of changing, Shara was ready as well. The white T didn’t quite go with her yoga shorts, but if there was one thing Shara had, it was an ass that made yoga shorts look godly. She could make them work with anything.

Satisfied, they walked over to the waiting area where the rest of the contestants were standing. There were twenty other contestants, most of whom were college girls much like Karin and Shara. After a short wait, the announcer was beckoning all of the girls on stage, where they were greeted by a sizable crowd.

As the crowd cheered, a loud voice boomed “LET’S GET WET!”

And with that, sprinklers began to douse the ladies onstage. As the water soaked Karin’s skin and clothes, she began to feel queasy. Convinced that stage-fright was making her physically ill, Karin became worried over the sick feeling in her stomach. When she put a hand to her midriff, her hand met a burgeoning potbelly. Karin shrieked in disbelief, looking down to find a large, glistening belly. Her gaze darted over to her friend, where she saw that Shara was also suffering the same problem.

As Karin surveyed the stage, she realized all of the women were getting heavier. What started out as a Wet T-Shirt contest was starting to look like a Maternity Fashion show. Karin and Shara were now looking to be in their third trimester of pregnancy. Desperate, Karin attempted to shove her new gut back to its flat state. However, after a few failed attempts, Karin noticed something – it wasn’t gas or food that was causing her to bloat…

“It’s the water!” shouted Karin

As if on cue, every girl on stage screamed in a wave of panic. Their ensuing attempts to flee where thwarted by the dozens of pounds they accrued. Between their changing center of mass and the slippery surface of the stage, very few girls escaped the chaos.

Karin was one of six women who managed to escape the stage. Taking review of herself, Karin saw that she looked full term and ready to burst. Her white T clung to her pale, gigantic stomach for dear life. The water had made her clothing stick to her skin, and her growth was making it stretch past its limits. Her ass and breats were fuller, but she was mostly okay.

That’s when Karin turned around to see who was left behind.

On stage there were fifteen globular women. Their bodies no longer looked human, instead they looked like giant exercise balls with the faces and limbs of people. As their surface area grew larger, they soaked more and more water, growing ad infinitum. With no chance to move, each girl wailed for help as they wriggled their limbs in vain. Amidst the group, Karin spotted Shara, whose limbs were recessing into her spherical mass. Her white T-shirt had long since torn down the center, fragments of the cloth clinging to where her arms used to be. Her bra had snapped, leaving her top half completely exposed, a shimmering-wet water balloon. The only part of her that wasn’t overtaken by the water was her yoga shorts, still holding on in face of certain destruction. The fabric was stretched beyond reason, squeezing Shara with a ferocity that was causing her face to turn red. The pressure was making it hard for her to cry out, but Karin knew that she needed help.

With each passing moment, the girls on-stage were growing heavier, making rescue impossible. Karin knew that Shara would be too heavy to move off-stage, but she couldn’t just leave Shara behind. So, she walked back into the fray.

Approaching the stage, Karin witnessed the increasing severity of the situation. The growth factor of all the girls was reaching exponential amounts. Shreds of white t-shirts were everywhere, with all of the girls having long ago grown past their limitations. Here and there were other articles of clothing, but the final article of resistance was still giving its last battle cry – and those were Shara’s yoga shorts. The creaking of the over-stretched fabric grew louder, until finally it reached an apex, followed by a load snap that echoed throughout the fairgrounds.

Karin strode forth through the downpour until she hoisted herself on-stage. Circling around Shara, Karin soon found her friend’s face. Scrunched in an expression of pressure, Shara was barely recognizable. Hesitantly, Karin touched Shara’s side, feeling the tautness of her skin.

Gradually, the sounds of creaking and overstretched skin formed a symphony. The loudest sounds were coming from the largest competitor, whose gigantic mass had the unfortunate position of being bombarded by every water outlet. Her size was starting to reach towards the roof of the tent, but the red marks on her skin were a telling sign that she wasn’t going to outlast it.

In a rising crescendo of groans and creaks, her final moment was one, unexpectedly long silence. And then, BANG.

A torrent of water exploded outwards onto the rest of the contestants, causing a chain reaction of bursting that unleashed wave after wave upon Karin and Shara. Karin’s growing body exploded through her shirt and ripped through her jeans in seconds. Each wave of water added to the surmounting pressure, until only Karin and Shara were left.

Shara was far larger than any of the other girls had grown, nearing 30 feet in diameter, and her body was directly crushing Karin’s. In a moment of clarity, Karin wondered if she would burst before Shara. As time slowed, Karin and Shara wailed in unison, accompanied by an orchestra of creaking skin, until their bodies gave out to one titanic BANG.

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