Candy Pills

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Jay knew he shouldn't have listened to Clara, but he didn't have any other friends to hang out with, so here he was, trudging after her in to the woods.

"Can you please tell me what we're doing out here, Clara?"

"Yeah yeah, fine. This should be far enough."

"What is it?"

Clara took a small bag of spheres out of her pocket. "These!"

"What are they?"

"Not sure! I got them on Mercari, said they were transfromative candies!"


"Yeah I don't know how! Maybe we will turn into dragons or wolves or something!"

"Are they all the same?"

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Evelyn Corsets

Two women stepped onto the set. They were both gorgeous; long legs, firm asses, full breasts, and slender comely physiques. For all their beauty the pair looked very similar. Indeed, the shared pout of inviting lips and sparkling blue eyes seemed to suggest they might be related. The only obvious, immediate difference between the two was their hair; one girl wore hers short and scarlet red, the other had a cascade of mahogany curls down to her shoulders.

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Tess' Story

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Today was the big sale. Tess walked down the street, her long hair bouncing from side to side. She had just gotten her paycheck today and it was just burning in her pocket. One of Tess's number one hobbies is to collect rare toys, though most girls at her work find her very immature when it comes to her hobby. They always picked on her because she blew her money out the window before on toys and gadgets before anything else. Luckily today was the biggest sale of the year. Maybe this time she won't spend all her money.

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