Dance Till You Pop

Inflation Types:

Lights illuminate the dance floor as Sammy stepped into the club, men and women dancing around as a faint hissing fills the air.  She proudly steps in, her stretchy dress already expanding a bit as people gaze at her.  In a club where being the center of attention gives you a literal overinflated ego, clubs could be dangerous… or the greatest night of your life, if you knew how to play your cards right.  Sammy looked around, watching girls of varying sizes dancing and having fun with other people around them, each one dancing with them blowing the girls bigger by attention al

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Break In, The

Melody, called Mel for typing purposes, was a lovely girl. She was in the 12th grade, ha some good friends, and was never looking for trouble. She had long black hair, green eyes, and a paler complexion. Her body was one of the more desirable ones in school. Puberty had been kind to her with a smaller waist, larger breasts, and a nice rear bumper. She was dating a guy named Jacob, who isn't important to us. Now Mel had a slight problem: she was a kleptomaniac. She was always stealing things, and she accepted it. She honed it into a craft and gained control somewhat.

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