Dance Till You Pop

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Lights illuminate the dance floor as Sammy stepped into the club, men and women dancing around as a faint hissing fills the air.  She proudly steps in, her stretchy dress already expanding a bit as people gaze at her.  In a club where being the center of attention gives you a literal overinflated ego, clubs could be dangerous… or the greatest night of your life, if you knew how to play your cards right.  Sammy looked around, watching girls of varying sizes dancing and having fun with other people around them, each one dancing with them blowing the girls bigger by attention alone.

“Hey there, girl.  How are you doing?”  Sammy gasped as she felt herself swell up a fair bit, her belly poking out from her as her hips and breasts puffed up a little.  Her sparkly red sequined dress now hugging her curves more than normal, she turned to face her impromptu inflator.  “Dang, you look good like that.  How are you, cutie?  I’m Zoe.”  Zoe was cute, but not inflated much.  Pretty thin, not too much to look at, but a friendly face regardless.  Her long black hair obscured her eyes slightly, but Sammy could see green eyes staring back at her from beyond the curtain of hair.

“Well, nice to meet you!  I’m Sammy, and I came here to inflate, dance, and have a good time.”  She held out her hand and Zoe took it, shaking vigorously.  She got a huge grin on her face.

“Well, you came to the right place, and the right girl!  There’s plenty of folks here to give you attention, and more attention means more air! Come on, let’s hit the dance floor, and get you huge!  I’ll show you how to enjoy the club.”  Zoe dragged Sammy to the dance floor, and they started dancing as a fast-paced song picked up.

As Sammy danced, she felt herself growing slightly, as all eyes were on her every now and again, her hips and chest and belly growing larger, but still manageable.  Her sequin dress pressed up against her growing flesh, it all felt so good as she stepped on the spots of light provided by the disco ball, using them as a guide for her steps as she danced, each step carrying her around in a whirlwind of light and movement, the club’s lights blasting off her sparkling dress as she bloated up more and more, the club’s patrons stopping and watching as she got bigger and began to look several months pregnant while remaining light on her feet.

Zoe dashed over to her and grabbed her hands as the music changed pace, Dancing together as their bellies swelled into each other, making it difficult to stay together as they moved around the dance floor, stepping on segments of light from the disco ball above as to stay in sync with the beat.  “Having fun, Sammy?  Look at us, two big girls getting bigger from the attention we get.  What a world we live in!”

“I’m having a great time, Zoe!”  Sammy replied.  She spun Zoe and dipped her low, pulling her back up and enjoying how light she was despite her size.  Patrons began to gather from the bar, and the rest of the dance floor, and the arcade area, all of them watching the two girls on the dance floor, which only served to fill them bigger.


Over at the bar, two men watched the dance floor, casually observing the swelling figures on the dance floor.  One older, with graying hair and a few wrinkles, and the other young and spry, with cropped brown hair and only glasses to make him look older.  The younger one spoke up, awed by the spectacle.  “Steven, look at that!  Those girls, almost everyone on the dance floor is filling up like balloons!  That’s impossible!”

The older man, Steven, casually sipped his drink without even flinching.  “Yup, it should be, but not here, Jonny.  Like I told you, this club is different.  Welcome to the Pump n’ Bump.  Here, you get stared at, you get big.  Get stared at enough, and you might not be able to shrink down and leave.”

“Not leave?”  Jonny asked, flagging down the bartender for another drink.  “What happens when you get too big to leave?  Do you just… stay here forever, or sit around and wait to deflate?”

“Oh, when you get big enough there’s no deflating.  Not unless you choose to inflate someone else.  See those two girls on the dance floor?  Not-so-little miss red dress and her dance partner?  I know that girl, she loves getting huge but always ends up bailing out and filling her partner.  Watch the one in red, you’ll see what happens when you get too big here.”


Sammy and Zoe were the center of attention, their bodies swelling bigger and bigger.  “Oh my gosh, Zoe!  Look how big we are!  We look like two big, bloated balloons with arms and legs!”

Zoe chuckled, bumping into her and knocking her to the floor.  “You are, but I’m not going to be in a few moments…”  Far away, Steven sighed.  He’d seen this song and dance before, this was always how it ended.  Zoe jumped on top of Sammy and locked lips with her, blowing into her as the air left her and blew into Sammy, swelling her larger and larger as her limbs became immobile and her body swelled even to the point her red sequined dress struggled to stay intact, making Sammy a giant sparkling balloon girl shining in the neon lights of the club.  Zoe hopped off, and tied ropes from the ceiling to Sammy’s hands as Sammy kept getting rounder thanks to the stares she was getting.  She pulled the ropes taught, and Sammy found herself being lifted up, her bloated, sequined body casting sparkles of light on the dance floor as her limbs were swallowed up and she became a big ball with hands and feet, and a head.

“Alright, everyone!  Looks like we got ourselves a new disco ball!  Let’s dance and enjoy it, dance until it pops like a balloon and we can fill up each other more!”  Zoe cheered out, before patting Sammy on the side and walking off, lost in the crowd as everyone started to dance and sing, bumping against each other as the Sammy-disco ball swelled larger, creaking and groaning as her skin fought the losing battle against the pressure inside her.  She grinned happily as her head was swallowed up by her body, the last thing she saw before her red sequins overtook her vision being the wide-eyed stare of Jonny at the bar.

Creak, groan….


Sequins and rubbery tatters of skin fly across the dance floor in a blizzard of sparkles and light, drifting to the ground as everyone cheers amidst the gust of air created by Sammy’s explosion.  Jonny just stares, stares at where she used to be, and considered his options.  Nodding his head, he walked over to Zoe, who had just emerged from the crowd.  “Hey there, care to dance?”


Jonny and Steven walked out of the club in the early hours of the morning, Steven beaming as he patted Jonny on the back.  “Boy, I’ve been coming here for years, and I’ve never seen that girl get what’s coming to her.  I think when we meet up at the office on Monday, You’ve earned that raise you wanted.  That raise, and a few drinks.”

“Thanks, sir.  I think I have a new favorite club to visit on the weekends.”

Author's Note: 

I learned how to dance from DDR, and used the light on the dance floor to guide me frm my middle school social to prom.  DDR X Body Inflation!  Hit the notes to fill her up!

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Thank you

Belated thank you for fulfilling the request - it's very nice of you and exceptionally well done! Swell dance - a beautiful dance inducing inflation - is a penchant of mine, and your variation of it is just as fun

I must confess, even after all these years the description is still enigmatic to me: what is DDR and DDR X, who is prom and what is a high school social?