Stealing Blueberries

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He had to do it, they had dared him too. They called him a chicken when he first refused, and no one calls him a chicken. James was at the back door of The Candy Shop. He was tricking the lock to open by using some skills a now ex-girlfriend had taught him. She was now missing, and her current boyfriend was kind of broken, but James didn't care, he'd moved on. He was now dating a girl named Tori, who was his dream girl, and she had joined in on the egging on of James to break into this place.

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Break In, The

Melody, called Mel for typing purposes, was a lovely girl. She was in the 12th grade, ha some good friends, and was never looking for trouble. She had long black hair, green eyes, and a paler complexion. Her body was one of the more desirable ones in school. Puberty had been kind to her with a smaller waist, larger breasts, and a nice rear bumper. She was dating a guy named Jacob, who isn't important to us. Now Mel had a slight problem: she was a kleptomaniac. She was always stealing things, and she accepted it. She honed it into a craft and gained control somewhat.

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