Break In, The

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Melody, called Mel for typing purposes, was a lovely girl. She was in the 12th grade, ha some good friends, and was never looking for trouble. She had long black hair, green eyes, and a paler complexion. Her body was one of the more desirable ones in school. Puberty had been kind to her with a smaller waist, larger breasts, and a nice rear bumper. She was dating a guy named Jacob, who isn't important to us. Now Mel had a slight problem: she was a kleptomaniac. She was always stealing things, and she accepted it. She honed it into a craft and gained control somewhat. If she went long enough without a score, she'd start taking almost anything.

It was a couple days after her first gig in a while. She broke into a house and got a DVD player. She never took too much, usually just one thing to satify her. Night had faen and Mel was on the prowl. Her outfit was a tight black sweater, tight black yoga pants, and black sneakers. She was walkin down a street and saw a store. She felt the drive to get in there, to take, to get. She looked around and saw no one. She crept to the front door, took ou her lockpicks, and knelt next to the door. She picked the lock and looked at her watch. Three seconds over her best. She pushed the door open slowly, snuck through it, and saw a wondrous confectionary palace. It was a candy shop. Now Mel had another problem, much lower on the priority then klepto, but still. She was a chocoholic, and being a kleptochocoholic in a candy store is like heaven.

Mel's eyes lit up and she's sure she heard choirs of angels sing hallelujah. She started to stuff he face with as much chocolate as possible. She ran from display to display, eating all the chocolate she could find. After about the third display, she was feeling full. Her belly was poking through and her yoga pants were starting to rip. After the fifth display, the belly wasn't cover at all, and her yoga pants were much lower, almost revealing her entire butt. She started on the sixth display, but she passed out.

She awoke the next morning, in a different room, seated in a chair. She tried to stand up, but she had a belt across he lap. She looked around and saw boxes, machines, some other unidentifiable stuff, and a man seated across from her. Her was staring at her, and was holding a piece of candy in his hands.

"Good morning Madame, how may I help you?"


"You broke into my shop last night. You ate five of my chocolate displays, and I know it was you by your face and gut hanging off you," Mel looked at her stomach. It was a good foot out in front of her. She blushed, "Now I've made a policy about thieves in my shop. Now matter how nice, misguided, or metally broken, they all get the same thing. Now you're a nice looking girl, and probably a sweet girl by the way your friends keep asking for you, but you still get your, pardon the cliche, just desserts."

The man leaned over and put a chocolate into Mel's mouth. It was the best chocolate she'd ever tasted. It was so creamy and rich, smooth an sweet. She savory the piece before shallowing it.

"What's so bad about that?"

"You'll see." The man got up and left.

Mel just sat there in wonder at the strange old man. She thought about why he did that and what has going to happen. She then felt a growing sensation in her belly. She looked and saw it was a growing sensation. Her already entended midriff was swelling out! Mel started to freak out. It was growing rapidly, now doubled in size. Her thighs started to rise, and her butt started to push her off the chair. The belt dug into her. Her boobs started to swell as well, rising up and blocking her view of her belly. The tension of the belt was excruciating, and made Mel start to tear up. The belt finally snapped off, and Mel tried to stand up, but her butt was wedged into the chair. She felt her arms start to rise, and her legs spread apart. The arms of the chair started to bend away from her, and there were some cracks and creaks emitted from the chair. Mel moaned and groaned, tring to break free from her prison. The chair arms broke, and fell to the floor. Mel tried to stand again, and almost fell over, but she managed to stay standing. When she almost fell, her yoga pants ripped right off her. Her breasts were now beachballs, her belly was absorbing her legs and arms, and she was in a starfish shape. Her sweater tore in two. Her lips plumped up, and Her cheeks filled with something. She tried to decide what it was, and found it was chocolate! She was filled with chocolate! Her boobs flattened into her gut, and her arms and legs were bow just hands and feet. Her fingers and toes filled with chocolate, and her head was being pulled down into her. She felt the pressure rise, and her skin seemed to scream at her. She saw the man walk back in.

"Well it seems you're almost done! You've taken a lot shorter time then expected. Let's get you into what I call the RIP room. Stands for Rip Into Pieces. I'll just roll you."

"Murph mah herm mah!"

"Sorry, you can't talk any more. Your lips are too full."

Mel rolled along to the RIP room, and came to a big metal door. The man rolled her in andthen walked out.

"Well, have fun! Hope your good is enough!" and then closed the door.

Mel sat in the room and wondered what was going to happen. She felt the tension build, te pressure escalated with every heartbeat. Her vision disappeared and she felt her hands and feet get swallowed up. She wanted to say goodbye to everyone, and how good the chocolate was. Then her skin ripped and she exploded and the chocolate filled the room. It was filled with body parts and human tissue from Mel. A computer sensed the explosion and started to clean the room. The old man came back and looked in.

"Nice girl. Too bad."

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The Candy Shop is a strange little shop, that appeared one day out of nowhere. No one knows the owner, or where the shop came from. It has the best candy by far, but one display gets a little...changing.

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