Skipping Class

Eva sighs, slumping down more on the bench as she stares at the clock. Her dark brown hair flowing down and resting on her shoulders the more she slumps. Her legs stretching out more, lifting one of them up and gently relaxing it on her other leg. She reached back, grabbing on her black shirt and pulling it down over her jean shorts which fit loosely on her. She acted like she was sitting alone, in total silence. But instead, she was in a noise filled hallway of her school.

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My Favorite Spell

Inflation Types:
Sexual Content:

Immaculate yellow banners flap in the light breeze from on high in the towers.  The grass is growing again after a long winter, and the birds are returning to nest in the trees.  Animals return from hibernation, bringing new and interesting fauna to the sights around the castle.  The early afternoon light bathes the courtyard in its warm glow, illuminating the dozens of finely crafted statues of men and women having sex in increasingly lewd positions, many indescribable by mortal words.  Truly, Maringyon is the most prestigious school for succubi and incubi alike, teachi

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First Semester, The

The first semester is always the hardest… right? Kelly had been accepted to her dream college on an athletics scholarship to play volleyball. She had dreamed of going to school at Indigo Grove University ever since she was a little girl and knew that volleyball would be her way in. Unfortunately she didn’t realize how hard it would be to balance academics with practice, so now with her final exams coming up she was scrambling to see if she could save her grades.

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