Route 5: Golden Aether

Death, pillaging, and destruction- this has been the fate of Fódlan for the past five years. War has claimed countless lives, and many believed Byleth’s to be one of them. She disappeared shortly before Garreg Mach Monastery fell, and her students in the Golden Deer house assumed the worst when they couldn’t find their beloved professor. They were overcome with joy, if not a little confused, when she reappeared after years of presumed death. Byleth’s keen strategy and battlefield prowess allowed her former students to retake Garreg Mach and begin the fight to save Fódlan.

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Internet is Full of Crazy Ideas, The

Inflation Types:
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Kay and Joseph sat quietly on the couch as reruns of Modern Family hummed in the background. The sun was low on the horizon as it cast a blazing orange tint on the wall of Joseph’s apartment. She scrolled through her Facebook feed on her phone as he finished ordering Chinese food from the restaurant’s delivery website.

“Alright Kay, food should be here in about 45 minutes. If we eat quickly enough we should be able to get to the bar right as happy hour starts.” Said Joseph.

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First Semester, The

The first semester is always the hardest… right? Kelly had been accepted to her dream college on an athletics scholarship to play volleyball. She had dreamed of going to school at Indigo Grove University ever since she was a little girl and knew that volleyball would be her way in. Unfortunately she didn’t realize how hard it would be to balance academics with practice, so now with her final exams coming up she was scrambling to see if she could save her grades.

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