First Semester, The

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The first semester is always the hardest… right? Kelly had been accepted to her dream college on an athletics scholarship to play volleyball. She had dreamed of going to school at Indigo Grove University ever since she was a little girl and knew that volleyball would be her way in. Unfortunately she didn’t realize how hard it would be to balance academics with practice, so now with her final exams coming up she was scrambling to see if she could save her grades. If she didn’t score well then she’d lose her scholarship, which means that she’d have to drop out and go to community college back home. Kelly was ready to do anything to make sure that didn’t happen.

Her roommate, Taylor, was the captain of the volleyball team but sure didn’t act like it. While most captains would do everything in their power to help a teammate succeed, Taylor looked on with indifference. Her family was able to afford extra tutoring so Taylor wouldn’t fall behind like Kelly had. Taylor never had to worry about anything growing up (a rich lawyer/doctor combo of parents works wonders for financial stability) and got to focus on volleyball along with her modeling career. She had been getting bit roles in local commercials and ads ever since she was a little girl, but now that she was 19 she practically had to swat away the constant barrage of agents asking her to do a shoot. Her lightly tanned skin complimented her beautiful long brunette hair; each silky strand seemed to be styled perfectly even when she had it up in a ponytail. Her soft brown eyes could capture the attention of any man with just the slightest glance in his direction. Volleyball practice also worked wonders for her figure. Atop her long, slender legs could be found the usual bubble butt that many volleyball players display proudly. She loved to serve since her perky C-cup breasts would bounce up with her, lifting her shirt just enough to show off the trim and toned belly that she works so hard to achieve through constant conditioning. Simply put, she was gorgeous… but she knew it. She only cares about herself and looks down on anyone who doesn’t live up to her standard. Kelly would definitely be one of those people.

“Haven’t you finished the math homework yet?” Asked Taylor in a condescending tone.

“Not yet… I just need to figure out how these coefficients factor in to the equation…” Mumbled Kelly in response.

This wasn’t the first time that Taylor had picked on Kelly for her inability to comprehend homework assignments. It got worse as the semester went on since they were both in the same classes, so every time an assignment was handed back Taylor could gloat about having a higher score than Kelly. Thankfully Kelly wasn’t discouraged easily so she was able to block the taunts out… Most of the time.

“Whatever, we have practice in an hour and you need to get your sorry ass over there. I’m tired of coach chewing me out because you don’t show up.” Said Taylor.

“Well, maybe if I had my own team of tutors I wouldn’t have to skip practice to figure this stuff out.” Snapped Kelly in response.
“Or maybe if you weren’t so stupid you’d just get it like everyone else. I still don’t know how you even made it in here. I could get a better SAT score drunk.” Said Taylor.

“Or maybe if you weren’t such a bitch I’d be able to concentrate and finish my work. Ever think of that?” Kelly hissed through clenched teeth.

If there’s one thing Taylor can’t stand it’s being called a bitch. Kelly knew this and usually only said it when she really wanted Taylor to shut up.

“Excuse me?” Said Taylor, clearly angry. “You did not just call me a bitch!”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Said Kelly in a sarcastic tone. “I forgot you’re perfect in every way.”

At this point Taylor was absolutely fuming. She was at a loss for words, which usually ended with her storming out of the room. Kelly was hoping this would be the case so she could finish her math homework in peace, but this time Taylor had had enough. She walked right over to Kelly and smacked her across the face. Hard.

“What the hell?!” Yelled Kelly. “You’re fucking crazy!”

“You think this is crazy? This is the sanest thing I’ve done all semester!” Yelled Taylor in response.

Kelly was scared now. Taylor clearly wasn’t messing around and had her hand cocked back for another smack. Hands trembling, Kelly frantically looked around for something to defend herself with. Her eyes fell onto her gym bag right next to her feet. Sitting on top was the little hand pump they used to blow up the volleyballs that had gone a flat during practice. She quickly picked it up as she stood up to face Taylor.

“What the hell do you think you’re going to do with that?” Mocked Taylor.

Without a second’s hesitation Kelly lunged forward, planting the pump firmly into Taylor’s mouth. She began to pump furiously since Taylor was still stunned.

“MMPH!” Grunted Taylor as she attempted to process what was happening.

The first few pumps just made Taylor’s cheeks swell out, but after that it was difficult to tell where the air was going. Kelly kept pumping but couldn’t see any results. Taylor, on the other hand, began to feel pressure building in her stomach with each and every pump.

Shick, shuck! Shick, shuck! Shick, shuck!

“This is what you get for being such a bitch all the time!” Yelled Kelly as she continued to pump with reckless abandon.

Taylor’s stomach began to round out under her tank top. The seams on the side of her top were noticeably strained from the building pressure. Her belly started to resemble the volleyball she was so used to hitting every day at practice. The air began to look for new places to reside since Taylor’s belly was beginning to get full. Her arms, legs, breasts and ass all started to slowly get bigger and bigger with each pump. Kelly started to show signs of fatigue after doing this for a while.

“How does it feel huh?” Panted Kelly, taking a quick break. “You, (pant) you always acted as if you were better than everyone. Not all of us can afford tutors, or private school, or half the crap you had given to you as a kid!”

Wide eyed, Taylor attempted to reason with Kelly but could only get out a muffled “MPH!”

“What’s that bitch? You want more?” Taunted Kelly as she lifted the plunger of the pump and slowly pushed it down with a long hiss.

“MMMPPPH!” groaned Taylor as her stomach let out a low creak.

“Time to finish what I started!” Said Kelly with a newly found vigor.

Shick, shuck! Shick, shuck! Shick, shuck!

Taylor’s breasts started to block the view of her expanding stomach as Kelly continued to pump air into her. Her arms and legs were completely rigid from the air so she couldn’t bend them even if she wanted to. It sounded like it was becoming harder for Kelly to keep pumping.

Shick, shuck!... Shick, shuck!... Shick, shuck!

The sides of her tank top began to rip up the sides as the air was continuing to force its way into her body.


The tattered remains of the tank top hung loosely around her neck as she began to feel the waistband of her gym shorts start to dig inter her stomach. What would burst first, her shorts or her body?


Taylor’s elastic volleyball shorts shot across the room as they finally gave in to her increasing waistline. Now in nothing but a bra and panties, Taylor was not only scared for what would happen to her but also humiliated.

“I doubt Victoria’s Secret will want you to be modeling those undies now!” Mocked Kelly.

Shick…. Shuck…. Shick…. Shuck….

At this point Taylor wasn’t growing any more, she was simply getting tighter. Creaks and groans could be heard coming from her body as Kelly continued to struggle with the pump. Taylor could feel the pressure building with every pump, knowing that the next could be the one that pops her. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she imagined the inevitable happening.

“Aw, what’s the matter?” Said Kelly. “Afraid to go boom? Don’t worry, it won’t hurt… much. I’d be more worried about everyone seeing this picture.”

Kelly pulled her phone out and took a quick picture of the hopelessly inflated Taylor, pumped to the max with noting but her underwear on.

“I’ll make sure to send that out to everyone once we finish up here.” Laughed Kelly as she picked the pump back up.

Shick…. Shuck….

“Oh God, this is it” Thought Taylor. “I’m gonna pop.”

Shick…. Shuck…

Taylor’s face was turning red from the enormous amount of pressure inside of her. Sweat was beading on her forehead as her body did its best to hold together.

Shick… Shuck….

The loudest creak so far emanated from her body as Kelly forced the plunger down.

“Please, just pop me already! I can’t take any more!” Pleaded Taylor in her mind.

Shick… Shu-


Kelly flew back onto her bed as Taylor’s body finally gave to the pressure and burst into a million little pieces. The windows shattered from the blast, sending a mix of glass and rubber shreds into the street. Kelly lay on the bed panting, watching the loose paper around the room begin to settle. She checked the clock and saw that practice started half an hour ago.

“That’s… probably the least of my worries.” Said Kelly to herself as she began to think of ways to explain what just happened to the small crowd of people that began to congregate outside of her window.

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I feel that my artistic ability lies more with words than a paintbrush, so I give to all of you my first inflation story. I hope you enjoy it!

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Pretty good stuff. Could use

Pretty good stuff. Could use slower pacing and a little more inflation details in my opinion. But overall, quite good.