Skipping Class

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Eva sighs, slumping down more on the bench as she stares at the clock. Her dark brown hair flowing down and resting on her shoulders the more she slumps. Her legs stretching out more, lifting one of them up and gently relaxing it on her other leg. She reached back, grabbing on her black shirt and pulling it down over her jean shorts which fit loosely on her. She acted like she was sitting alone, in total silence. But instead, she was in a noise filled hallway of her school.

Noises of the other students talking fill the air, not evening getting the littlest of breaks from the noise. Eva didn’t want to go to class, especially the class she had next, she was ready for the weekend.

The clock ticked a minute forward, she now had five minutes until class started. She let her gaze draw away from the clock, looking at the other students as they laughed, closed lockers, and ran to their next class.

She reached around her wrist, readjusting her black bracelet to a more comfortable position.

“Psst! Eva!”

Eva’s head looked up, suddenly, looking around the noisy hallway. She sighed, brushing it off, assuming it wasn’t for her.

“Eva! Hey! Eva Williams!”

Eva’s head looked up again, knowing now that it was for her, and that it was a familiar voice. She looked around once more, not finding the source of the voice inside the hallway.

“Over here!”

Eva looks towards the outside door, seeing her friend Taylor waving her hand. Her long dark brown hair following along the door frame as she calls her over, “Come here.”

Eva smiles, looking at the clock as it ticks to another minute. She had four minutes before class, and she figured that talking to a friend before class would help her get through it.

She bounded over to the door as Taylor slipped back outside. Eva caught the door before it closed, slipping out of the noisy hallway and giving Taylor a big hug, “Oh Taylor! Just who I needed to see before my boring class.”

Taylor giggles, hugging back, “That’s why I wanted to see you,” she said, “I could tell by your deflated mood that you weren’t excited for class.”

Eva chuckles, “I’m just ready for the weekend,” she says, sighing as she holds the hug.

Taylor pulls away with a smile, “Well, I think I can help you.”

Eva looks at her friend in a bit of surprise, “Help me?”

“Yea!” Taylor says with a big grin, “So you can skip class and not get caught”

Eva thinks, “But, as boring as class is, I need to go. I’ll regret it if skipping causes me to fail.”

Taylor giggles, “I’ll tell you everything that happened in class after school! And I’ll come over to your house to help you if you’d like that too.”

Eva smiles, “Okay, you got a deal! But, How will I not get caught, the school has cameras everywhere and staff will be looking for me when I don’t show u-“

Taylor stops Eva in the middle of her sentence by placing a finger over her lips. Her friend smiles at her with a giggle, “Just trust me,” she says, “Now hurry, class starts in three minutes! We gotta be quick.”

Taylor grabs her hand, tugging Eva with her quickly, running up a set of stairs to the next and highest floor of the building. Eva keeps up as best she can, also tripping on the first step.

Taylor stops running once they reach the balcony of the top floor, Eva taking the moment to catch her breathe, “Next time, just tell me to run,” Eva says as she pants.

She giggles, “What’s the fun in that Eva!” She says, patting her back.

“Now, close your eyes,” she says, walking over to the corner of the balcony, “And remember, trust me.”

Eva nods, closing her eyes with a giggle. She shivers a bit happily as she hears her friend shuffling around with something, metal clangs being heard before all goes quiet, besides the footsteps of Taylor.

Suddenly, something gets shoved into Eva’s mouth, making her eyes fly open in surprise, “Mmmmm!”

Looking down she can see a long black tube in her mouth, “Mmmm?” She says in confusion, wrapping her hands around the tube and tugging on it a bit.

“Nu uh uh,” Taylor says, making Eva look up from the hose to her. Her eyes widen even more as she notices what her friend is standing by.

Sitting next to Taylor is a tall, shiny, metal cylinder that read ‘HE’ on the front of it. Eva looked up and Taylor would worry.

“Just listen to what i said,” Taylor says in a comforting voice, reaching for the valve, “Trust me.”

With a squeak of metal, a loud hissing sound is heard, “Mmmmph?!” Eva muffles in shock as her cheeks fill up with helium. Taylor turns the valve more, making the flow go faster and faster into her.

Eva lets out a faint groan, her eyes closing as she feels like gasses flow through her body, over time making her feel more and more bloated and full, her puffy cheeks starting to turn red, blushing in embarrassment.

Taylor pulls her hand off the valve of the large tank and giggles, the gauge showing her at half power. She looks at Eva as she squirms to the weird feeling of helium running through her.

In that moment, Taylor notices Eva’s chest noticeably expand, pushing out her black shirt. A grin starts to spread across Taylor’s face, “Oh wow, hehe”

Eva groans, feeling the weird feeling in her chest. She looks back, slowly opening her eyes.

“Mmmph??!!” She muffles loudly in shock, noticing the stretching orbs of her breast, her hands darting and holding her rounding chest in her grasp.

Taylor walks up, gently poking one of the ballooning orbs. The inflated boob squeaks as her finger makes a divot, before she pulls her finger away. “Awwww, Eva look at you!” She says with a happy giggle, “They’re getting so big!”

Eva looks at Taylor as she pokes her expanding curve, when suddenly she feels a tightness tugging on her pants. One of her hands fly off her balloon boobs, darting and planting onto her ass. Her butt emits a ‘boing’ as it smacks against it, followed by a squeak. Eva turns her head around, seeing her butt stretch and push her pants out as it too fills with helium, “Mmmph Hmmpff!!”

Taylor’s attention is drawn away from her friend’s front, and to her back, “Ooooh, Look at that ass!” She says, walking around Eva to get a better view of her butt. Taylor bends down onto a knee, giggling as Eva’s hand grabs and squishes her rapidly ballooning rump.

“Mmmph… Hmmmmmpppffff” Eva muffles, feeling her butt as she runs her hand along her stretching jeans. It felt so, perfectly round, so squeaky, so big.

Taylor joins Eva’s hand in rubbing her butt, even giving her pats which emits a tiny ‘boing’ with every pat.

Her butt gets so big that her jeans shorts can’t hold her entire booty, the seams on the sides of her pants start to slowly tear a bit and they start to ride down her round tush.

Taylor’s hand gravitates more towards the bare balloon skin of her friend as the jeans ride lower and lower down her melon sized booty, Eva’s pink panties starting to become visible.

Taylor giggles, “Hehe, Uh oh you’re gonna need new pants, “ she says, rubbing her bum skin and panties.

Eva looks at Taylor as she enjoys her expanding curves, her blush reddening on her puffy cheeks as she continues to hold her expanding breast and ballooning bottom. Her shirt lifts and starts to ride up her boobs, her slim belly being fully exposed.

Pressure builds up in her stomach, her belly starting to feel bloated. Eva moans, feeling the pressure build up in her tummy. Her hand slides down her inflating boobs and onto her belly, which at this point as bloated.

Eva’s eyes clamp closed again as the pressure builds, holding her belly in her hand as it swells up to the size of a basketball, her inflating refusing to stop as the gas gets pumped into her.

Taylor gives Eva’s bum one last pat, staring at it as her jeans and panties ride down her butt, exposing more of her butt as her butt crack slips out from under her pink panties. She giggles, rubbing her panties as she stands up, “And new panties, Your booty cheeks are showing!”

Eva’s blushing spreading off her cheeks and onto the rest of her face, knowing that her friend is saying that there is a visible butt crack appearing from her inflated ass.

Taylor runs a finger along her butt, walking around her until her finger drags against her now beach ball sized belly, “You’re massive!” She says, patting and banging her belly like a drum, emitting hollow sounds of a balloon from her ballooned tummy.

A bell ring is heard from the school, Eva and Taylor looking inside as the remaining students in the hallway scurry to their classrooms. Taylor looks to Eva and smiles, “I guess We’ll have to finish this up fast,” she says, bounding over to the helium tank and quickly cranking the valve up to full power.

“Mmmmmppph!!!” Eva muffles and groans loudly, the gas flow into her making her cheeks feel over inflated, red spreading everywhere it can on her face as her butt, breast and stomach inflate three times as fast. Her jeans stretch as a few more seams break, her panties stretching with her butt as more and more buttcrack is exposed. Her boobs make her shirt stretch more and more out, the area in which the shirt is covering lessening to the point where even her pink bra is visible. And her belly makes her legs spread apart more and more as it puffs out beyond her boobs. Eva’s eyes are wide open, her arms, legs, back and sides inflating, making her form more of a star as her star form gets puffier and puffier. Her jeans strain, her button barely holding on until it no longer can’t. The button pops off her pants, flying through the air as the zipper of her shorts gets forced by her ballooned body to unzip.

Taylor giggles as the button flies against the metal of the helium tank, noticing that Eva’s feet where no longer touching the ground, which makes Eva panic. Eva flails her feet and hands madly, letting out loud rapid muffles as she attempts to move. She can’t help but giggle, watching Eva’s helpless wiggles and muffles as she floats up more and more.

Reaching forward, she grabs her foot, holding the massive balloon girl down as she gets rounder and rounder, her boobs and belly merging together with her sides. Her inflating back merges with her bubble butt. Taylor looks up at Eva as all her inflating parts merge together, rounding out the helpless girl.

Taylor reaches for the hose, using it to pull Eva’s face down to her as the helium tank keeps pumping gasses into the new perfectly round balloon. The light tan balloon was wrapped in a stretched pair of jean shorts, the sides of them being ripped from stretching out. Through the ripped seams and above her jean line were her overstretched pink panties, her ballooned butt cheeks visible above her panties.

The balloons pink bra strap was barely staying together, her black stretched out shirt covering most of the bra. And around her body were small divots, where her feet, hands, and head stuck out of her massively round body.

Eva’s head spun down as Taylor pulled on the hose, pulling until her friend’s face was visible to her. Taylor giggles, looking up at her friends red blush face as she bobbed in the air, helpless, like a balloon.

Taylor pulled her down lower, looking over her body as it continued to expand and inflate, her round body squeaking and groaning as it balloons.

“You must be at least 10 feet wide! And still inflating!” She says with an excited bounce, grabbing onto her hand when she’s low enough.

Taylor holds her down with one of her hands, looking happily at her friend, “I’d love to sit hear and talk to my cute little- Sorry, Biiiiig Evaloon but, I’m late for class, and we had a deal,” she says, tugging the hose out, her cheeks staying puffed out and blushes.

She takes out a long 30 foot string, pushing her hand into one of her divots as she slowly and carefully ties the string a few times around her wrist.

Taylor walks over to the railing with her ballooned friend, tying the other end of the long strong securely on the rail.

She smiles, looking back at Eva, “I’ll see you after school, you massive balloon!” Taylor gives her a kiss the the cheek, and let’s go of her hand, waving at her as she floats up, higher and higher.

Eva’s body spins around in mid-air, only barely being able to hear the metal of the helium tank as Taylor puts it back where she grabbed it, opening the door to the building and running inside to her class.

The string straightened out and tugged on her hand. “Mmmmm!!!” Eva muffled, her body spinning around from looking up, to looking down at the earth below her.

And there Eva was, skipping class, by floating up 30ft in the air as a helium filled balloon. She was still trying to get used to the strange, uncomfortable feeling of being about 12 feet wide. But without a doubt, floating above the school was definietly more peaceful. There were hardly any sounds, besides from birds chirping, the wind blowing against her which makes her bob around in the air, tugging on the string, and the squeaks, groans and creaks emitting from her body.

“Mmmm.” she moans, wiggling her hands and feet around helpless. She really couldn’t do anything but sit there and relax, which is what she did, waiting quietly until the final school bell, where Taylor will come and get her.

Author's Note: 

This story was inspired by a real life conversation with a friend. She really didn’t want to go to class. Tho, I didn’t help her skip class, I helped her back the class period better.

But if I did help her skip, I’d do this 

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A valiant first story

I noticed first that the verb tenses you used throughout don't quite read as a traditional story does. This is something that a reader gets adjusted to in time, but the errors in spelling and grammar can trip up just about everyone.

That being said, I think your strengths are in describing the inflation process here, staying effective and true to what "makes" a full body expansion -- the clothes bursting, the transformation into a sphere -- and I found the story picking up by then. Perhaps it could be said it stuck to describing what's happening to the body a bit too much; though Taylor comments on Eva's figure here and there, the interactions beyond that seem a little sparse between them both. I'd suggest a balance between growing and exploring an inflatee's shape. As readers we assume the swelling keeps happening until you say it stops, so it's up to you as an author to come up with activities in the meantime -- playing, sometimes teaching us how inflated bodies work, how they feel. Understandably, finding time to highlight these is tough when these characters are under a small stopwatch length of time, the classroom bell. Try bringing those experiences I mentioned forth when you give writing another shot. Give your characters some freedom, maybe even some privacy, to experience each other.

A minor observation, but part of me wondered if this story had its characters hastily aged up to fit within the adult requirement of this site, specifically when trying to claim its setting was a college. Details like there being student lockers, said students running to class, and the thoughts of cameras tracking their every move spoke to me otherwise; I sure must be in a very carefree university by comparison!

Please keep at it.

Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the comment! I’ll be responding more in detail on the comment on my forum post.

Abd I understand your worry about the age limit on this site, I’ll be sure to be more careful about that and take a little more time to build the environment in which the scene is.

Hindsight is 20/20

If only I had a classmate like you around at the time to help me come up with ideas for skipping class. I was always terrible at it, and it seems like you're full of great ideas XP

Aha, why thank you xP

Aha, why thank you xP

Heh any time! Now that I'm

Heh any time! Now that I'm back in school, I may need to give this "skipping class" thing a try XP

But really enjoyed the story. Would love to hear what other sneaky scenarios you've got up your sleeve.