Rating's Boom

"E-excuse me..." Valerie covered her mouth, shocked at the loud belch she had just let loose. The effects of her near constant snacking on stage had a visual and audible effect. She had to pause the show for a bit to adjust her top to cover her bulging stomach, the camera gliding about the set hoping not to catch her wide frame in full. Most of the audience was silent - they had expected this from her by now.

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Don't Mess with Grammy Parsnips

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"You may as well give up now." A soft, airy voice purrs at me. It belongs to Drexel Devilheart, chief among the Demon King's warriors - his handsome, pointed features on display as his lips curl into a cocky smirk. Drexel's infernal heritage is betrayed by his coloring, skin as blue as the sky, hair like shining silver, eyes like blood. His slender but muscled form adorned with little but leather pants that are said to be made from the cured hide of holy beasts and a series of chain-like tattoos that run along the length of his right arm.
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Frog Face

I was new to the class and although I was feeling awfully nervous and unsure, it was a wonderful day for me the moment I entered the classroom, for I saw one of the most beautiful girls in the whole world. She had dark blonde hair and green eyes and lips like Angelina Jolie. I spotted her the minute I entered and I caught her attention right away too.

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