Personal Pastry Pet

You had just received an invitation from Horus Hajjar figure-skating prodigy and your own personal crush, to visit him at a remote Japanese temple out in a valley for a special day with him. You quickly accepted it and slipped on a traditional peach Victorian dress that had buttons all down your middle. You arrive at the temple and knock on the door, you're greeted by a woman instead of the figure skater who invites you inside. When you come in you smell something delicious baking in the kitchen and the clanging of kitchen tools.

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Sweet Filled Femboy

As Vykoo adjusted his dress he flicked through his phone looking at pictures of cats, fake cat ears and tails and various pictures of cat-themed female lingerie, wiggling his large bottom to the beat of his favorite EDM songs, when his loving wife Pastry burst in scaring the living daylights out of him.

"Hey, there my loving husband!" He nearly dropped his phone but luckily saved, he shot his wife a nasty glare as she awkwardly giggled.

“Oh don’t give me that look, I need your help here.” She asked him.

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