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Hello there, old friend. It's me; don't be alarmed. No one else is here, they can't hear me anyway.

Now, I'd apologize for disturbing your slumber, but it already appears to be disturbed enough. You weren't sleeping. Maybe tossing and turning, tangling yourself in the sheets, perhaps, trying to exhaust yourself, but certainly not sleeping.

You seem unfulfilled, my dear. That's why I'm here. That's why I always arrive. You know that.

Now, I know you need your rest, but you also need your needs met, so let's get started, shall we?

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Two Cups Full

This story contains breast expansion caused by blueberry inflation. Just a heads up.

The speed in which he hit shift+tab could only rival The Flash himself. Cheryl pretended not to notice the quick window switch as she walked into the office, her boyfriend's body visibility tensing up when she came in. She kept her smile to herself. "Hey babe?"

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Dear Diary (In a Pandemic)

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March 13

Dear diary,

I know it’s probably not a great idea to keep our beach trip plans, but we can’t get our deposit back so we might as well? Gonna try to not think about it and spend more time in my bikinis than I do fully dressed. The weather is gonna be great, the girls all still want to go, and spring break only happens once a year. Let’s do this shit!



March 21

Dear diary,

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FDA Approved

"Hey, want a free sample?" The girl held up a tray covered in small cups of what looked like blueberry milkshake.

Steve paused for a moment and looked her over. She was short, curvy, blond, and had a tiny nose piercing. Cute, even in the dorky mall coffee shop uniform. Her nametag read "Sara."

"Sure, but what is it? Isn't this place supposed to be a coffee shop?"

"It's our new Blueberry Spice Fluffocino! It's delicious! It even has new self replicating flavors, and it's FDA approved," smiled Sara.

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