Eye of Helios III: Sunset of a Previous Life

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For the second time in three days, Alisa found herself floating in the open air, just like a balloon let go by a small child. Extra embarrassing was the fact she was nude as a babe. Red in the face, Alisa squeezed her hands, trying to gain some semblance of control. Her fat fingers couldn’t even make an entire fist due to how inflated she was. She was a dirigible flying through the air, rising higher and higher. 

At least this time, she wasn’t stuck in a big black suit that turned her into a steaming ball of air –that was fortunate. Instead, Alisa felt the wind curve around her skin, tickling open parts of her that she didn’t know she wanted to be tickled. The sunlight heated her face, causing her to blink. Thankfully, a strong wind flipped her ass-side up, leaving her looking down upon the cityscape. 

Both terrifying, yet a bit exhilarating, the winds battering her body accelerated her across the sky, the ground looked to be going about a mile per minute. She didn’t actually know how fast she was going right now, but it seemed to be quick. This lasted for hours and Alisa hoped nobody would spot her so high up. She guessed she was nearly two-thousand, twenty-five hundred, feet above the ground, so she prayed that this was high enough to be out of sight. Not only for her decency, but to avoid capture. She did briefly wonder if the police would put that on her record: 

“Be on the lookout for an inflating thief. Her ass is so big you could balance a plate on it. Tits you could smother a guy in. Belly so huge you can bounce a basketball off it.”

The thought made her feel a bit nauseous – forget about money, if her reputation went in the gutter, she’d be boned. Night turned into day, the slowly fading sun made Alisa descend once more. Fate once again smiled on her as treetops rose to meet her. This time she was ready, her blimp body prepared for its inevitable slimming. Alisa did her best to focus on the tallest tree, and before she knew it, she caught the very top of it. The acrobat’s body was slimming faster than ever. She held on for dear life and felt her body compress, Alisa grinned when she could feel movement in her arms again. She pulled and her deflating figure slammed briefly against the tree. Her deflation finished, leaving her back to normal. 

“Yes, gotcha now!” She cried out. Her once again toned body felt amazing, that was until she realized she was naked once again. Not only this, she had to descend down a prickly tree to reach the bottom. The acrobat sighed and looked around. In the distance was a familiar road, fortune kept her favored. Her descent was slow and her trek was harsh, it was long too. Even with how familiar the road was, she knew the sight of a good looking naked woman walking down the road would’ve attracted weirdos. She had to hide whenever she saw the flash of a headlight. After hours of walking, Alisa could see the roof of her house, followed by seeing one of her worst fears come true. Many officers, law enforcement agents, and even a camera crew were out front. Alisa quickly hid behind a tree and peeked her head out every so often. 

“Dammit!” She cursed. Alisa was ruined: they were probably taking her caches, her equipment, hell, even her future plans right now. She thankfully didn’t name any of her contacts, but still, her network was compromised. Who’d work with a caught thief? Alisa, now homeless, shivered. She first needed shelter, then clothes, then a way to escape from this place.

Her options were limited, too far away from the city and she was not going to attempt hiding in the forest naked. There was an option for her though, Mr. Abernathy’s barn about four miles south of her. Mr. Abernathy, and his family, were her closest neighbors. They never pried into her business, nor did she pry into theirs. Alisa knew the police would have already searched it, and most likely wouldn’t do another sweep. With nowhere else to go, Alisa began to trek towards the barn. 

The entire valley felt cold, she shivered. Harsh winds chilled her bare form, her teeth chattered in her mouth. The thought of a warm bed filled her mind. Anything to get her mind off of freezing to death. It was only four miles down the road, but in her condition, it felt like forever. The sight of golden wheat peaking near the road caused a sudden flush of relief. She made it! All she had to do was run into the field and towards the barn.

She bumped into wheat which thwacked against her body. The barn loomed about half a mile into the field. Alisa smiled, she could do this. It was awkward being naked though, streaking through a wheat field was something she’d only do in her wildest of dreams. A part of her wished to be back at the circus, at least she wouldn’t be out here. 

Above the mountain a glimmering light twinkled in the sky. She turned to behold the rising sun. Worry instantly filled her body – she had to get into the barn NOW! Alisa broke into a run. Wheat slapped against bare skin while the sun’s rays began to rise over the mountain. Being that she wasn’t faster than light, Alisa could feel heat before the now-familiar tingling sensation of expansion filled her body. The barn appeared in the distance and Alisa ran with all of her might, even with the sensation of her floating upwards filling her body. 

Her stomach, tits, and ass sounded like hollow drums as they expanded from the sunlight. A hiss filled her ears. The naked woman gritted her teeth. It was only by the long wheat stalks did she not take the full brunt of the sunlight on her skin. Finally, she passed right out of the wheat field onto open ground. In front of her, the barn doors were open enough to see inside. Maneuvering quickly, with all the force she could muster, Alisa jumped in. Her gaseous body briefly made her float before she slammed into the ground. She bounced a bit, causing a groan to escape her.

Sunlight shone through myriad holes in the decaying roof. Realizing how she was not out of danger yet, Alisa divided into what she hoped was an unused hay pile. Her naked form was tickled by the loose hay but the inflating woman did her best to cover herself. It was difficult, being so round caused the hay to slide off her body, adding to this was her slowly diminishing agility. Inflating arms with hands blowing up would’ve done that to anybody. 

Once she was certain that the hay covered every part of her, Alisa waited for the sun to touch her. Underneath the pile she could see glimmers of light, she waited for herself to inflate. Thankfully, it didn’t but the sheer humiliation of being covered in hay made Alisa cringe. Just two days ago she was in a good sized mansion, now she was here! Absurd! The inflatable thief did her best to keep her mouth shut, she didn’t want to suck in hay. 

Exhaustion wormed its way through the body, eyelids began to droop and adrenaline began to fade. Alisa began to close her eyes and prayed that in her sleep she didn’t shrug off her hay blanket. Hour after hour, sunlight began to dim, and Alisa stirred. Out from the pile of hay her popped out the nude form of Alisa. Slimmed back down to her normal size. 

“Back to normal again.” Alisa's mouth felt parched. She had done nothing but run and fly for an entire day. Hands flew to her side and wiped off any hay that touched her. Her eyes wandered, it was dark, the type of dark you only experienced you never wished to experience. The moon was new; Alisa had no idea what time it was, or how long she had until dawn beckoned her back into the sky. Last night she at least had moonlight guiding her steps here, but right now she was as blind as a bat. 

Her house was most likely raided, but she knew for certain that she kept a few caches just in the event this happened. If there was a chance she had any wealth left, she should take it. There was also the matter of fake I.D, she had to leave the country for awhile. It was too hot for her; the thought of leaving her home actually made Alisa pause. That right there was the most disheartening thing, besides her inflation, that she could conceive. 

Four miles back and fortune smiled on Alisa. There was only a single cop car near her front, but there was a lot of evidence it was only a recent development. The sight of tire tracks and footprints in her lawn made Alisa grimace. She didn’t take any chances going through the front door, instead she took a much more obscure route. 

Up the side of her house she went. She had the place built so she could easily travel up and down its side if she was ever locked out. The second story window was unlocked, thank heavens. She shimmied her way right into the main hall of the second story. 

There were no footprints on the floor but there was evidence that people were here. Each time she peeked into a room she bit her lip in frustration. Gone were years of work and wealth. All taken away, no doubt hidden in an evidence locker in the city. There was no time to act sentimental, just get the money and get out. 

Upon reaching her bedroom, Alisa immediately walked towards her bed frame and began to move it. It was much easier without a mattress, law enforcement probably thought her mattress was filled with illicit goods, but it was still difficult to move the frame. Sliding the heavy bed frame to the left, Alisa looked at a blank wall. Carefully, a single finger traced a miniscule line until a curve was found. One fingernail into it and the thief pried the wall open. There a hollow greeted her, inside of it was an envelope and a small blank I.D

“This is all I have left, and I never thought I’d need this.” Alisa opened the envelope, about two-thousand, maybe even twenty-five hundred, dollars. And for the I.D, all she had to do was find a certain guy and have them print out her new name. Upsetting, but she calmed herself. Alisa looked around seeing if any of her other stashes were found. 

The one inside the armoire, gone. The one behind the sink in her bathroom, gone. The one hidden in the floorboard, that was really gone. An entire section of floor was pulled up and dragged somewhere else. So what she held was all she had left. 

“It's not fair.” The thief spoke louder than she wished. 

“What was that?”

Alisa looked up and heard footsteps coming towards her. The thief rushed behind her great armoire and hid. The footsteps came closer and closer until her door creaked open. She did not dare to even peak, she could put two and two together and know this was a police officer. Why he had no partner, because she could tell there wasn’t a second set of footsteps, she didn’t ask. Who knows what was going on, but a plan began to sprout. 

The man took a peak around but didn’t step all the way into the room. 

“I must be imagining things. Jake leaves for a family emergency and I start freaking out because he’s gone.” He turned and went away. Alisa took her shot. She shuffled out the door and snuck right behind the guy. He was in the middle of rubbing his face right before Alisa chopped him on the head. Her attack caused a brief cry of pain then nothing, he was out cold.

“I guess those karate lessons were worth three-k.” Alisa then went to work. She stripped down the man and took whatever she could. Even taking a few of his dollars for herself. All he had left were his underwear, which she didn’t dare put on. What she took was his pants and his shirt. Extremely baggy and awkward in every conceivable way, she knew if she wore her normal clothes they’d vice grip her when her inflation hit again. 

The officer’s gun gave her a moment’s pause. A life of crime had drilled many lessons into Alisa, one of which was that weapons tended to escalate a situation. The only time a gun made a criminal safer was when it raised her chance of survival from zero to slightly greater than zero. But then again, probably no criminal in history had ever been in Alisa’s very specific situation. And if nothing else, the ballast would come in handy. Finished, she fished into the man’s pocket and pulled out a pair of keys. Not even missing a beat, she rushed downstairs and out the door.

The keys opened the car, she got into it, put the keys into ignition and drove away. GPS was turned off, radio was silenced, and any way to track her was null and void. All she had to do was head south towards the border, meet her contact to create an I.D, and then….

Make a new life she supposed.

“I still have enough time, I’m still young.” Alisa hyped her own nerves. She didn’t know how long she drove down the road. All she was doing was trying to drive southwards as fast as possible. Every so often the gas tank read emptier and emptier, but Alisa knew she had at least enough to take her three-fourths the way there. What she didn’t know though was that she could’ve cut down a fair bit of travel if she had her GPS, instead she wasted two, maybe even three hours, driving down the main stretch of road. This was how the sun caught up to her.

Her skin felt prickly and Alisa could hear a familiar sound fill the car.

“No, not now. Don’t you dare. Where’s a damn motel?” She cried. Ass filled her pants causing a bit of rise in the thief’s seat. No underwear meant her bare necessities rubbed oddly into the crotch of her pants causing her to grimace. A flush of belly pushed itself outwards. Next her breasts ballooned. The clothes were just baggy enough that they didn’t constrict her movement, yet even that advantage was slowly being lost. Greater her dimensions became while she drove down the road, Her arms smacked either against her burgeoning bosom or an expanding belly. Alisa whistled a small tune while she drove, she needed to find a place to stop.

A cry of fear echoed out from her, a sudden flash of expansion filled her body. A whistle of rubber on the road filled the air. Suddenly she had to swerve from this burst of gas. Alisa braced herself, she was about to hit a tree. The impact caused her to grunt from the sudden shock, and the airbag deployed. Cushioned by both her body and the airbag, Alisa groaned. Her face was buried in her tits.

Her hand tried to grab a handle to escape her excess mass; the door opened and Alisa came out of the car. Groggily groans wheezed out. The sun reached the sky and a dim morning met the crash. The feeling of being lifted towards the sky made Alisa freak for a moment. Her feet left the ground and she was lifted towards the sky once again. This time she wasn’t nude, so that was a definite plus. Her clothing didn’t constrict, it was more gently covering her like fur, there was enough loose material to slap against inflated bits though.

She sighed in defeat, once more into the sky. If only she would have reached the treeline next to her, she could’ve been caught. Wait – there was still a chance that it could actually work! Twisting a bit in her position causing her to wobble in the air, Alisa pulled out her firearm. She was ascending a foot per second, so she had to make this count. Her fat sausage fingers pulled the trigger, difficult but doable. A gunshot fired and Alisa yelled in fright while the force of the gun propelled her forward. She still wasn’t close enough, so she fired again. More and more gunshots filled the air until Alisa knew for certain she had a single bullet left. Fearing the worst, Alisa closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. To her immense relief, Alisa was propelled right under the treeline. A smile covered her face while thick branches covered her body, nestling her away from the open sky. All she had below her was the ground nearly forty feet down. Scary, but better than nearly hundreds of feet into the open air.

Two whole days. Alisa had planned and executed entire heists in as much time as it had taken her to slink home, escape with a handful of cash, crash her car, and get stuck in a tree to wait out another day. Two days ago she’d been so confident that she could master her curse – but the curse had shown her who wore the pants in the relationship, and who wouldn’t even fit in them. A gentle breeze stirred the branches, and Alisa clutched at them with all the strength her swollen fingers could manage. She simply couldn’t deal with spending a third day aloft, not to mention that all her money was still in the car. It was still too early to give up, but living with inflation was clearly going to be harder than she’d imagined.

Author's Note: 

A continuation of the amazing Eye of Helios series. Thanks for RenegadeKamui for not only allowing me to continue the series but also coming in and helping to write it. Stay tuned for more of Alisa's brand new adventures!

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That's a good continuation of the story!

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I'm glad you like it! I'd

I'm glad you like it! I'd intended to leave EoH at the end of part 2, with Alisa having lost one battle with her curse, but with the possibility open that she'd find a way to conquer it in the end. I considered a few ways to continue the series, but none of them seemed to be an improvement on the ending I'd already written. So I was surprised and flattered that TugboatWill enjoyed the series so much that he was inspired to write another chapter, and that he wanted to collaborate with me on it. It was fun working with someone else, bouncing ideas off each other, and we have at least two more chapters planned.