Odd Bodies

Daren was wealthy.

Very wealthy. 

And he was also curious. So, he put out an ad, saying that if people would allow him to perform experiments on them, he would give them a hefty allowance for the rest of their life, an allowance so large that they need not ever work again. 

Three people were foolish enough to reply to the add.

Chris, Hamlet, and John were their names. Chris seemes rather proud of himself. Hamlet looked cautious about the ordeal but hopeful that he may earn some money. John was visibly nervous and rather short for his age.

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Torture Dressed Like Therapy 2: Testing the Limits

A year, maybe two. Glen had quickly grown tired of his life hooked up to a canister. Klestofer stopped visiting him after a few months, leaving him alone most days. Sometimes therapists came in and asked him questions. He would anawer truthfully, but they never did anything about his dark thoughts.

He often wished he would just pop. Or deflate. Or fall asleep and never wake up. 

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Angelic Sausage

First time posting on here, so I thought I'd bring over something from my DeviantArt account.

Angelic Sausage
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Liquid L.E.A.D.


Liquid L.E.A.D.

Written By: Edward Viera

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I had planned this all along. There it was below us. The huge vat of swirling, thick, green goo purported to rubberize and expand any material it contacted. In short, it could turn living matter into a balloon.

Of course, that was exactly what I hoped for. Some people have goals. My goal was to become a balloon. Not just any balloon but the biggest balloon of course.

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