Witching Hour, The

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The Halloween party at Derrick's couldn't be more perfect.  Why? Because Cyndi told me she was coming as a "fat witch." Not only would this be the perfect opportunity for me to prod her about my suspicion but it would also be the perfect opportunity to try my reagent combo if she was willing.

I showed up in a vampire costume with just enough cliche to get me in. Fortunately, my party attire was the last thing on my mind.  

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I had planned this all along. There it was below us. The huge vat of swirling, thick, green goo purported to rubberize and expand any material it contacted. In short, it could turn living matter into a balloon.

Of course, that was exactly what I hoped for. Some people have goals. My goal was to become a balloon. Not just any balloon but the biggest balloon of course.

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