Abandoned Candy Factory, The

Inflation Types:

Daphne a slender, toned, redhead, and her boyfriend, Fred a lean, athletic, blonde, are private investigators for hire. Business for the couple slows down for a while, uneventful cases only, until mysterious explosions start happening at the abandon candy factory on the outskirts of town.

“Fred! Come check this out!” Daphne squeals in excitement, “all of these women went to the factory and never came out!”

“Wow, this might be the break we need with our business. Daph you’re a genius!” Fred replies.

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Revenge Inflation

Anna had always been pushed around by Terry, because Terry believes that she's better than everyone else. Terry would always tear into Anna apart anywhere. No matter what Anna does to prove herself to Terry, Terry destroys her for it. 

"Today it ends" Anna tells herself.

She arrives at Terry's house, Anna unloads the boxes from the UHUAL van into the kitchen. 

"Anna! Get in here! Now!" Terry screams from her room.

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