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“You crazy bitch.”

His head hurt. His vision was blurry. But as soon as he heard the machinery’s hum, Connor realized where he was, and he found his voice.

“Welcome back, Connor.” Of course she was here.

He started to make out the familiar shapes of the objects in the lab – tables, computers, tanks, fluorescent lights, Rhona’s workstation. As his vision returned, he also realized he couldn’t move his arms; he was taped to his desk chair.

“I was afraid I’d given you too much…and today of all days, that would be anticlimactic.”

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Pffffft. The genie arrived without fuss and smoke.

“Cool. Do I get three wishes?”

He checked his outfit.

“Wrinkle-free folding my ass.”

“Excuse me, but I just let you out. Do I get three wishes or not?”

“What? Oh, yeah. Thanks. Fire away.”

“I want you to help me with my new years resolutions.

“Take your time. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I already told you.”

“You’re allowed to think about these things, map out possible consequences, make sure I’m not going to give you a Twilight Zone ending.”

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Wrong Costume to Wear, The

Hugh liked to do everything big: big house, big cars…Hugh liked to think of himself as a big man, though a more accurate description would be “round.” Hugh had big appetites to match his big attitude and it showed prominently. He liked to make a big scene and be the center of attention, even though people were more disgusted by him than impressed.

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Stuff of Legend, The

Shelia cocked an eyebrow. “So you’re going as Marilyn Monroe?”

“No,” Skye replied resolutely, looking away from the mirror. “I’ll be wearing a blood-stained scarf around my neck.”

“Right,” said her roommate. “I don’t get it.”

“Car crash. The urban legend says she was decapitated,” sighed Skye, returning to the mirror. “It’s not true, but that doesn’t matter anymore – all anybody remembers is the myth. Like the Richard Gere gerbil thing.”

“Skye, you’re going as a blonde in vintage clothes. All anybody remembers is Marilyn Monroe.”

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It Was Only Candy

Cindy was college senior girl, whose despite her age acted just like a little kid on the inside. Her room was still decorated like a little girls room with stuffed animals and abundant proportions of pink. She was a very happy girl with an overly bubbly personality that people did not ever really dislike much at all. Although she was of average height, her dazzling light brown hair and piercing steel blue eyes; those simple traits alone could allure anyone towards her like a moth to a flame. Her one major flaw was something most would deem unexpected. She was a total candy addict.

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Method Acting

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory was a hit with the kids yet certain healthy eating lobbyists had always been concerned about its promotion of junk food, so they wrote their own version, Toria And The Tofu Factory, a story about a group of children who win tickets to a healthfood factory, where they meet various entertaining demises such as drowning in a vat of wheatgrass juice or being turned into rice cakes. Amazingly, it was even more popular and the day inevitably came when it was made into a movie and a theme park followed.

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Bad Beans

After the meal, Alicia burped. Loudly.

Around the campfire the other girls looked up, disgusted rather than perturbed. But screw them. Alicia was counting on them being too polite, in addition to their other faults.

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Huff... Huff...

Inflation Types:

Derek pressed his back against the bedroom door that had been slammed in his face no more than a few moments ago. He'd apologized to Analise too many times over the phone and she deserved to hear this one in person.

On the far side of the door, Derek could hear Analise opening and slamming drawers. He really hadn't wanted to do this, really he didn't. If only that asshole, Frye, had kept his mouth shut.

"Why'd you have to take that damn promotion?" Analise shouted from beyond the doorway. Her breath began to come in sobbing huffs.

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High Maintenance

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“Kurt?” A voice cut across the din of the canteen “Kuuurrrttt?” He knew what was coming and sighed wearily, rolling his eyes at his friends who all gave exasperated sighs and annoyed glances in the direction of the voice. Each knew that there short time as a group today was over as soon as that shrill voice cut through the air.

“Jeez Kurt, why the hell are you still with that pain in the neck? I mean she is hot, but seriously? Are you not tired? She never lets you hang with us.” Gary said voicing the opinion of all the men round the table.

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Nancy's First Adventure

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“All finished…” Steve thought. “Sorta…” This latest contract had proved to be a lucrative idea after all. Steve was an independent inventor. He was creative and confident, a good combination. With a great amount of faith in his own ability, he went into business privately, on his own. He took up whatever contracts he could find. He worked with companies, organizations and sometimes even governments who needed a little extra brainpower.

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