This was impossible. For brunette average punk rock girl Lily today was impossible… or rather what had happened to her was impossible. She’d been out most of the day and then come home to a not entirely unusual sight on its own. An uninflated balloon sitting on her table top in her bedroom by her laptop. What was unusual was the presence of a small note beside it on pink card… Do not pop.

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Darker Secret, A

The noises of the crypt were starting to get to her, all the hissing echoing around, driving her mad. She’d been walking down here for hours in her now dusty, bloodied and torn leather armour. She’d even gone through several torches. Reihana Solus wasn’t happy about this.

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She had a few minutes before he came home, he was going to get a surprise on an upward scale she was sure. She knew about his fantasy and it placed a smile on her face whenever she looked at the pump in the corner… not exactly hidden but not overtly shown either but to her it was like a magnet. What would happen? Could it happen or would it just be a silly night of fun arousal for the two of them. Should she get her own disappointment out of the way so she could throw herself into the role?

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