Women taking deep breaths

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Breathy Chest Boi
Women taking deep breaths

So I saw this conversation on BEArchive that really intrigued me:


It concerns how women tend to expand rather hypnoticallly when they breathe in, both in media and in real life. I was wondering if anyone else is also interested in this or has seen anything featuring this (a lot of gifs were posted on the thread but I can't access any of them)

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Damn, that's some serious thread necromancy. 

I remember seeing that BEA thread back when it was new.  Most of the links are dead because the sites hosting them have ceased to exist, or the original poster has retired from the community. :P


Hck yeah, breathing in is a super interesting thing. I may or may not have to tear my brain away from certain thoughts when I see a girl breath in super deeply...