Possible Comic Book publication schedule

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Possible Comic Book publication schedule

Here is my plans for getting the comics done.
1# The Day of the Balloon Women Part One progress is every 2 to 3 weeks. So I would say. Hopefully by February it will be done.
2# Candy and her Friends in Balloon Land. Hopefully starts in the first week in March of 2022
3# Hopefully Breezy and Blimpy in Candy Land Starting in Dec 2022.
4# Candy and her friends get Super Inflated starting in July or Aug of 2023.
5# Candy and Dr Helen the Aftermath Hopefully in March 2024
This is based on what. I can afford on the artwork. And what CreCheri Charges in Euros. But you get what you pay for. I hope you like the timetable.


That is totally awesome! Thank you for doing it for us all!


Well shit, I was considering drawing my own interpretation of Candy and her Friends in Balloon Land since it was one of the first inflation stories I ever read. 


You can. I would like to see it. On your interpretation of the story is