I'm about to EXPLODE! What did you DO??

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I'm about to EXPLODE! What did you DO??

I moan and wiggle, urging my body to stay in one piece. But it's no use! My breath hitches, but I manage to softly, desperately gasp, "T-too much! Oh, no no no..."

My body throbs and pulses. There's only seconds left. "Please!" I beg, though I'm not sure who: you, or the universe in general?

But I have no time to dwell. "I'm going to explode! I--uhhhhn--ohh, ohh, its happening!" 

As my body gives a final, monumental creak and my last moan turns into a startled yell...

I explode.


How did this happen? Did you inflate me, or did you come across me in duress? Did my whole body inflate, turning me into a huge, throbbing, helpless blueberry, or was just my belly pushed beyond what it could take? Did I deserve this for my vanity and cruelty, or am I a saintly victim? 

Let me know below ;D Thought this might be a fun spin on 'how would you pop me?' scenarios




Sorry, the experimental serum turned all your body fat into gas!  Sorry.


Hah! Oh dear. I should have been more careful about my weight during the holiday season. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BAKE ME SO MANY COOKIES, GRANDMA!

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It would be a cause of inflation, must likely liquid like water or pastry cream, I would use the wonders of voodoo on a balloon mixed with your hair that I snuck from your bed one evening while you were out. Making the voodoo balloon adding said hairs and when I fill it so too will your body expand flooding with ether of those substances. Full body growth into a helpless moaning , creaking and straining balloon for me to tease and please before it (you) explode~

Been an inflationist for so very long now. I hope to meet as many others into this as I!


I had a date with you. You were nice, and I was fully willing to have another date with you. Still, you acted oddly interested in my hair, and with the cream puff dessert we had. I thought it was odd you asked repeatedly to touch and feel my hair, but since you were otherwise so charming--if a bit awkward, but I like that--that I allowed it.

A couple days passed, and I didn't call. Even though I'm bold, I didn't want to seem desperate. Still, there were several odd, intriguing nights of me dreaming you forcing a can of whipped cream in my mouth. Even though I didn't want it (within the dream, at least!), it surged down my throat, and I woke up surprisingly hot and wet.

On the third day...well, things changed. I had the dream again, and for the first time, my belly surged out, round and turgid, looking pregnant. I woke up with a shocked gasp.

I took three deep breaths, trying to calm both the excitement and panic from the dream, until I looked down.

I AM pregnant...or so it looks. Trying to reassure myself this is just a waking dream, I rub my belly, and I feel the all too real tingles across my skin as I rub my belly. I rub my belly and arc my back, reassuring myself this is an especially pleasurable dream. Still, though, I feel unfamiliar pressure build.

It isn't just my belly. It takes me several moments, but I realize I'm literally rising from my bed because my butt is becoming round and full. Accordingly, my breasts expand exponentially, until my formerly modest nightgown barely manages to cover them--I can see the massive curve of my belly, but it's so big and round that I can't even reach my belly button.

I moan. The tightness, the pressure, ricochets through my body in dizzying waves.

Its only then that I look over. I'm halfway between pain and intense pleasure, yet there you are. I try to gasp, but my body is too tight, too full. Still, you're in my room, and I see you with a crude balloon with my hair taped on top. It might've been funny, except you're clearly intent on one thing: expanding the little me-balloon with a can of whipped cream. And, astonishingly, my body responds.

With each press of the cream, my body surges. I go from looking pregnant to looking something much, much bigger. With several more surges, my body, belly, breasts, and indeed my ARMS AND LEGS begin to bloat into some great, massive thing.

Up until this point, I'd been too shocked, too disoriented to say anything. With each burst of the can, I grow bigger, and bigger yet. I'm approaching the width the bed, my arms and legs sad little bloated puffs against my much more round body. "Why...?" I gasp, wanting to know.

That seems to break you out of the ritual of inflating the me-balloon with cream. The me-balloon is huge and turgid. It makes me want to feel my own body, but I'm too vast and swollen to move my bloated arms.

Still, you fulfill my unspoken want. You stand, and feel my belly. The feelng of you touching my swollen flesh ricochets through me, and I moan in honest want.

"More...more..." I moan, not entirely aware of what I'm saying. Objectively, I'm more swollen, more huge than any human should be. My body is a five-foot orb with arms, legs, breasts, and face swollenly attached. I'm bigger, vaster than anyone should be.

Still, you obey my wish. You lay virtual on top of me, laying your hands reaching as far across my belly as you can, but you don't penetrate me. I couldn't be more aroused. "More!" I demand, in a desperate sultry moan. 

"Are you sure?" you tease, rubbing and massaging the sides of my five-foot wide belly and swollen body.

Your hands feel like magic to me, massaging my sensitive flesh. I wish to grow bigger, if only because I want the feeling to become that much greater.

"Yes! Yes, please, god!" I shout, more aroused than I've ever been.

"Well, okay," you tease, and then I feel you withdraw from me. I've never felt more desperate.

"More, more, more!" I clearly beg.

I hear your voice from the side of the room, where I first spotted you. "Are you sure?" you ask, in a sultry, suggestive tone.

"YES!" I literally scream. I writhe on the bed, wanting to feel tighter, bigger.

Tssssssssssssh. I hear the sound, but I don't understand at first. You're inflating the me-balloon with yet more cream. I moan and my body surges larger and larger. My puffy arms and legs get absorbed into my vast body, only leaving desperate hands and feet to wiggle against my enormous, bloated immobility. I'm much larger than the bed now, and the bloated sphere of my body scrapes the ceiling.

For the first time, I get worried. I'm a huge, vast, over-filled balloon of cream, and I literally can't move. "Enough! Enough!" I finally say, but you're not listening.

You stand again, putting a hand against my now creaking belly. "Sorry!" you say unapolegtically, not sounding sorry at all. "You said more!"

And before I can respond, you press the nozzle of the cream into the me-balloon with a vengeance. My entire body surges, and I'm so vast, so swollen, that my cheeks bloat and the vastness of my body threats to overtake even my face. I know I'm reaching my limit.

I moan and wiggle, urging my body to stay in one piece. But it's no use! My breath hitches, but I manage to softly, desperately gasp, "T-too much! Oh, no no no..."

My body throbs and pulses. There's only seconds left. "Please!" I beg, though I'm not sure who: you, or the universe in general?

But I have no time to dwell. "I'm going to explode! I--uhhhhn--ohh, ohh, its happening!" 

As my body gives a final, monumental creak and my last moan turns into a startled yell...

I explode.


Want more? Tell me how you explode me! 8D


Given this one was given via pm, I still felt it was only fair to post a response.The premise has been slightly changed (from initial breas tinflation to initial belly inflation), but otheriwse generally remains the same.


I'm desperate. I've been looking for jobs for weeks and weeks, and I've been hungry all too many of those days. So I'm searching Craigslist, for literally anything that I can. One post, by a photographer is, "Maternity model wanted."

I sent him a pic saying:


this is me before my first baby. I'm carrying my second. are you interested?


I attached a pic of me from five year ago. The pic was...a complete and total lie. Well, mostly. It WAS at least of me, but it was from seven years ago. And...I've never had a baby, let alone a second.

Still, it worked. Within five minutes, he replied. "You look great!" his email said. "Can I see you with child?"

His response made me fidget. The response felt mildly creepy, but I'd literally responded to a maternity ad. What could I expect?

"Sure," I said the to the email, and responded with a picture of me with some clothes stuffed under my nightgown. Apparently he liked it, because we arranged on a day and time for the shoot; apparently, he was an independent seller of maternity clothes, but his wife had already given birth to her fifth child and thought that was quite enough. I couldn't bring myself to disagree that five was enough, but as the day of the shoot grew near, I grow more and more nervous.

I had stuffed my clothes to look like the cute, petite belly of a four to five month pregnant person: enough to be obviously showing, but not large enough the belly seemed overly portruding...nor, indeed, that I had gained all that much weight because of the "pregnancy."

Still. Clothes stuffing for a controlled picture is one thing...fooling a professional photography into thinking I'm both pregnant and pretty is another. I grew more and more nervous until the day finally came. In a panic, I knew no amount of clothes-stuffed spanx would convince this professional, in person, that I was actually pregnant. But I seriously needed the money from this shoot.

So...I improvised. I have a large helium tank from my sister's last baby shower. So I thought: irony not withstanding, why not use it?

Two hours before the photographer was due to arrive, I stripped off my clothes; I'm still a pretty, young, thin woman, even though my mostly flat breasts might leave a little to be desired. Completely naked, I walked into my backyard, unafraid of voyeurs, since my fences are tall and my backyard is generously sized. It might be nuts, but I wanted my stretched out belly to be real.

With awkwardness and plenty of sweaking, I managed to insert the hose deeply into myself. Breathing deeply and laying leisurely on a lawn chair, I turned the tank onto 'on'. I didn't feel anything for a good twenty seconds, until I felt my skin begin to subtly stretch.

It felt good...surprisingly good. In five minutes' time, the helium really did make me look pregnant. I rubbed my belly, forgetting my worries as I indeed thought of an actual child growing in my womb. It felt all too natural.

Relaxed, I fell asleep.


When I woke up...oh, god. How long had passed?! Bloated, I woke up too see three massive spheres looming above me; two were my vast, bowling-ball breasts, which I grasped in surprise yet still didn't believe were real.

Still, my belly was a much larger, more montrous beast; so big and round that it both made my back arch achingly and begin to lift me off the ground. In my nap, I had become a literal balloon.

I grasped frantically, trying to pull the nozzle out of myself. But I had already begun floating off my chair, and was too swollen to be able to reach the nozzle. Crying out frantically, I lifted off my lounge chair due to the helium. "AM...AM I FLOATING?!" I yell, not willing to beleive it. But no neighbors hear, and I feel myself lift into the air, so light and afloat...despite my entire body inflating like a literal balloon. My skin tightens, and I can only hope the tank runs out of helium before I run out of room.

"Hello?" I can hear the photorgraphy call, from my front yard.

"OUT BACK!" I screech desperately. I can hear the photogrpahy struggling with the lock to my back lawn.

"Break it! BREAK IT, PLEASE!" I yell, desperate for relief from the constant tightening of my skin.

I hear a crack as he breaks the lock. As he we meet eyes and I look him in the eyes, he sees my expanding, creaking balloon of a body, which is so large that I'm lifting over my roof.

I moan and wiggle, urging my body to stay in one piece. But it's no use! My breath hitches, but I manage to softly, desperately gasp, "T-too much! Oh, no no no..."

My body throbs and pulses. There's only seconds left. "Please!" I beg, though I'm not sure who: him, or the universe in general?

But I have no time to dwell. "I'm going to explode! I--uhhhhn--ohh, ohh, its happening!" 

As my body gives a final, monumental creak and my last moan turns into a startled yell...

I explode.

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We're in the hot tub together, after a night of drinking we drunkenly decide to strip down and have a little fun it the warm bubbling water. You're laying in one of the seats with me on top, lightly pressing you against it as we feel each other out. Unfortunately there is a water just that was put in a bad place and it finds itself pointed in a direction that puts it tip just inside of you. Both of us have had to much to drink and don't notice the missing just until your belly starts to push out and against me.


Usually I wouldn't be so forward as to mess around in a hot tub with someone I don't know well, but, well...beer will do that to you. I love the feeling of you on top of me in combination with the hot, bubbling, rushing water.

Tingles run across my body, but especially my belly. I don't notice at first, until I feel an incredibly odd sensation: my belly pressing harder and harder against you, even though I'm not pressing any tighter to you. "W...what the...?" I whisper in a drunken haze, and then I realize that I'm not imagining it. "O-oh my god! I'm swelling up!"

I take several panicked breathes, and yet my belly swells into a modest but noticeable curve. "W-what's happening?"

When you see it, you look just as shocked as me. "Holy shit!" you cry, sitting back and putting a hand on my belly. My skin tingles under your touch.

I see you blush. "That's...actually kinda hot..." you mutter, the booze loosening your tongue. You lean back over me, pressing your flat belly to my swelling one. The added pressure makes me moan.

"Hot?!" I half-screech, half-squeak. "T-this isn't hot! I want it to stop!" Still, in my drunken stupor, I don't realize the obvious cause.

"Well I'm not doing it to you!" you protest. "Man, you look PREGNANT," you note, in an awe.

I wiggle and moan. I do. You lift off of me, not so much because you want to, but because my swelling belly forces you to. You massage my belly, and I can feel the water sloshing.

"I feel...really...full..." I gasp, my skin tightening despite the sloshing. Impossibly, the water doesn't seem to stay in my belly. With a gasp, I feel my breasts become tighter in my bikini top.

At this point, even if I realized the cause of the inflation, I would have a hard time lifting off the water nozzle. I'm becoming very heavy from the gallons upon gallons of water inflating me.

"This is the sexyist thing I have -ever- seen," you proclaim drunkenly.

"This is horrible!" I protest. "I'm turning into a...a...big fat blob!" My voice cracks on the last three words.

"I gotta get a picture of this," you declare, drunkenly standing. You wobble, but manage to crawl out of the hot tub.

"You what?!" I yell, incredulous. But I can't dwell on it long, my body becoming bigger and rounder. My breasts struggle to stay contained within my bikini, and my ass has joined the 'how big can it get?' competition. The water fills me, starting from my belly and the slowly bloating out the rest of me.

"What's taking so long?!" I cry. Given how drunk we both are, it's not surprising that you have trouble finding your phone.

When you finally return, my billowing body takes up half the hot tub. Water soaks the ground all around, since I'm displacing so much water.

"Please!" I whimper. I can't move. My body feels so heavy. I must have quadrupled in weight due to the water. "G-get me out of here..."

"Juuust a second," he intone casually, kneeling down to get the perfect shot of my whale-like body. "You're HUGE!" you compliment.

"Get! Me! Out!" I yell, getting angry now. "This isn't funny!"

"Okay, okay," you concede. "Let's see..."

You walk over, biting your lip as you try to figure how to get me out. "Maybe...just..." you think out loud, as you reach down to grab my swollen wrists. You pull, causing my whole body to slosh wildly.

But you're drunk, and I'm huge. You lose your balance, instead toppling back into the hot tub with me. You bounce off my belly before you splash in the water, suddenly forcing my water into my extremities. My torso and ass dominates my body, as my arms and legs slowly absorbed into the mass of it.

"Wheeeelp...shit," you sigh, much more casually than I think is appropriate. "You're uh...you're too heavy."

"Too heavy?!" I shoot back. "You have to get me out. I can't keep swelling like this forever!" I wiggle to try to get my own self out, but I'm much too large and bloated. I'm completely helpless.

"Oh...right," you say plaintively, as if that hadn't occurred to you.

My arms and legs have become massively round, but the pressure of my expanding body gives them hardly any room. Strained flesh flattens against my round, swelling torso. I'm taking up most of the hot tub, now, my bloated form rising several feet out of the water at it's apex.

"I feel...sooo...full..." I moan, starting to worry about just how much more room I have.

"Right, uhhhh...shit," you curse, at a loss. You're forced to crawl out of the hot tub since you'll be pinned against the stone wall other. "I...I don't know what to do for you!" you admit, and for the first time, you at least sound SERIOUS.

I moan, my expanding body filling the width of the hot tub. My sides press across the edge, thoroughly pinning me in. "I'm...ugggh...oh god, I'm really stuck!"

"Shit, shit, shit," you breath under your breath, helplessly watching me.

"I...I think I'm...reaching my limit..." I gasp between moans, my water balloon of a body creaking dangerously. "So full...so tight..."

"God, you're so big!" you acknowledge.

I take deep breaths, but each one inevitably turning into a moan. "I think I'm gonna...gonna...oh god, I am!" My volume rises with each word, desperate. There's no room for sloshing left in me. I'm massive and my skin has no give, no more room.

I moan and wiggle, urging my body to stay in one piece. But it's no use! My breath hitches, but I manage to softly, desperately gasp, "T-too much! Oh, no no no..."

My body throbs and pulses. There's only seconds left. "Please!" I beg, though I'm not sure who: you, or the universe in general?

But I have no time to dwell. "I'm going to explode! I--uhhhhn--ohh, ohh, its happening!" 

As my body gives a final, monumental creak and my last moan turns into a startled yell...

I explode.

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Double post


The party was over and done, everyone else long gone. We had to clean up all the decorations and of course this included the balloons. I decided to let you deal with the balloons knowing what fun could be had with them, as I cleaned the rest of the room all I can see is you playing with the balloons possibly too much caressing them, playing with them and even stuffing them in your clothes and being playfully flirty to accentuate your form. But then of course you inhale helium from one of them, and it looks a little strange, unique even amongst the rest. And then queue your becoming a balloon girl, just swelling and hissing with your higher pitched voice and bursting balloons in your clothes before you yourself...


I love balloons. You know that, but perhaps you hadn't quite realized how much until we're alone, and I decide to indulge a bit in my little fantasy.

Honestly, I'm not so much as "picking up" the balloons to clean them as I am playing with them. I squeeze them, enjoying the rubbery feeling, and thinking both to myself and out loud how amazing it would be to BE a balloon. I stuff them under my shirt, squeezing and caressing the "belly," wishing so hard it was real. Since I AM supposed to be cleaning them, I press them against my belly until they pop. I can't resist adding each time, "Oops, I popped!"

You roll you eyes, but I'm positive you're secretly very much enjoying the show.

And of course, I can't resist untying one, and inhaling deeply from it...or trying to, at least. It sucks into me, but the unexpected tickling sensation in my throat makes me lose grip on it as I giggle, losing most of the helium as it whizzes around the room.

Still, when I hear my helium-giggles--so high-pitched and cartoonish, it sends me into a whole new wave of even more uncontrollable giggles. "I AM a balloon!" I proclaim, my voice still cartoonishly squeaky.

But then I get an idea. I don't have to INHALE the helium...I can swallow it. With a mischevious glint in my eye, I grab several more balloons, untying them. You've mostly been leaving me to my own devices (with plenty of appreciative glances though, don't think I haven't seen that!), but when you see me voraciously sucking in the helium and then swallowing, even you blink. "What are you doing?" you ask.

I grin between puffs, my voice still high and squeaky. "Becoming a balloon!"

I successfully manage to 'chug' two balloon's worth of helium. Still, lifting up my shirt, the results are disappointing. My flat belly is only moderately puffed out; like I've eaten far to large of a meal, sure, but it doesn't look like I have two balloons in my belly.

I sigh. "Well, darn," I helium-squeak. "You know what? I wish I WAS a balloon!"

As soon as I say the last words, I feel an interesting tingle come over my body. The party today was for ME...it's my birthday. And, I suppose birthday wishes DO come true!

"W...woah..." I squeak, feeling the tingles increase and then concentrate on my belly. The tight confines of my belly seem to relax, my skin become more elastic...no, more BALLOON like!

The blooming swell of my belly happens fast, as the helium inside me is allowed to expand as if my belly IS a balloon. And the result isn't disappointing. I don't look pregnant...not at all. My belly is large and very round, indeed like my belly has fused with an especially large balloon. "O-oh my god!" I try to breath in shock, but of course it comes out comically squeaky. "Yrrall, look!"

You haven't been paying all that much attention. As much as you like what I'm doing, we ARE supposed to be cleaning up, and given I'm just playing, you've had to single-handedly take on a two-person job. But as soon as you look up and see my rubbery balloon belly peaking out from under my shirt, your jaw drops. "Wh...whoa, what?" you stagger in shock.

"Isn't it wonderful?!" I squeak, and you blink. "Feed me all the balloons!"

It's an exceptionally odd request, but so is this whole situation. You drop your cleanup duties, and fulfill my request. One, two, three, four, five, six. With each balloon you feed down my eager throat, my belly becomes as large--and with the exact same consistency!--as an exercise ball. Seven, eight, nine. My shirt, having long given up on covering my belly, struggles to contain my balloon breasts. Each one becomes the size of a generous party balloon. Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen. My body squeaks and creaks with all the helium, but it's not a dangerous sound--it's just rubbery skin rubbing against rubbery skin. My torso has already become massively balloon like, so the helium begins to fill my upper arms and legs. I'm near-immobile; the only parts of me that I can move effectively are my forearms, hands, and feet.

You ask if you can rub my rubbery flesh, and of course I say yes. You ask if I want to stop, and I say no. Unfortunately, we're out of balloons.

I moan in dismay...or try to. But of course, because of all the helium filling my body, it's still a squeak. "I want more! I wish..I wish to be the biggest balloon!"

Apparently, again the universe listens. I gasp as I feel the air of many balloons entering me at once. I lift off the ground. My entire body puffs out, from my fingers to my cheeks. "Ohhmuhgod!" I squeak happilly through puffed cheeks. I'm truly, honestly a balloon woman.

Unfortunately, we both should have seen this coming. It's a hot summer afternoon, and we have a large, generous bay window in our apartment. As I float up, I float towards, and then OUT of the window.

"Wh...!" I cry, surprised as I rapidly lift into the open air and catch a windstream. I'm a balloon alright; a balloon released to the open air!

((TBC! If you don't like popping, stop here. Tone will probably shift sharply in the next post. If popping is a nay for you, then I simply float for miles and miles, before the helium soaks out of me. I'm found five miles away, happier than I've ever been. "LETS DO THAT AGAIN!" I cry happilly, my voice still squeaky.))


I loved this so very much, thank you :) and heh 'shift SHARPLY' I see what you did there ;) a good balloon should be tethred before she bursts :p


That...combo of words was honestly unintentional xD But I like it! Hope to finish this pretty soon.

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Edit: I posted this not knowing about how similar this is to Yrrall_Dlok1's post. My bad


Edit2: I edited my post and all the text vanished. RIP

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If it were me, I probably would have tied you to a chair and stuffed you with blueberry pie til you had a nice, big belly. Then I would simply let the “special” blueberries do the rest... :p


I had no idea one human being could hold so much pie. I had no idea -I- could hold so much pie. Slowly, meticulously, you feed spoonful after spoonful into my unenthusiastic mouth. A table full of pies slowly disappears into my mouth, down my throat, into my belly.

I crossed the "unbearably full" threshold an hour ago. And yet still you continued. Now I feel more like an glorified, over-pressurized pie-vessel than a girl.

With a pleased smile, you feed the last bite of the fifteen pie down my throat, and pause to admire your handywork. My belly juts aggressively from my body, huge, round, and oh-so achingly full of pie. My loose blouse long ago failed to cover the engorged expanse of flesh, and so the eighteen-inch inch orb hides none of its hard, tight curves.

"Too...full..." I beg. I expect it to fall on deaf ears. It has so far. You reach forward to appreciatively rub my belly. The feeling of fingers brushing against my over-tight flesh makes a shiver run from my head to my toes, and I wiggle in my seat.

"Well...TOO full? I don't know," you retort, then place your hands on either side of my belly and squeeze. I gasp and moan and wiggle in my chair, but of course I can't away. There's no give to my belly, but I can still feel the spike in pressure with the squeeze.

"Nicely full," you conclude. Then you pause, a wickedly delighted glint coming into your eye. "How about this. One more slice, and then I'll let you go."

I moan. The thought of even another bite makes a shudder run through my swollen body. "I-I'm too full! Please, I feel like I might burst!"

You bring out a small dish, with an absolutely perfect-looking slice of pie on it. The blueberries ooze and glisten with perfect filling. It seems to be a special slice. "Okay, okay. One bite. Then I'll you go. Here, I'll even untie you."

I eye you distrustfully, but you stand anyway, walking around to the back of my chair and untying me. I gasp as my hands are freed, not realizing how stiff and uncomfortable my arms had gotten, or how the rope was rubbing against my wrists. I rub my wrists, then my belly. Able to touch it for the first time, I find myself shocked with how large and hard it is.

I don't even consider standing. With how achingly, unbearably full I am, I worry I'd split open my own belly if I did any major movement. So I sit, rubbing and cupping my new, swollen belly in a morbid parody of a pregnant woman. I passingly wonder how long I'll look like this before all the food is finally digested.

I know I'll need you to help me walk in my state, so I hesitantly agree. "Okay...one more bite."

Your face lights up. You gather a heaping portion of the pie onto your utensil, and eagerly feed it into my mouth.

It's horrendously hard to swallow it, but I manage. I can feel it travel down my throat, and uneasily force itself into my engorged belly.My belly groans and creaks in protest

I take several deep breathes, begging my stomach to stay in one piece. "So you'll tale me h--?" I start to ask, but then I'm cut off by a much larger gurgle in my belly, and can actually see my turgid stomach visibly rumble. I moan, arching my back.

"How do you feel?" you ask, too eagerly. You lean toward me, and put your own hand on my rumbling belly.

"F-funny," I admit. I can't shake the feeling of juice flowing down my throat, or a peculiar tingling across my entire body.

Oddly, I feel it in my ass first. My pants tighten, and I can feel myself lifting higher off my chair as my butt billows. A tinge of blue blossoms on my belly button and nose, slowly spreading. "What's h-happening?!" I gasp.

You don't reply, licking your lips as you enjoy the show.

I moan, my breasts straining within my shirt as they, too, swell with unending juice. My arms billow out, and even my belly--which I was SURE had no more room--itself begins to additionally engorge with justice.

"M-make this stop!" I beg. But it continues, and fast. Intense gurgles bubble throughout my body, aiding in the swelling. I gasp as I notice myself turning blue, gaping at my own hand.

"I couldn't even if I wanted to," you note, with a grin. "You could be juiced, but...where's the fun in that?"

"JUICED?!" I squeak. My ass and belly grow aggressively, starting to merge into an even larger, heavier swell. My cheeks swell, and even my lips unwilling form an unwilling, swollen pout from juice.

With swollen arms, I rub desperately at my body, trying to comprehend the rapid, aggressive changes.

"Yes, juiced. It could be pressed out of you, theoretically. But who has a juicer than large? Not me."

I've become fully blue, and the gurgles and creaking across my body increase. The pear-land shape of my combined butt and belly grow still larger, rounder, beginning to consume the shape of the rest of my body. My thighs have tripled in thickness, and I gasp as they split the seams of my pants. "Juice me! Juice me, please!" I beg.

"No can do," you repeat casually.

The chair underneith my creaks ominuously under my massive, juice-swollen weight. As my belly absorbs my upper legs, it creaks again, then breaks underneith me. With a startled cry, I crash to the ground, the juice inside me sloshing wildly.

I try to sit up, but it's no use. I'm too gravely swollen. I manage to get my bloated palms underneith me, but I only manage to lift my upperbody about a foot. I give up, flopping back unto my back with another immense slosh.

Larger and larger I grow. I'm rapidly losing definition to my body, as the juice slowly swells me into such a gravid orb that my arms and legs get absorbed into it. I helplessly wiggle bloated hands and feet, but it does nothing to help me.

"Sooo...tight..." I moan, my head forced to look up as my neck gets fully absorbed into my body. And yet still I grow.

"I'm...gonna...explode..." I groan desperately.

"Yes, that's the idea," you pipe in cheerfully. I can only moan. I'm little more than a giant orb of juice, helplessly immobile. I hear your footsteps, but I'm far too swollen to be able to turn my head. My skin becomes unbearably tight.

"Juice me!" I beg again. The juice still runs down my throat, yet I can feel myself reaching a critical limit.

I feel you rub my side. You hand feels tiny against my gravidity. I realize with a shock that even though I'm immobile and on my back, I'm so unthinkably swollen that my belly must be about as tall as you. I'm a six-foot orb of juice, ready to burst.

I moan and wiggle, urging my body to stay in one piece. But it's no use! My breath hitches, but I manage to softly, desperately gasp, "T-too much! Oh, no no no..."

My body throbs and pulses. There's only seconds left. "Please!" I beg, though I'm not sure who: you, or the universe in general?

But I have no time to dwell. "I'm going to explode! I--uhhhhn--ohh, ohh, its happening!" 

As my body gives a final, monumental creak and my last moan turns into a startled yell...

I explode.


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Very, very hot! :)

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After defeating you in combat, I prepare to take advantage of you while you're dizzy and out of breath... Transforming into a flowing blob of thick, bubbling slime, with a greenish yellow glow, I surround you... I completly cover the floor beneath you in a half a foot of slime, and you start to come around to what's happening... I explain that my slime will absorb through your bare skin, bloating those areas and eventually sending the excess goo towards your belly... I give a quick kiss on your lips and some of the slime flows into your mouth and rushes down inside your stomach, not much- but a taste of things to come...


I tell you that if you can escape the room before you burst, you'll be free to go, but- if your bellybutton pops out and your toes are spread wide, you'll be filled painfully until you explode... If you choose not to move, il just stuff you myself... as I reach my hand towards your mouth, you try to stumble back, but your feet are stuck in the goop- your shoes remain in the slop as your bare feet pull out and sink into the slime... 

I look you in the eyes as you go wide eyed, realizing your sudden situation- "better hurry up or someone's gonna be cleaning you off the walls later!" A few tentacles bubble up from the goo, and it begins.....

Misery loves company.

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Of course mine gets ignored lol. Was supposed to be a Slimegirl thing. 

oh well. I tried.

Misery loves company.


BRO xD I like your stuff. Don't be so insecure. I'm getting to it. Less than 24 hours have passed.

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Thanks I guess? 

Misery loves company.


I fall to the ground, gasping for breath and almost out of stamina. I hate to admit it, but you've almost bested me in battle. Still, I'm nothing if not resilient.

My sword has been knocked several feet from me, and so I roll and desperately crawl to retrieve it. Its a lapse of judgement that I take my eyes off you. Only a small one, but it will cost me so, so dearly.

My hand grasping the hilt of my sword, I roll back over, preparing to try to impale you as you launch your next attack. Still, what I see stops me short.

I glimpse the tail-end of your transformation into...SOMETHING. Something horrible and incorporeal, like slime. I watch your warrior's physique literally melt into a puddle of gelatinous goo. I'm so shocked by the sudden transformation that even though I don't lose the grip on my blade, I freeze.

You take advantage of the pause. You surge forward, rapidly slithering across the floor, surrounding me. You congeal in this inhuman form around me, and I realize that I can barely move, let alone stand again.

Your incorporeal voice echoes through my brain, sounding more like it's resounding through my bones than anything else.

You've lost, you whisper, clearly oh-so pleased.

"Coward!" I bellow, writhing within the goop of your new form. "Fight me with honor!" Yet your gel flows over my hand, freezing it and forcing my fingers open, and then forcing my sword away from me. A tendril  of yours tosses it across the forest floor.

You've lost, you reiterate, before taking on a darker, more gleeful tone. And that means...I can do what I want.

I thrash against your trap, deciding there's no point in responding to that. But I slowly realize you seem to be enjoying my attempts to escape your inhuman grip.

I'm sure you notice my new form, yes?

I think of several snarky comments, but hold them in. You keep going without my input.

As you can see, I'm rather...liquid-like. Liquids conform to whatever container they're put in. How would you like to be my latest container?

My eyes go wide. For the first time, I start to actually feel scared. "What does that mean?!" I gasp.

Your form congeals. You still hold me stuck to the ground, but your goo-like form raises up to look largely humanoid. Torso, face, arms. You reach a 'hand' forward to brush my cheek. I'm going to fill you...through your mouth, through your skin...until you explode.

I can only stare at your 'face.' I've fought demons, wizards...the works. But for the first time, I have no idea what you are or how to fight against you.

Your lean forward. The approximation of a head leans toward mine, pressing against me. I can feel the slime carress my lips in a sick parody of a kiss. And then...I feel you surge down my throat.

I try to gasp, but of course I can't. In a flash, you surge into me, and I can fill my throat fill, and then my stomach. My belly feels tight, and bloated. And yet as quickly as you started, you stop. You coalesque toward my feet.

You can try to escape, you tease vaguely. You can stay...and I'll definitely explode you. Or you can run, and I'll only probably explode you.

I know you're toying with me, but I have to at least try. I try to stand, but of course you have my feet held tightly. I stumble, and the only reason I manage to go anywhere is because you seem to focus on pull my shoes off. Still, I land back on my ass, and you've immediately entraped my feet again.

Unfortunately, it's not long before I realize your strategy. You mentioned absorbing through skin, and I can feel the slime encasing my bare feet and surging inward. My average feet bloat hugely, growing round and bulbous. I feel the skin tighten and tingle, and your swell my feet so aggressively that they're as wide as they are tall, and my now very stubby toes can only twitch against the orb uselessly.

It strikes me as an odd move, until, I realize the strategy. You release my painfully bloated feet, congealing into something large and bulbous, before forming several tendrils out of the your main body. Of course I try to move away, but my feet, so bloated, may as well have just been cut off. I can't use them at all.

As I realize my helplessness, you seem to relish it.

Better hurry up or someone's going to be mopping you up later! you taunt, but I have no time to respond before your tendrils surge forward. Two go to my mouth, one to my belly, and another to hold me down by my neck.

Immediately, the 'taste' you gave me earlier feels like nothing. My belly surges within moments. I gasp as I watch my belly agressively bloom before me, and as if my aggressively bloated feet didn't already impede me enough...I truly have no escape, now.

I only takes seconds for you to make me look like something much larger and more morbid than a woman with child. I try to roll to my side, and I suddenly find even that difficult; my aggressively expanding belly only allows me to roll part of the way over, since the massive jut of my belly blocks the rest.

But...as I said...I am stubborn. Resilient. I try to give a battle cry, but it comes out as a gurgle, since you're still surging into me. Still, with a momentous trust, I roll ONTO my bulbous belly, and use it as a crutch to try to stand.

You've swollen me so large by now that rolling onto my belly means I'm on my knees by sheer neccessity--my belly is by now a three-foot orb. I struggle to try to stand, but the weight of my over-stressed belly combined with my bloated feet means I neither have the strength to lift the gravid orb of my belly, nor the grip to try to stand as my comparitively tiny toes slip and slide with my bloated feet.

I'm forced to flop back onto the floor. You still surge into me, and--to my horror--when I look back to your orb-like, tentacle-laden slime body, you've barely decreased in size. I can't possibly contain all of you. You really WILL burst me.

You see to realize this, too. The tentacles aggressively surging into my mouth seperate from your 'body,' the rest of each filtering into me before stopping. I gasp, feeling my guts pulse, ready to burst. I get the morbid feeling you've freed my throat to hear my pleas, but they escape from my throat anyway as I moan and wiggle, urging my body to stay in one piece. But it's no use! My breath hitches, but I manage to softly, desperately gasp, "T-too much! Oh, no no no..."

My body throbs and pulses. There's only seconds left. "Please!" I beg, though I'm not sure who: you, or the universe in general?

But I have no time to dwell. "I'm going to explode! I--uhhhhn--ohh, ohh, its happening!" 

As my body gives a final, monumental creak and my last moan turns into a startled yell...

I explode.

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Wow! I want to apologize again for before, this was well worth the wait! 


Thank you!

Misery loves company.

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I really love the details, I can really see it happening! I think I loved the bit about rolled over and the toes slipping around best, and the realization of popping- noticing the slime hasn't decreased at all, that was a nice detail :) 

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I have no promt to sumbit, I just want to thank you theabstractlily for the great stories you wrote here!


:D Thanks a bunch!


That said though, please feel free to submit whatever you like!


It seemed innocent enough; you'd gotten some clothes over the holidays that didn't quite fit, but you wore them anyway - surely confidence would outshine the bulges and rolls that came with squeezing into them, right?

But it didn't quite work out that way - bumping into me on the street earned you a snarky remark about your size. Much to your shock and my delight, it caused you to grow bigger. This only encouraged me to start hurling more harsh words your way, to disastrous effect...


For the fifth time today, I tug down the hem of my sweater. I loved the look of it when I bought it, what with it's pretty flower and paisley print, and pretty plus-sized clothes can be SO hard to find. But much to my horror...it's too small. I felt unsure about it when looking at myself in the mirror this morning, seeing my generous "love handles" bulge clearly under the fabric. But I reassured myself that it still looked okay, and hey...it's the beginning of a new year. Surely I can drop a few pounds and make it fit better.

But it's too small, and rides up as I walk. I have to keep tugging it down to keep the bottom curve of my admittably pudgy belly from saying hello to the world. I'm not obese, not really, but I'm worrying close to it.

And I'm worrying about all this when I accidentally bump into you, bringing me back to reality. "O-oh, I'm s--" I start to say, but you cut me off.

You look...mean. And angry. I get a bad feeling immediately. "Watch where you're swinging that fat ass!" you sneer, looking me up and down.

I gape, frozen in horror at the sheer rudeness. I feel my face burn bright red, and trying to think of what to say. But it feels like my mouth is filled with sand, and my feet are rooted to the ground.

I feel a tightness in my belly, and feel my sweater riding back up. Horrified, I immediately and automatically try to tug it back down...but it won't. It's as if my already too-small sweater shrank in sized.

"Wh...?!" I gasp out loud, looking down at myself in confusion. I tug at my sweater repeatedly, but it won't fully cover my belly. A roll of fat stubbornly squeezes over the top of my pants.

And it it hits me. My sweater didn't get SMALLER...I got fatter. I gawk at my new more adipose-laden mid-section before looking back up at you. Your eyes are just as wide as mine as you process what you're seeing. But then a most bizarre look of shocked delight comes over your face.

"Did you just...just..." you gawk, but can't quite verbalize it. And then a see a spark of an idea flash across your face. It's a crazy idea, but if ONE taunt did that, what would another do? "Shit, girl," you half-tease, half-taunt. "Get over to Michelin, because you have a chance at becoming the new mascot."

Tears tease the corners of my eyes. "Why would you--" I start, but again I find myself cut off in shock. It happens again, and this time I can more clearly feel it. It's as if I gain twenty pounds in seconds. My belly bloats farther, and the muffin top of my fat squeezing over my jeans becomes tight enough that it stings as it digs into my skin. I feel my jeans tighten as my ass tries to widen within the confines.

You look SO PLEASED. Like a kid in a candyshop. "Fat hog!" you hurl, keeping it simple this time.

It happens again. I've gone from overweight to obese and am wearing far, far too small clothes. "S-stop that!" I gasp, squishing  at my own belly as if I can compress it back out of existance. I stumble, my center of gravity thrown off. My entire body swells with the fat; belly, boobs, arms, legs. I'm literally about to burst out of my clothes from the unspeakable weight gain.

Unfortunately...we're very, very from alone. Dozens of people cascade by us on this busy New York sidewalk. Another man eyes me as he passes with a woman, and I hear him whisper to her, "Jesus, how did that fatass GET into clothes so small?" To my horror, his friend giggles agreeably.

I moan, leaning against a shop window as my body billows. The seam of my pants split along my thighs, letting the huge, fleshy sausages out of their too-tight confines. They jiggle with momentum from the sudden rip, like jello.

You're still throwing out mean comments, but I barely even hear you anymore. People notice both my weight and my wardrobe malfunction as they pass.

"Mommy, look at how fat that woman is!" A child chants.

"God, someone needs to hit the gym," a woman snickers to her friend.

"Look at the lard on that woman!" another says.

"Woah, Tom, you ever seen someone THAT fat? Damn."

And on and on. It's a viscious cycle. I sink down onto my now enormous ass. "I d-don't want to be any fatter!" I beg, but the universe doesn't listen. I feel my neck disappear under many layers of fat, limiting how much I can move my head. My belly billows, forming a virtual mountain of fat and lard. My ass spreads, and I become almost as wide as I am tall. I'm too fat to walk.

Comment after comment, I'm becoming too fat to even MOVE. I moan, helplessly wiggling my fat feet as I massage my gargantuan belly with swollen, sausage-like fingers.

A crowd is gathering around me. People marvel, whisper, gawk. They wonder how I got here, since I'm obliviously too fat to walk. They whisper about the impossibility of the fact I'm getting fatter right before their eyes. I feel the incredibly weight of ME crushing into the ground below me.

"Help...me..." I whisper through fat, bloated lips, but no one seems to hear. The unthinkable amount of fat accumulating on my body stops being soft, or fluffy. My skins strains to contain the hundreds upon hundreds of pounds being packed onto my helpless body, and I become something much rounder, much tighter. Strained skin can only contain so much. An ominous creak quakes my over-tight body.

I feel someone touch me. I strain to look, and see you pressing into my side experimentally, testing the give of my over-ripened body.

"Bitch is gonna blow!" you announce to the gawking, stunned crowd. "Run!"

Both you and they do. I moan and wiggle, urging my body to stay in one piece. But it's no use! My breath hitches, but I manage to softly, desperately gasp, "T-too much! Oh, no no no..."

My body throbs and pulses. There's only seconds left. "Please!" I beg, though I'm not sure who: you, or the universe in general?

But I have no time to dwell. "I'm going to explode! I--uhhhhn--ohh, ohh, its happening!" 

As my body gives a final, monumental creak and my last moan turns into a startled yell...

I explode.


My goodness, what a read! Excellent :D

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I got another idea if you're up for another one:


Q-Bee (from Darkstalkers)
In the midst of our battle, I send a swarm of bees at you. While your distracted, I form a huge blob of thick honey and hurl it at you. You manage to dodge it in time, but you step into the residue of honey left behind as the blob bounces past you, and your feet are stuck struggling in it as I lunge for you... You pull free just in time but in your wild attempt to escape you stumble back and fall into the huge blob of honey, sinking right into it... Stuck in the thick honey, your efforts to kick free or stand up are in vain as you can't get any solid footing and the honey is too thick and gooey- Q-Bee flutters to you and plunges her stinger right into your bellybutton, and pumps into you!
You feel something filling you up, and start to cough up honey, as your belly starts to balloon with the thick goop. You sink further into the blob, your feet bloating up and dripping honey from between your toes... Your big, and covered in honey, and I tease you about how to pop you, do I sting you again? Should I stab this big tight belly? I know, all this sweet, gooey honey, I bet you're DYING for a taste! I carefully bring the stinger to your mouth, it's dripping honey from the tip... You try to say something and I push it inside you, pumping honey down your throat! I fly off as you gulp down the last mouthful of it, and your bellybutton pops out! Honey starts squirting from your bellybutton and between your toes and finally... You pop!

Misery loves company.

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Are you still doing these or just really busy?

Misery loves company.


Both! >.o Patience, padawan. Not familiar with Q-Bee or Darkstalkers, but I tried to fill it as a general bee-monster.


You're a crafty warrior. Between your blows and control of insects, I'm wearing down, slowly but surely. I can't even count how many times I've been stung. So when you send your swarm, this time bigger than ever, I'm overwhelmed. The bees swarm all around me, stinging me mercilessly. I've been stung so many times that it feels like my whole body is in swollen with an allergic reaction; I find my body become more puffy and harder to move with each sting.

And it's at that moment you hurl a massive glob of honey at me. I stumble, my swollen feet feeling outrageously clumsy within my now-too-tight boots. I stumble backwards, falling into your oversized, unnatural hive.

I feel myself hit the intricate, hexagonal structure of the hive, but my body weight shatters the waxy structure with ease. I sink deeply into thick, viscous honey. I'm in a literal sea of honey, and as I struggle to free myself, I feel two shocking, startling things: one, that I'm literally inhaling honey, and I feel it both filling my lungs and my stomach. Two, it doesn't seem to matter if I either inhale or swallow; your unnatural honey seems to surge down me, regardless of my trying to breathe. My stomach swells radically. In shock, I curl around my own swelling belly; my knees barely manage to curve inward before they hit the huge, round sphere of my stomach.

Likewise, shocked and in a daze, I direct one hand to feel my belly, the other to check my breasts. The hand to my belly feels a massive, distended belly; the one to my breast feels something large, hard, and round. Even as I open my eyes within the honey, as much as it stings, I can barely see above the large, swollen, twin peaks of my boobs, despite how monumental my belly must all be.

Still, with strength and perseverance, I manage to break the surface of the honey pond, struggling to take in a breath within the open air. As soon as I begin to clear my lunges, I feel something entirely new; something sharp and large plunging into my mouth and filling my throat.

With wide eyes, I look up at you. My face, hands, and feet have already been swollen by the allergic sting of your minions. Still, I can only see black and yellow stripes as your huge, bulbous abdomen with stinger stabs down into my throat, and I feel something much more caustic surging down my throat.

With a shocked gasp, I begin to float within your worker bee's lake of honey. but I find no respite within it, because your venom combines with your worker's honey to create a bubbling, caustic, EXPANDING soup within my human belly and body.

For the first time, you buzz close to me. As I precariously float upon the surface of your worker's lake of honey, my body growing that much larger, tighter, more gravid.

I hear you whisper, "How might I burst you?" You run an insect-like hand down my huge, growing, swollen belly; the thing which will both spells my doom but keeps me afloat and alive for the moment. "You're sooo big...and covered in honey...shall I sting you again?" you tease, even as I squirm in protest.

"Well," you say, mischief in your voice, "How about both?" You sting my massive, round belly, while using your forelegs to kick me back under the lake of honey. Your venom reacts violently with what's inside me even as I gasp down more honey in my desperation to breathe. My belly and body surges hugely, violently, bringing me back up to the surface. Still, it's too late.

I moan and wiggle, urging my body to stay in one piece. But it's no use! My breath hitches, but I manage to softly, desperately gasp, "T-too much! Oh, no no no..."

My body throbs and pulses. There's only seconds left. "Please!" I beg, though I'm not sure who: you, or the universe in general?

But I have no time to dwell. "I'm going to explode! I--uhhhhn--ohh, ohh, its happening!" 

As my body gives a final, monumental creak and my last moan turns into a startled yell...

I explode.

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Loved it!!

if you ever have questions or something just send me a messege, I can help out with references or something- but you did great regardless! :)


i might come up with another soon if you're ok with more :) 

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You decided to put on an special Elastigirl costume I bought you, which turns out to transform you into the real Elastigirl! And as elastic as you are, you decide to test it in a fun way, using the air tank we were just blowing up balloons with! Your girlfriend (me) is also inflatable, so perhaps you like to share the joy too? 


As I presumed this idea is too silly for a long story, which is fine, hahaha


Double post


Ah, sorry! Meant to reply yesterday with the others. Unfortunately I'm just..really not into air xD 


I've seen you doing helium on this thread, I'm okay with helium instead of air


Yeah naw I consider helium part of air xD its specifically BECAUSE I've already replied to air that I'm not interested in doing anymore >.o its nothing against you though

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The living forest (mortal kombat) 

vs Kitana 

(your outfit is a black karate gi and barefoot)

*i really want your bellybutton to pop out plz lol*



With another kick into your stomach, you stumble back- clutching your stomach in pain and trying to breathe.
You become aware of your opponent, Kitana pulling her mask off and stepping in close to you. She slides her hands into your now-loosely open  gi, her eyes trailing down to your stomach and back to your eyes. You shift your feet in the wet grass, but can't find the strength to move. Then she grabs the back of your head, and puckers up, you try to resist but slowly your lips connect to hers and she locks up for a passionate kiss, lifting her leg up as she does so... 
As your being kissed, you see a grave vision of your fate- your body, a deep rumble as its swollen like a balloon, skin tight and sweaty, starting to tear at your belly and between your stubby toes... It's a graphic scene of what's about to happen to you, and as you break into a cold sweat, kitana pulls away from the kiss, smiling at you. You stumble back, feeling dizzy and sick all of a sudden, and then a strong gust of wind hits you- kitana has used her fans to forcefully push you back, deeper into the forest...
As the gust weakens, you put your feet down to get your footing again, but now find yourself slipping in wet mud! You keep stumbling backwards until you hit a tree, and groan as your belly swells in your hands until your about 5-6 months pregnant looking. Then you hear a roar from the tree, as it grabs your arms with its vines, and a heavy flow of tree sap splashes over you, pooling at your bare feet.
You try to move, while the sap has your skin feel wet and slick, you can't pull your feet out of the goo, bubbles popping between your toes as your feet settle back into it. Then you feel pressure returning to you, and this time the feeling reaches your hands and feet! You arch back as your belly swells outward, your arms and legs thicken and your hands and feet fatten up too! You look overdue with twins as you look down, seeing your belly tightly swollen past your taught and bloated breasts... 
Your head is pulled by the vines, as one descends towards your mouth, dripping with sap... You try resisting it, but vines wrap around your belly and start tightening around you, and start to scream in pain- as the vine plunges into your mouth! You hear a gurgle from the tree, and again you try to wiggle free but to no avail- you see a massive bulge dropping down the vine in your mouth, and your eyes go wide... You manage to get one arm free, and grab the vine in your mouth, but as you tug at it, you feel the same sticky sap holding it inside you, you keep trying fanatically anyways as the huge bulge slowly reaches you... It's caustic as the sap forces into your mouth, your cheeks bulge but the heavy flow forces down your throat, filling up your swollen belly! 
As the sickening goo bubbles down your throat, a sharp pain hits you as your bellybutton pops out!!! 
You've nearly reached the size in your vision, as the last of the sap distributes itself in your body- your hands and feet continue to inflate, starting to force your fingers and toes apart, as you strain to curl them...
Then you feel it again... The pressure...
Your whole body forcefully balloons outward, you arch back to scream as your breath is now ragged, veins trail across your belly, your toes stretch open wide as your feet become tightly engorged! Your body rumbles deeply, the sap bubbling between your toes, and it leaks from your bellybutton... As you look up, screaming in pain as you feel the end quickly coming- you see another bulge descending down the vine, and again it seals around your lips to ensure you take the full flow...
Just before the sap reaches your mouth, you feel the pressure again from the kiss of death- your skin already starting to rip... 

Misery loves company.

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Did you like this one?

Misery loves company.


Yes! :B I feel no real need to rewrite though, since it's already a story unto itself.

darkburster2's picture

Oh lol. Thanks! I just enjoy reading things by other people more than my own so I was hoping to see your version or something similar...


good to hear from you again though!

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Would you consider doing this one if you told it in first person or something?

Misery loves company.


Nah :D I'm good. 

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Lol take 2

We were chefs for the king - best in the land - but I had you try a recipe that did the react well in your body. Soon you've swollen up big and tight, and I had to try and guide you out of the royal kitchen before you hurt yourself or knocked over shelves of spices and food.

I hid you in a small closet to try and help you without being caught, lest I get executed for 'creating a poison and attempting to kill the king'. Not long though you had gotten so full that you filled the whole room, pushing me against the abrasive stone wall. It was only a matter of time after that...


"Hey, Dimia, try this."

I turn around at hearing your voice, wiping my hands on my apron. I'm a good cook--great even!--but I'm infamously messy. "Try what?" I ask, walking toward you across the kitchen.

"This soup," you say, already holding the ladle from the massive pot, cupping your hand under it so it doesn't dribble. "I think it might have too much clove. Try it and see?"

I nod, taking the ladle. I taste it carefully, smacking my lips as I consider. "Not too much clove..." I say, thinking out loud, taking another sip. "Hmm..." I say out loud, taking several more sips, until the ladle's almost empty. There's something odd about this soup, but I can't put my finger on it. "Maybe more galangal?" I suggest.

I smile as your face lights up. "Yes, of course!" you agree, and run to get the ingredient. You dump a generous portion in, and I watch as you stir. I hand the ladle back, and you taste it. I can see you're pleased.

"Yes, this is MUCH better," you acknowledge, trying to handle another ladle to me. I feel an odd rumble in the bottom of my belly, but I ignore it other than trying to take a brief moment to burp. It doesn't work.

I rub my belly under my clothes--a simply woven dress with an apron on top. "Ohh--yes, of course," I say, still trying to burp. But I'm not one to complain and try to truck past. I reach for the ladle and taste. "Ah, yes, yes! This is--"

A huge, audible gurgle rips from my stomach. "Much...better...?" I squeak.

"Woah, are--are you okay?" You ask, suddenly concerned.

I stumble back, grabbing a preparation table with one hand as I cup my belly with the other. I can only moan as my back arches and I feel a pressure in my belly and a sudden shifting of the fabric of my clothing. In disbelief, I rub my suddenly distended belly. My knees buckle as I moan. "Leofrick...ughh...what's...happening?"

I desperately look to you, and only see your eyes about to bug out of your head. Your rush over to me, trying to lift me from the ground. "I...I don't know!" you gasp, but I can only barely listen. My belly continues to balloon, testing the limits of my non-stretchy closed. Small popping sounds crack as seams begin to give way along my waist. I look--and FEEL--like a woman ready to give birth.

"H...help..." I gasp, now placing both hands over my belly, barely able to comprehend how fast I'm becoming so big.

"O...o...okay!" you agree, lifting me up and looking around frantically. You're panicking just as much as me. "Come with me!" you ask, but I'm putty in your hands. Cupping my ever expanding belly, I feel you lead me out of the kitchen.

My dress splits at the waist, scandalously exposing the loose petticoats of my looser undergarments. I look much more than pregnant at this point; with my vast, tight, round belly, any layman would assume I'm a witch gestating a small horse. So, fortunately for the both of us, no one sees you as you frantically open a closet door, go in first, and lead me by both my hands in. Even as you lead me in, my atrociously swollen belly can barely fit through.

It's only when you strain to lean over my gravid orb to close the door that you realize your mistake. You manage to reach over me and close the door, but only barely. Just after, my ballooning belly pins you to the wall. As it presses tighter and tighter against you, you can hear--and FEEL--the deep, dangerous rumbles within.

"I can't..take..much..more!" I gasp, and you feel the pressure against you grow ever tighter. Even though you're just pinned against the wall by my belly, it feels like several grown men are sitting on your chest.

So, what's within me is that much more unthinkably, inescapably tight.

I moan and wiggle, urging my body to stay in one piece. But it's no use! My breath hitches, but I manage to softly, desperately gasp, "T-too much! Oh, no no no..."

My body throbs and pulses. There's only seconds left. "Please!" I beg, though I'm not sure who: you, or the universe in general?

But I have no time to dwell. "I'm going to explode! I--uhhhhn--ohh, ohh, its happening!" 

As my body gives a final, monumental creak and my last moan turns into a startled yell...

I explode.