any furries here?

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any furries here?

are any of you furries or dont care about furries in art

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I believe this site is for human inflation, i suggest contacting Luther and ask him directly 

I do paid commissions pm me for Prices 


This site is devoted to non-furry inflation, but there is a link to a furry inflation webpage in the "Web Links" section. Here it is:

I'm sure that many members of our community identify as furry, the artist Big Horse being a notable example, and you can reach out to those individuals to talk about your interests. However, the site itself is not for that.

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I, for one, don't identify as a furry per say, but I sure did some anthro character over the years, mostly cows (for big boobs) and frog (for the natural incline to inflate).

Some are featured within this site galleries because I think, without being hard-on furry, most expansion fan don't shun a cartoon character inflating, anthro or not ;)

Visit the doctor's office:


That site hasn't been updated in 14 years (12 at the time you posted). Frankly, I'm astounded it hasn't slipped away into the e-catacombs of the Wayback Machine.

Another Canadian Guy
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Hey there. Just an FYI, there's a few groups on Telegram that focus on furry inflation and genres within (EX: Pooltoys, inflatables). If you're on there I can send you a link to those.

(Not on here too often, replies might be slow.)


Hey, I know this post is super old now, but I'm interested in the furry inflation telegrams.