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Only in your Dreams

We all have moments where in our sleep, we dream of strange scenarios. I tend to remember my dreams quite vividly whether they be good dreams, lucid dreams, or even nightmares.

Recently I dreamt that I was in a public setting (resembling a school or college) and throughout my dream my belly kept blowing up. It felt like one of those large jumbo balloons that's fairly inflated. I would try to push my inflated gut down, but it would just blow up bigger. I would go throughout the facility to try and find a secluded place to try and find a way to make my gut smaller. I couldn't find a place though and I blew up bigger and bigger until I popped. I returned to normal and I remember the last place I was in was at some reception area.

I remember two other strange dreams that involved me inflating, but it didn't happen throughout the entire scenario.

One dream involved me playing a game with toher people in an environment where physics didn't exist. It was an enclosed area that was very brown to maroon in color and had some Library area next door to it. The floor was defined along a plane that curved and you could walk up these curves and that would be your perspective of down (you're walking on walls and the ceiling basically). Basically the point of this dream is that me and other strangers were playing a game where we would gather undescriptive material in our blobulous bubble and try to make it as big as possible. Somehow I got my bubble really big and got confused as to why I was getting heavy and it turns out that I was absorbing some of this matter. I had to avoid as much of this matter as much as I can before I get too big. In this dream there was some weight to me as I got bigger and I would always consider this to be one of my strangest dreams.

And finally one of my favorite scenarios that went by too quick. This dream happened a while ago so I couldn't remember exactly what I was doing. I do remember running down an alleyway with a brick wall that doesn't seem to end. There were no doors for a while until I found one. I opened it and found myself at some party. The people welcomed me in and had me sat down (The more the merrier I suppose). We all had pizza and I ate some as well, but everyone that ate pizza blew up like balloons and I began to blow up as well. I next found myself floating up in the air. That's pretty much where my dream ended. So much happened on that dream so I'm pretty apathetic about it.

Does anyone else have dreams involving inflation or just blowing up like a balloon in general? If so, did it happened to you or did it happen to someone else?

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I've had a couple where I've seen a female character's belly rapidly balloon outwards, I remember one was a kiss of death scenario for sure, I don't remember if the victim was Nami, but it was a girl, and even tho I'm not a girl, it felt like I was the character when the inflation happened, the belly inflation caught my attention, but seeing the bare feet bloat up with the toes spreading wide, that's where I woke up and had to change clothes lol.

Misery loves company.

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I probably said too much lol. 

Misery loves company.

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As far as i knew about one dream and this one was just a short one before i woke up. I was like in the middle of no where, it was just a feild around except that there was a one lane road, but there was no cars driving past. There was also like a sign (those bus one) which i stood next to like it was from my neighbour totoro (minus totoro) I also remember that i had a backpack on too in which case started to glow inside. Suddenly i felt my body swell up until i was like puffy (not round) i was able to move my arms and legs even though they were puffy. All of a sudden i lost contact to the ground floating up towards the sunny sky. I tried to reach down but couldn´t. The backpack was still on as well. Then i woke up. It was a weird dream but it yet was a good one.

Smothered by tits

The most recent one that i remember is.

I was sitting in front of this busty redhead(about double E cup)rocking some serious side boob that i could see from where i was sitting her boobs started to get bigger and bigger tearing out of her green top as her boobs continued to grow they started to surround me. Burying me in her cleavage i start to push forward towards her pushing her boobs aside until i reached her. We kissed and made out with her breasts still growing getting tighter and tighter at this point i could barely see her face anymore. And there i was stuck in the middle of two giant tits squeezing me to the point i couldn't breathe then i woke up turns out i was pushing my pillow into my own face don't know why i did that but still the dream was awesome until i tried to suffocate myself with a pillow.  

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I have a few but they are all really short. 


There was one with the girls from scooby doo being inflated for no reason

There was one with 2 girls playing tubas on the side walk and as a prank someone put tubes down the tubas and they inflated that way (the most vivid dream inflation I ever saw)

I inflated myself a few times for several reasons 

and one where I hooked a girl up to a vacuum and inflated her until she burst the house we where in, then I slept on her


There are others buuuut I don't remember them

Well, it's been fun

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Good tread; indeed for something that occupy such a large part of y daydream fantasy as inflation it didn't occurs much in my dreams...

I do vividly remember two dreams that played with those expandable fantaisies:
I once dreamed I was in a kind of groovy disco / bar / lounge with my girlfriend; Think Austin Powers, crazy Bond style villains style jazz lounge. The best part was, for some reasons, there was super sexy go-go dancers girls on large white pillars. They were naked, painted from head to toe with colourful body paint; they're was a blue, dark pink, red and yellow one, all in one color except for bright bubblegum pink lipstick. To top the whole picture, which was already quite exciting, they had massively inflated breasts. Their big painted boobs where about two time the size of basketball and really puffed-up and balloon looking, and as the strippers danced seductively they displayed them quite fully. And ado I haven't seen them actually inflate their bosom, just by the way they looked and bounced it was clear they were full of air like big party balloon, not just naturally large or oversized breast implants.
At that point my girlfriend said something in the line "for you you like big boobs you're in for quite a treat", teasing me, which of course made it even more exciting...
The other one, which is an older dream, had me as a young, sexy, raspberry blonde girl in a kind of school dormatory with a bunch of other pretty young girls in their early 20's (I'm a guy in real life but well, this happen in dreams, isn't?). We all had school uniform and it was night. At one of my friend started caressing me quite sensually, and as she did touch my butt and breast they started to grow... the more she fondled me and caressed me, the bigger I grew... We got pretty excited and as she worked on me more and more, I got half naked with only my opened white blouse and tartan skirt rolled up. My ass got super big and round, with each butt cheeks easily as big and round of big watermelons. My boobs also get super big, round and perky. As we where super excited, the other girls also got carried on and started doing the same thing, with the same expansion results. Soon all the dormatory got into this sex craze and the girls undressed, caressed each others and experienced wild hourglass expansion. In the mist of that orgy, I started working on my girl friend to get her just as big as me, since it was so good and kinky to grow so big; I started working on her bare ass that soon ballooned to a hefty size, and then played wildly with her boobs to have them grow as much as they could. As they blew up to inflated pornstar proportion, I ran my hand between her breast. Her rack was so massive I couldn't see my hand stuck in her cleavage, and I suddenly felt a sting (and now thing got REALLY weird); I swiftly removed my hand and it had been stripped of skin and flesh, being a horribly skeleton hand with only shred of muscles left! The second after, all the horny girls, me included, transformed into four legged skeleton / zombis werewolf, got out of the school and ran in the countryside as a pack of wild beast, mad with sex and bloodlust!

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Hoy shit, that's interesting as I got just those kind of dreams lately as well. Skin blowing up like balloons, popping and then showing the inner body and going insane (there even came stuff out of it, but I will spare you those details as they are pretty disgusting). I remember sleeping as a kid that I went to sleep with my mind creating two different images all the time. One inflated texture of a nice, round and shiny thing. One of a shrinken, wrinkled dead thing. I always felt happy at the first one and sad and disgusted with the second. The two changed into each other like a moving heart beat.


Sadly enough didn't have much inflation dreams apart from the one I mentioned earlier. I only remember one clothing inflation and some dreams where I knew the girls I talked to were balloons. However I never were able to pull something off. Only once I've been lucid enough to try to inflate one, but then the dream was like, 'no, not today my friend' and I woke up.

Berry The Dude
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I had a weird one once, I just viewed it and was not a player in the strange dream

there was a girl, maybe late teens who had began to turn blue and her odd parents quantiened her in her room, she slowly grew each day, by the end of the dream, she was pretty big, but still able to move and stuff, the last thing I remember was juice sqirt out of her crotch when she fell on her ass 

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Weird one indeed, but again kind of kinky. The slapstick ending is cute ;)

I just did one inflation last weekend. It's had a weird tone shift; at first I was kissing a half naked woman with a massively inflated belly. I was fondling her and kissing her gigantic balloon tummy, who was pumped bigger than an exercise ball. She had light brown hair and a white bra and panties and was happy I was taking care of her. We were hidden in a walk-in wardrobe and her belly was taking my whole sight. Then, somehow, my (real) girlfriend opened the wardrobe and I was caught. My kids were there and I felt horrible; it was like a kinky daydream suddenly materialized. The inflated girl was laughing a bit but was not helping at all, so I had to take her in my arms and carry her around, looking for a place to leave her but wasn't finding any. She was super light given how inflated she was and as fun as it was to hold her it was super ankward...

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I started getting inflation dreams semi-regularly about a year or two ago (I think I even made a thread about it).  Sadly, I have no real control over them, and they range from incredibly detailed, to incredibly vague.  Most have at least some element of cartoonish absurdity to them, and tend to revolve around me inflating (or being inflated) to impress or entertain someone else - though occasionally there are other people blowing up as well.  

Prior to this I almost never experienced fetish or sexual dreams of any sort.  I'm not sure what happened to cause them with such regularity.  Could be changes in medication or lifestyle, or just me becoming more comfortable with my fetish and my place within it.  Either way, I'm quite enjoying the experience. ;)