Prg gazed in awe at the planet that filled the view from his cockpit.  Water, in at least three of the fourteen known states of matter.  Plant life.  And that’s just what he could see with his own borp.  Turning his attention to his scan readouts, he also found the planet teeming with life in numerous forms.  Countless structures made of alloys and composite materials dotted the landscape in varying densities.  There were even thousands of artificial satellites in orbit.  Not just life, but intelligent life!

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Laura sighed, picking at a loose thread in her threadbare sweatpants as she glanced around her spartan apartment. She felt guilty for sighing, because her coach had always told her that feeling sorry for yourself was something losers did to avoid working out. She stifled another sigh and picked up her weights, preparing to sacrifice what remained of her free time to the idol of fitness.

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