Prose that Blows Runner-Up: Most Superest Superhero/Supervillain

Dirigi-Belle’s Debut

An odd object floated gently over the city, drifting lazily on the warm summer breeze. At a glance, anyone on the ground would’ve thought it was a weather balloon, but when the object caught the moon’s light at just the right angle, they would see that it was silvery as opposed to the white of any conventional weather balloon. But anyone who spotted it would’ve been too far away to notice that the balloon was oddly dimpled in five separate places and was connected to what looked like two more silver balloons sitting side by side.

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Bloated Comics Issue #38: The Attack on Cheergirl!

Last time in Action-packed comics: the malevolent League of Bad People has taken over the city. A state declared martial law has been declared  to keep peace, order, civility, and all other things that people somehow believe exist under normal circumstances under the rule of law…but whatever. Heroes and villains, cops and criminals go all out on the streets. It is in these times of distress and uncertainty that certain heroes rise, when honor, hanging by a thread, pushes on to defeat evil!

However, such heroes are all pretty busy, so we will have to make do with copycats.

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