men inflating women

Tiffany at the pool

Sexual Content:

Tiffany swims at the local pool everyday, not because she likes swimming, but because she has a huge crush on David, the hunk lifeguard. Tiffany tries to get Davids attention everyday, wearing skimpier and skimpier outfits, but David has been quite oblivious to her advances.

One day, she decides to try something drastic to really get his attention. Wearing her thong bikini, while in the middle of the pool, she started to flail around, pretending to be drowning. David noticed immediately, blew his whistle, jumped into the pool, and pulled her onto the poolside deck.

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The room was quiet as David lounged on the couch, Sarah leaning into his body under the blankets. He had long tuned out the show they were watching, instead enjoying the feeling of his girlfriend pressing into him. Times like this were nice and relaxing, David felt he could melt into the couch like this.

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