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The room was quiet as David lounged on the couch, Sarah leaning into his body under the blankets. He had long tuned out the show they were watching, instead enjoying the feeling of his girlfriend pressing into him. Times like this were nice and relaxing, David felt he could melt into the couch like this.

Next to him, Sarah found herself in much the same situation as David. She had hoped David would suggest they do something else, as the show was boring her half to death, but so far he hadn't spoken a word. At this rate, their evening would be quite uneventful, nothing but a mediocre TV session. Sarah decided that the time for action had come, and with a quick shuffle, she put her impromptu plan into motion.

David felt Sarah suddenly stir next to him as the commercials came on. He felt her suddenly scramble underneath the blanket, towards his legs. Peeking underneath the sheet, he saw her kneeling at his feet, her face at level with his crotch. Their eyes met, and David raised an eyebrow at her shenanigans. Sarah only winked at him, reaching a hand up to begin rubbing the bump forming in the crotch of his pants. David took in a quick breath, surprised by how direct his girlfriend was being tonight. He threw the blankets off and leaned back to enjoy the show.

Sarah sat up straighter as the blanket was thrown off her head. Still rubbing at David's growing erection, she waited until his pants were pulled tight before pulling down, causing his cock to spring free from its cloth prison. Smiling, she took the rigid member in her hand and slowly teased it, running her fingers up and down slowly. David let out a sigh, indicating to Sarah that her technique was on point so far. Continuing her stroking and poking, she watched bemused as David's cock became even harder in her soft grasp.

The pleasurable sensations coming from his crotch had David completely at the mercy of Sarah's touch. He had quietly switched the show off as Sarah started her foreplay, making the room silent save for his sighs and gasps. Sarah suddenly leaned in, wrapping her mouth around the tip and began gently sucking, making David moan as she began her blowjob. He looked down, watching her head bob back and forth on his cock, feeling her tongue dance along his length. However, after only a few more seconds, Sarah took her mouth off his member, making David moan and look at her with horny desperation. Before he could ask why she had stopped, Sarah simply winked at him, wrapped her mouth around the tip of David’s cock, and blew.

Sarah giggled in her head as she felt David’s penis twitch and swell with the air she was blowing into it. A loud moan from David indicated just how good it felt feeling that air enter into him and swirl around. His cock inflated, becoming longer and thicker, his balls also beginning to swell with air. Sarah had to adjust her lips, sealing them around the opening of his dick rather than enveloping it as she had before. She reached up and drummed her fingers along David’s girth, noting how the air was making his dick sound hollow, as if she had replaced it with a balloon. Spurred on by his incessant moans and the sizes he was achieving, Sarah blew harder.

David bucked and tensed as Sarah kept blowing into his cock. He watched in awe as he inflated further and further, his balls swelling into the couch and his dick pushing Sarah further and further back. He felt like a balloon on a spout, Sarah relentlessly pumping him fuller. Distantly, above the roar of arousal, he felt his rear leave the couch as his balls grew to support his body. Putting his hands on his engorged length elected a rubbery squeak and a feeling like orgasmic fire. David cried out, the feeling doubling and redoubling, making his length spasm as he felt himself start to twitch.

Sarah leaned back and stopped blowing as she felt the first spasms that indicated David was quickly approaching an orgasm. She admired his inflated cock, taut with air and big enough to sit on like a bench. Further up, she could see that David had been forced off the couch and was now sitting on his swollen balls, each one squeaking as he squirmed and moaned. Noticing David was right about to blow his load, Sarah wrapped her lips around his opening once more. With a cry, David begin to cum, but as Sarah had predicted, what shot down her throat wasn’t warm semen but rather a torrent of air. Already she could feel its effects, her breasts shooting outward into balloons of her own. She felt the fabric of her shirt rub on her nipples and let out her own moan as she kept sucking down David’s air. For a full two minutes, he pumped her fuller and fuller, thrashing and yelling in ecstasy. Sarah inflated bigger and bigger, until her bra snapped, until her shirt burst, until each breast dominated her torso. She could feel the warm air pressing out against her skin, making her entire body shudder in pleasure. Sarah let out a muffled cry as her own climax swirled inside her expanding bust and across her body.

And then, for a few moments, all was quiet.

David sat, spent, on his inflated privates. Through the haze of post-coital relief, he could tell that his orgasm hadn’t made him deflate at all. The air remained, pushing his genitals outward with pressure and pleasure. He barely noticed a figure walking towards him, but as his vision cleared what he saw made his pneumatic girth twitch anew. Sarah stood next to him, and her breasts were positively enormous. Each one looked to be three times the size of her head. Their shape and wobbling told David she too was swollen full of air. Pink, puffy nipples capped each one, hardened no doubt by Sarah’s own enjoyment of the couple’s swollen figures. She casually turned and sat on David’s cock, straddling it and facing him. Squeaks could be heard as her weight was supported by the pressure in him, and David moaned at how good it felt to just have her sitting on him. He was so big, so full of air, he wondered if he would cum from the idle sensations alone. But then Sarah leaned forward, staring him in the eyes. She inched closer, until she was face to face with him. Smirking, she traced a hand idly around one of her nipples, hefting her ballooned breasts towards David’s mouth. The look of anticipation told David everything he needed to know. Smiling back, he took hold, raised her nipple to his mouth, and began blowing.

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Blowjobs, aren't they a hoot?

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Nice work

Nice work



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Not only is it a great storyline, but it is grammatically well written. Bravo !

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Great stoey

But I would have popped him by orgasm denial


how did I miss this one until today? Love it!!!


how did I miss this one until today? Love it!!!

Great story!

My only question is why is it that he somehow didn't deflate at all?