Biggest Breath, The

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I watch them as I slowly lift the balloon to my mouth. Their eyes are glued to me, their faces reflecting their expectations. The girls watch with rapt anticipation, eagerly anticipating my success. The boys are laughing smugly. They don’t think I can do it – they don’t think that a petite thing like me can possibly fill a balloon of this size in just one breath. Well, I’ll show them. They’ll see soon enough.

I begin to inhale, my chest rising, swelling out as the air rushes in. I can feel it flooding into me, filling me up with its power. I want more – much more. I open my mouth a bit wider, and my intake accelerates. My chest pushes out further, my bra crushing against my breasts as they begin to puff-up. My blouse creaks and tightens about me as my torso expands to fill it, buttons puckering and straining in their fight to hold me in. The boys don’t look so confident now, their cocky smiles fading quickly. But I’m just getting started. I’m not at my limit yet – not even close. I can hold more. I won’t just blow this balloon up; I’m going to blow it to pieces.

My stomach bulges as my torso rounds out under the building pressure. I close my eyes, scowling in concentration as I focus on filling myself with more… more… more air. A sharp pop, followed by several more, signals the surrender and frantic evacuation of my buttons. The clasp on my skirt follows moments later. Finally free, my ballooning body surges outward, and my size doubles. Cool air caresses my smooth, taut skin, sending thrills down my spine. I’m ridiculously swollen. But I’m not full yet – not quite. I can hold more. I can get bigger.

I open my mouth wider, sucking in air as fast as my body can take it. My distended frame pulses and grows, my skin tingling as it stretches tighter… tighter… I feel ludicrously engorged. I know I should stop. I have more than enough air for the job, but I can’t resist showing off a bit more. I can feel their stares. It’s intoxicating. I want more. I’ll show them. I can do it. I can get bigger. I know I can.

My friends are speaking, but I can’t hear them clearly over the wheezing intake of my own breath. I open one eye, but my view is blocked by the immensity of my own impossibly bloated body. I’m enormous – nearly spherical – my skin flushed, straining to contain the pressure welling up inside me. I feel fit to burst, but I’m not giving up – not yet. Just a little more, I think to myself. Just a little… bit… more…

My body creaks threateningly under the pressure. My skin - hot and drum-tight - thrums with tension. With swollen arms, I lift the balloon to my mouth, one final gasp of air slipping down my throat as I prepare to…


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It was kinda short but still great!

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