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Daniel was a man with a lot of things going for him…money, power, and a brand-new girlfriend who was less than half his age. Just to name a few.

He had made the bulk of his wealth in pharmaceuticals; that was where he originally met his soon-to-be ex-wife, Rachel, although she hadn’t worked in a lab in years, not since their marriage. She held degrees in microbiology and biochemistry but, due to an ironclad non-compete clause, she was prohibited from seeking employment with any rival corporation. And once the divorce was finalized, he sure wasn’t going to allow her to go back to work at his company. As such, the pending dissolution between the two of them had become a contentious one.

None of that mattered right now, because Daniel was a man with a lot of things going for him. He dropped his jacket on a table by the front door of his penthouse apartment. His car keys wound up on the dresser in his bedroom as he made his way into the master bath to shower. Madison, the vivacious and curvy twenty-something he was dating would be over later that evening for a ‘night in’…at her request, much to his delight.

As he stood before the bathroom mirror, getting ready to hop in the shower, Daniel opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out the innocuous pill bottle containing his ’little blue helpers’. The trade name was Viagra, but the generic went under the name Sildenafil.

He opened the bottle and dropped one in his hand. The shape seemed slightly different from the pills he usually got from the pharmacy but, since it was filled under a generic brand name, pharmaceutical companies were always changing the physical appearance. He popped the pill in his mouth and took a swig of water to wash it down.

The shower was long and hot, and Daniel let himself relax from a long day’s work. After he turned off the tap and toweled himself dry, he stepped out of the shower and wiped the steam from the mirror. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of the pill bottle still on the counter, and it got him thinking.

Madison was athletic, insatiable and…a wildcat in bed. With long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and legs that didn’t quit. The sex was incredible but Daniel had to admit, he was not a young man anymore and sometimes, he had a hard time keeping up with her. He unscrewed the cap and popped a second pill in his mouth, downing it with another gulp of water.

He had just finished getting dressed when the doorbell rang. Madison was early, he thought, but all the better. Just being with her made Daniel feel alive. He opened the door wide to the sight of the tall, slender young woman attired in a form-fitting black dress that hugged and accentuated her curves perfectly.

“You’re early,” he grinned, stepping aside to let her in.

“I think I’m right on time,” she replied in a husky voice, holding up a bottle of champagne.

Madison tucked her clutch under her arm while she pulled her Cashmere wrap off her shoulders. She kicked off her shoes and dropped the outer garment on top of his jacket by the door.

“If you say so, Maddie, but dinner won’t be here for a while.”

She looked at him with a sidelong glance, batting her eyelashes as she stepped past him into the kitchen.

“I guess we’ll just have to find a way to occupy our time until it gets here,” she purred over her shoulder from the adjoining room. She grabbed two glasses out of the cabinet and sauntered down the short hall into the bedroom, champagne bottle and glasses in tow. It took Daniel just shy of a moment to follow her. On his way past the kitchen he glanced at the clock on the microwave; it usually took Sildenafil thirty minutes to an hour to take effect, but he thought he could hold his own until then.

He heard the pop of the champagne cork as soon as he entered the bedroom; he walked in to find Madison filling the two narrow glasses from where she set them down on the nightstand next to her clutch. She sat down on the bed and crossed her legs alluringly, showing off their silky lengths as she delicately picked up one of the glasses and took a sip.

“What would you like to do?” he asked with a knowing smirk.

“Well, Danny, maybe we should get more comfortable,” she said as she set the glass back down on the flat surface. His wife had always called him Daniel or Dan, but never Danny. He liked it…it made him feel young.

Madison stood up and gracefully reached behind her back to unzip her dress. The fabric fell off of her like she was shedding her skin, sliding down her hips to pool around her ankles. She lifted a foot and elegantly stepped out of the discarded garment, her slender form standing before him dressed in nothing more than her matching bra and panties.

In one smooth motion, she pulled an elastic band out of her clutch, quickly tying her hair back in an impromptu, disheveled bun that somehow made her look even more sexy. She rested her hand on her hip and cocked her head to one side, waiting for his reaction.

Seeing Madison there in all her glory caused Daniel’s breath to catch in his throat; he experienced a stirring elsewhere, and knew this night was going to be something special. He wasted no time ridding himself of his clothes, tossing even his underwear aside in a crumpled pile of clothing. He may have been older, but he worked out regularly and was proud of his physique.

As the naked Daniel crossed the room, Madison met him halfway, wrapping her arms around his neck and mashing her lips to his. She pressed her body up against him, writhing slowly as they kissed. It was unclear if she took half a step backward, still in his embrace, or if he took half a step forward, but either way, without breaking contact they made their way to the bed. She fell backward, pulling him down on top of her in a heap. Barely a heartbeat later she rolled over, taking him with her as she reversed positions, with Daniel lying flat on his back in the middle of the bed and Madison atop his naked body.

As the effects of the pills he ingested began to stir within his body, Daniel encountered a familiar tingling warmth spreading throughout his lower abdomen. He sighed with satisfaction, enjoying the heat of her thighs squeezed up against his flesh and his own growing arousal in response to the gorgeous creature astride him. She leaned forward and kissed him again, her belly pressed to his and her hips gyrating slowly, grinding her pelvis to his as they made out.

As Madison straddled Daniel’s hips, the weight of her body pressing against him became more and more pronounced. Their closeness made him acutely aware of the warmth and softness of her skin, and the impression of her stomach against his was almost like a warm, comforting hug.

Then things took a turn for the weird. At first, the sensation was pleasant but as the moments ticked on, Daniel began to feel an odd tightness in his belly he couldn’t quite explain. The insistence of Madison’s kissing, and the way she pressed harder into him, blurred his mind at first but after a minute or two he found himself gasping for breath, motioning for her to stop.

“What? What is it?” she asked as she looked down into his face, her eyes mere inches from his.

“I…uhh…I need a minute,” he paused, catching his breath. “I feel…funny…”

As Daniel closed his eyes, gulping in the cool air, Madison sat back on her haunches. It seemed as though she were still pressed up against his belly as he experienced an unfamiliar weight on his midsection.

Daniel opened his eyes and looked down at himself, letting out a small gasp of surprise. Where his body was once trim, his belly started to fill out, the six-pack abs he worked so hard to keep softening and becoming a gentle, smooth slope.

Madison sat motionless atop him, her eyes wide as his belly grew full and swollen. His abdomen went from puffy-looking to paunchy to beer-bellied in a matter of moments right before his eyes. As he struggled to move, Madison came to her senses and slid off of his vanishing lap, finding herself standing to the side of the bed where this bizarre display was transpiring.

“What’s going on?!” he cried out as he vainly attempted to sit up and failed. His unfamiliar girth fought him at every turn, denying him any position but flat on his back. He looked over at Madison, his eyes wide with shock and fear. “Maddie, help me!”

“I…you…Danny…” Madison put her hand to her mouth in astonishment before being able to complete a sentence. “Danny, you’re blowing up…!”

“Don’t you think I don’t know that?!” he cried out as he cradled his distending midsection. By now he had progressed past beer-bellied and moved into the first stages of pregnant-looking, the pressure of which further pinned him in place. Madison reached out a hand and tentatively…curiously…placed her palm flat on the now-sizable outward curve of his belly, feeling a firmness akin to a balloon building up from the inside. His waist was widening as well, expanding outward to accommodate his growing girth.

Danny grunted from the increasing strain, all the while staring as his belly continued to fill. His chiseled abs had completely disappeared and his abdomen was becoming rounder with each passing second. He could merely watch, helpless, as his stomach swelled inexorably outward.

“I…what’s happening?!” he called out, his eyes locked on the slowly swelling dome of his midsection. As he tried to hold himself, his hands were gradually forced wide, fingers splaying outward as the flesh beneath them stretched.

“Danny…you…you…” Madison replied, dumbfounded, as her hand went back to her mouth a second time. Then she giggled loudly and her shocked expression melted away.

“I’m sorry…I tried to keep a straight face, I really did,” she admitted without remorse. “I mean, it wasn’t hard at first. Knowing what was going to happen and actually seeing it…all that, you know.” Daniel pulled his eyes away from a belly the size of a woman six-months pregnant to glare accusingly at Madison.

“You knew?!” he sputtered. “What is happening to me??”

Madison, stifling another bout of laughter but retaining a smug look, crossed back over to the nightstand to retrieve her cell phone from her clutch. Before Daniel could think to respond she took several pictures of his swollen, naked form stretched across the broad, flat surface.

Upon seeing what she was doing, Daniel struggled vainly to move, fighting to sit up while pathetically attempting to cover his exposed body with his hands, but he had little reach below his increasing waistline. He did manage to grab one of the pillows to put between his legs, to afford himself a moment of marginal dignity.

“Ah-ah, no cheating,” Madison chided in a sing-song voice as she plucked the pillow away, tossing it on the floor. Her grin widened as she looked between his legs. “Why, Danny, you’re hard as a rock. It must be all that pressure building up inside you. Either that or you’re actually enjoying yourself.”

Daniel fought once again to move but even rolling side-to-side did nothing save leaving him spent and out of breath. True, he could still move his arms and legs, but his ballooning midsection held him down like a rock.

“Oh, come one, Danny, just sit back and savor the moment,” Madison said in a mock-soothing tone as she took photos from different angles. “I know I am.”

She stepped up to the bed and crawled up on all fours onto its surface, making her way toward him on her hands and knees, phone still solidly in her grasp. She ended up sitting back on her heels between his legs, his ballooning belly standing out boldly between them.

“Why?” he implored, now able to see her and the rising dome of his midsection at the same time. “What is happening to me?”

“You want to know what's happening? You’re blowing up, Danny. You're blowing up like a balloon,” she said with a throaty chuckle. She paused a moment before proceeding. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll answer all of your questions…I’ll even give you my phone so you can delete the photos I took…if you can last three minutes…”

“Three minutes?” he asked, not comprehending. “Three minutes for what?”

Madison reached below his line of sight, her hand and her intent eclipsed by the sphere of his belly. Daniel let out an involuntary sound as the warm, soft flesh of her fingers wrapped around his shaft and started stroking it up and down.

“Oh my god…please…don’t…!” he beseeched her, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment as his own body betrayed him.

“Don’t?” she repeated back to him, her hand moving faster. “Don’t what? Don’t stop?”

Daniel bit his lip and let out a stifled groan. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and his hands pressed firmly to the sides of his stomach, sensing the pressure still building within. His breathing became ragged as she sped up, the motion of her hand becoming a blur.

Unable to contain himself, he blindly cried out as he erupted in her grasp, splattering the inside of his thighs and the underside of his belly. The rest pooled on the sheets between his legs.

“Oh, this one’s a keeper,” Madison giggled. Daniel opened his eyes to see her holding her cell phone with her free hand, recording the whole thing. She glanced over at the wall clock.

“Two-and-a-half minutes. Too bad, you were so close,” she snickered, then took a moment to look him over with an appreciating smile. “Holy crap, Danny, you look like you’re nine months pregnant. Either that or you swallowed a watermelon whole. I’m not sure which.” She placed her palm on the apex of his belly, watching it lift progressively in the smallest of increments.

“Please, stop,” he pleaded in a wavering voice as he squirmed around in front of her. Any further entreaties from him were preempted by the sound of the doorbell chiming. Daniel’s mind immediately flashed to the dinner he had ordered, to be delivered to his penthouse sometime this evening.

Madison snapped several more photos of his prostrate form as she climbed back off of the bed, wiping her hand as on his sheets along the way.

“I would recommend you keep quiet,” she directed sternly. “We wouldn’t want anyone running in here uninvited.” She took one more photo of him from further back, taking in his bloated form in one broad expanse, then turned and departed the room. Daniel lifted his head weakly, trying to watch the door for her return but the curve of his waist effectively blocked his view, rendering him blind to anything that transpired below his waist.

In some distant part of his mind, Daniel’s consciousness registered that Madison had left her clothes in the room and was about to answer the door in her underwear. If anything, the delivery person was potentially about to get a thrill, or at the very least a shock.

Hardly a minute or two passed before he heard someone come back in the room.

“Maddie, please…” he begged.

“Hello, Daniel,” an all-too familiar voice interrupted, cutting him off. “Please, don’t get up on my account.”

“Rachel?” Daniel exclaimed without hesitation, bewildered.

His soon-to-be ex-wife moved into view to his left, while Madison came around to the right.

“What is this?” Daniel demanded, shaking as his mind slowly processed this most-recent revelation. “What’s going on?!”

“I’d say revenge, but this goes beyond just simple payback,” the attractive, mature woman stated as she looked him up and down like a lab experiment. Her eyes lingered on his belly and the region just below that. Then she glanced over at Madison, smiling.

“Your doing?” she asked, indicating the mess between his legs and his still-erect member. Madison nodded, grinning.

“Yeah, he…umm…had his moment, but it seems like he’s not done yet,” the younger girl quipped. “He looks ready for more.”

“Not surprising, he can’t help himself,” Rachel acknowledged. “A large part of it is the drug, but it’s also everything inside pushing against his genital area.”

“That’s what I thought,” Madison replied enthusiastically.

“Wait, drug? What drug?” Daniel demanded.

“We swapped out your stiffy pills for another one of my own design. Instead of Sildenafil, you got what I fondly call Sildenaflate,” Rachel explained. “A piece of advice: when the woman you betrayed holds advanced biomedical degrees, don’t let her have access to a pharmaceutical lab after hours.”

“You bitch,” Daniel spat at her, seething.

“Relax, Daniel. It’s relatively harmless otherwise,” Rachel disclosed. “You take a pill and you end up like…well…this.”

Daniel’s eyes grew wide with concern.

“What if I had more than one?” he asked in a quieter tone. “What if I took two?”

Rachel contemplated this turn of events.

“Well, then, I supposed you’re going to get much bigger, and much more uncomfortable,” Rachel replied with a note of humor in her voice. “I knew it looked like you’ve been getting steadily fuller since I got here. Anyway, on to business.”

“I believe this is yours,” Madison said to Rachel as she held up the cell phone.

Daniel could only fume as he watched Madison hand her phone over to Rachel, who took several more pictures of his now even-bigger body. His mind raced, leaving him too overwhelmed to form any more words.

“So, he climaxed?” Rachel asked Madison in a detached manner, as if Daniel weren’t even in the room with them. Or, worse still, if were some uncomprehending lab rat.

“Yeah, easy. No wait, hard,” Madison corrected herself. “It was easy to make him orgasm but, man, when he orgasmed, he orgasmed hard. It was like a geyser.”

“Interesting,” Rachel observed. “Do you think he can handle more?”

“I’m sure,” Madison responded promptly. “I mean, it could be fun to try.”

“You’re enjoying this,” Rachel said with a sidelong glance at Madison.

“A little, yeah,” she giggled. “So what? Aren’t you?”

Rachel shrugged and smiled. “A little.”

Madison hopped back up onto the bed. Daniel tried to fight back, presenting a pitiful display of resistance until, from her placement below his waist, Madison used her knees to keep his legs spread apart.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep your face out of it,” Rachel said to Madison, shooting over the younger woman’s shoulder. “You’re not the subject of this recording. He is.” The older woman moved around, mindful of Madison’s position, panning up and down Daniel’s body to include his beet-red face, massively swollen belly, and rock-hard erection. Holding the phone back over Madison’s shoulder, she was able to get all three of these in frame as the younger woman took to stroking him again, this time slower and more deliberately.

By now, Daniel had since passed looking pregnant. His midsection had widened appreciably and the rounded hemisphere of his belly jutted out to the size of a beach ball, giving him a comical, almost cartoonish appearance.

Madison’s hand moved faster while Rachel kept the whole thing in frame. The young woman slowed her pace a bit as a wicked thought entered her head.

“Danny,” Madison cooed, waiting a moment for him to focus on her while she kept up teasing him mercilessly. “I want you to do something. I want you to say ’I’m a big, fat blimp’.”

Daniel looked at her, horrified.

“What? No way in hell,” he blurted out. Madison picked up the pace again, bringing him just to the cusp of climaxing before backing off suddenly, leaving him shaking and unsatisfied.

“Say it,” she insisted, picking up the pace. “Say, ‘I’m a big, fat blimp’. Say it and I’ll let you orgasm.”

Daniel shook his head side to side, fighting the conflicting sensations of intense pleasure and extreme discomfort warring in his abdomen. Madison backed off before speaking to him.

“Come on, Danny, I can do this all night,” she said in a sultry whisper. “Just five little words. That’s all, and I’ll make it all worth your while.” Behind her, Rachel was trembling slightly in anticipation and excitement from Madison’s mischievous goading. She let out a slow breath and steadied her hand, wanting to make sure she got all of this recorded.

Daniel bit his lip and fought the urge, even as Madison brought back to the precipice of exploding.

“Do it, Danny,” Madison urged in her sexiest, most compelling tone. “Say it, and you'll feel so much better.”

Both women could clearly see his resolve wavering.

“I’m a…” he gasped, wanting desperately to feel release. “I’m a…”

Rachel leaned in closer, still recording as Madison sped up, her breathing quick and shallow at the prospect of seeing him give in.

“Say it,” Madison whispered low enough so that he could just make out the words.

“I’m a big, fat blimp!” he shouted, climaxing immediately after. His orgasm went on for several seconds as his body convulsed and his member spurted nonstop. As his orgasm subsided, his emissions slowed to a dribble and his bloated body collapsed on the bed, spent. Rachel put away the cell phone and climbed up onto the bed next to Daniel, mindful of the mess.

“Here’s the deal, Daniel,” she intoned as she absently rubbed his enormous belly, the resemblance of which to a flesh-colored yoga ball was amazing. “You’re going to sign over fifty-one percent of your company to me in the divorce and hand over controlling interest. Otherwise, everything on this phone will go public.”

“Oh, and another thing,” she continued. “I left enough of a paper trail that, if this comes out, it’ll quickly become obvious that Sildenaflate was originally developed in your own pharmaceutical labs. That, and your ‘enjoyment’ of its effects could prove a PR nightmare for both the company and you personally.”

Rachel’s fingers lingered over the taut surface of his midsection, enjoying the fruits of her labors and loathe to relinquish the power she now held. She reluctantly pulled her hand back and slid off the bed, straightening her dress as she stood. Madison dismounted in similar fashion on the far side, pausing once again to wipe her hand off on his stained sheets.

Daniel looked over at Madison, his eyes confused and questioning.

“Why?” he implored. “Why did you do this to me?”

“You should’ve done your homework, or at least listened better,” Madison explained softly as she got dressed. “Then you would’ve known my father abandoned my mother for another woman. A younger woman. When your wife asked me out to lunch and pointed out the similarities between you and him, it really opened my eyes. And, to be completely honest, she offered a sizable financial incentive as well, which didn’t hurt.”

Daniel's mouth silently opened and closed several times like a fish out of water. He turned his head at the sound of Rachel's voice.

“I’ll expect to hear from your lawyer with the details," Rachel stated as she headed toward the door. "As to your…condition…the swelling will go away naturally…”

“…in a few days. Maybe more, given your second dose,” she added, almost as an afterthought.

“And Danny, I’m borrowing the Jag,” Madison said lightly as she picked up his car keys off of the dresser and turned to depart as well.

“It’s not like you’re going to be driving it anytime in the near future,” she called out over her shoulder before she disappeared through the doorway.

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Happy Reader

This was a very well written and fun to read. Great story, very hot scenario. I wish I was in Daniel's position, I would love to be inflated and teased by Madison and Rachel. I would totally buy Sildenaflate if it existed. Maybe we can get a sequel or some sort of continuation?