Rachel's Balloon

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Rachel Hershley was dressed in her usual black top, sitting on a bench on a quiet downtown street quiet early in the morning. Even as a few more people came and went in both direction, she had her eyes closed and head tilted towards the sun, completely zoned out, ignoring the world around her. She was in a relatively calm mood, which wasn't common of her; those unlucky enough to have experienced her temper could attest to that.

After a nice period of serenity, her moment of calm was interrupted by the sudden burst of people flocking the streets. Rachel snapped out of it, quite angered by the spontaneous disturbance. Everyone was buying balloons, and Rachel tried to ignore the bustling zone back into her own world. This was when she was approached.

"Hey, do you want a balloon?"

Rachel turned her head down and regarded her approacher with a grimace. It was a young blonde woman named Jeane, dressed in rather colourful attire, and she was holding four balloons, all red.

"Do I want what?"

"A balloon. It's Balloon Day!"

Rachel raised an eyebrow and looked Jeane up and down, and the blonde's face began to shift into a frown.

"A-are you okay?" Jeane asked as Rachel sat up and glared at her without speaking. Her eyes narrowed and she slowly showed her gritted teeth. She grew angrier and angrier. All of this confused and frightened Jeane, who took a step back.

"Do you...want a balloon or not?"

Rachel began to calm down a bit and bluntly replied, "No."

"Come on, it's Balloon Day. You can't say no to a nice, big balloon!" Jeane wore an uneasy smile and brought a balloon close to Rachel's face. Miss Hershely once again began to lose her temper, clenching her fists, her face reddening. Finally, and ironically a lot like a balloon, she exploded.


Jeane was taken aback my this outburst, and it was loud enough for many people attending the balloon festival to hear; they quickly turned around to view the commotion. People of all ages stared at Rachel in shock. Her angry eyes sauntered about, seemingly glaring at each and every individual surrounding her. She was at her breaking point, which was too easily reached for her own good. After a few seconds of mumbling amongst the crowd, Jeane finally spoke.

"You need to calm down. It's only a balloon." The blonde looked at Rachel quite frustratedly, hoping that she could get the situation under control.

Rachel snapped.

"Oh you like balloons, bitch?" She sneered before grabbing Jeane by the arms, embracing her ferociously and locking lips with the terrified blonde. She lost grip of the balloons as a result and they floated away. A confusing atmosphere descended upon the festival as everyone watched the two struggle, Rachel's superior strength winning out, allowing her to grip Jeane with upmost force and keep her lips locked with hers. A multitude of concerned faces and calls to release the poor blonde surrounded Rachel, but she didn't care.

"I'm going to turn you into a balloon, since you seem to love them so much."


Jeane could only stand there, squeezed and confused, as Rachel opened her mouth wide and started to inhale. Filling her lungs with air, the fabric of her black top stretched slightly as her bust swelled from the intake. Then, she once again locked lips with Jeane and blew. Hard. Very hard.

The petrified blonde felt the gust rush into her, filling her cheeks to the point they swelled like balloons, and soon she felt a strange sensation in her chest as her lungs and breasts both began to fill up from all the air. A wooshing sound could faintly be heard by members of the shocked crowd as Jeane began to inflate. Her cries for help were beaten down by the rushing of air through her throat and into her awaiting torso. Soon, her arms also started puffing up as the air made its way into them. After an impressive minute of exhaling, Rachel broke her oral hold, panting.

"You wanna be a balloon, don't you?!"

"Mmph!" Jeane couldn't respond. She was full of air and Rachel beginning to squeeze her swollen chest and arms didn't help.

Rachel took another deep breath, this time much larger. Jeane could feel a draft blow across her face as Rachel pulled more and more air into her powerful lungs, swelling her breasts even larger this time. Finally, she closed her mouth and puffed out her cheeks before blowing into Jeane once more.

The blonde's chest swelled out in all directions, as did her arms, and soon the air also made it to her belly and backside. They swelled and rounded out nicely, becoming increasingly translucent, as the deep wooshing sound grew increasingly audible. The crowd was too shocked to act and many within it began to take steps back. Jeane began to look like a puffed-up caricature of her self, as her hands and thighs also began to inflate with Rachel's breath. Alongside this, her colourful clothes began tearing at the seams, the buttons of her shirt popping in succession and her legwear ripping in various places. Rachel broke lip contact once again.

"Hm," She remarked between tired huffs, "y'know, you make a pretty good balloon!" Her audience continued to watch the spectacle; no one dared further provoke the wrath of Miss Hershley.

She began taking quick, deep breaths and blowing forcefully, repeating the process. Jeane inflated at a faster rate, her belly rounding out even more rapidly, her limbs swelling until they were three times as wide as normal, and even her face beginning to expand with air, her cheeks now enormous. Rachel's quick breaths punched deep into Jeane's body, bloating it out further and further as time went on. The crowd gazed in awe as the display unfolded before them. Jeane had soon reached the size of a house, and the town street was blocked by an increasingly large crowd and a human balloon.

Rachel continued with this method for at least 5 minutes. Jeane's body became almost perfectly spherical and translucent, and her limbs slowly disappeared as her torso became a ball. Her expression was grave; she was hopeless at the hands of Rachel, who was continuing to give her lungs the greatest workout of all time. Her chest behaved like bellows, expanding and deflating, forcing tons and tons of air into the distressed balloonified Jeane. The blonde's clothes had by this point been torn to quite a degree under the pressure of her ever-increasing girth. The crowd's tone had shifted from concern and horror to amusement.

"Pop her! Pop her! Pop her!"

Rachel broke hold once again to listen to the crowd. They had started cheering her on. Besides, it was Balloon Day, and no one could resist any form of balloon, be it even human. She felt strange...happy almost.

"If it's a pop you want," she began with a genuine smile, "it's a pop you'll get."

Rachel looked the superbly bloated Jeane dead in the eyes with a sinister grin. She could sense the blonde balloon's distress, fear and discomfort.

"Get ready."

She took the deepest breath she had ever gasped up in her twenty-two years on the planet. Her lungs acted like mini vacuums, sucking up gallon after gallon after gallon of air. The crowd could hear an audible "Hufffff....." as Rachel inhaled a great gust. Her breasts inflated like a pair of balloons, stretching out her black top to quite a degree. Finally, after several seconds of engorging her lungs with ammo, she locked lips with Jeane and blew with force that would put the Big Bad Wolf to shame.

Jeane's round, tense and bloated body surged outwards in all directions faster than ever before. She grew from the size of the house, to the size of an apartment block, and kept inflating and growing like a balloon until she matched in size with the whole downtown area. The wooshing was impossible to ignore, and the tension grew tighter and tighter as her skin grew thinner and thinner. It got to the point that those in high-altitude aircraft could catch a glimpse of the expanding peach balloon below them.

Both women's faces were now crimson from the exertion they were both experiencing, and Jeane felt that all was lost, and she felt the tension grow, building up to her inevitable explosion. However, once she noticed that Rachel was coming to the end of her legendary exhalation, she got an idea. 

"Pop her! Pop her! Pop her!"

As the last wisps of air emerged from Rachel's exhausted lungs and into Jeane, the blonde took a deep breath; she knew that such an action could cause her paper-thin skin to give way, but if it didn't, it would be worth it. She then mustered all her strength and resolve and blew back into Rachel with force, puffing her cheeks out to the size of her own head.

Rachel was startled by the sudden rush of air into her body; soon her cheeks had filled, her breasts had began to swell rapidly, her arms bloated out and her stomach bulged. She rounded out nicely with a loud "Woooosh" and her top and jeans ripped in several areas, in a similar fashion as to what she had subjected Jeane to. The crowd went wild as they witnessed the inflator so suddenly become the inflatee. Jeane's face grew purple as she continued to huff and puff all of Rachel's air back into her, and she deflated at a quick pace. Rachel herself became a glistening, big balloon as the tension of her skin grew and grew. Her expression was a mix of embarrassment and shock as her own air was vigorously forced back into her.

She grew and she grew and she grew, and by the time Jeane had exhausted all of that air, Rachel was a bloated, translucent orb the size of the entire downtown area. People far and wide across the town gazed up at the humungous balloon that eclipsed them and dwarfed many of their own homes. Jeane stopped blowing, clothes still in ruins, to examine her work, and she looked a horrified Rachel proudly in the eyes as the crowd continued their chants with even greater volume and enthusiasm.

"Pop her! Pop her! Pop her!"

Jeane waved to her ever-growing audience then looked back at a ridiculously bloated Rachel.

"Well, well, well, look whose the balloon now?"


"I guess it's time to give the crowd what they want."

Rachel watched timidly as Jeane drew a deep breath in. A very deep breath in. Whatever was left of her blouse and her bra were visibly pushed out and ripped apart further by her expanding bosoms. Then she puffed out her cheeks and placed one hand on her swollen breasts whilst eyeing Rachel keenly, as if to emphasise the scale of what was about to transpire.

She locked lips with her human balloon and blew with all her might. Rachel swelled much slowly, but loud stretching could be heard, and her face distorted into one of pure discomfort and stress. After only eleven seconds of blowing...




Rachel's skin gave way and she burst with a deafening noise, sending windy shockwaves across the town, blowing over cars, bushes and people, and damaging buildings. Jeane herself was almost swept completely away by the blast, and she only avoided be flung into a nearby shop via grabbing a sturdy street light.

After the dust had cleared, and people had had the chance to regain themselves, Jeane approached the spot in which stood the remains of the bench. Rachel was still alive, but she lay on the ground unconscious, dazed, and a wreck. Jeane herself was worn out, and she knew that Rachel definitely deserved it, but nonetheless she checked on her. Crowd members gathered around the two.

A moment passed, and Rachel finally opened her eyes to see Jeane above her.

"Are you alright?"

"You know what," Rachel began with an exhausted smile, "balloons aren't actually that bad."

It would go down as the most memorable Balloon Day the town had ever seen.

Author's Note: 

I wrote this on the 6th after my long hiatus on DeviantArt. Hope you enjoy it!

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