Looking for Clothing Inflation Suggestions

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Looking for Clothing Inflation Suggestions

Firstly apologies; this topic comes up every-so-often, but rather than necro an old one (last one I can remember was from 2021) I'm a fan of doing things fresh, plus there's always a [albeit slow] flow of new people on this site and I figure most won't look more than 1-2 pages back on the forums, so a good opportunity to enage the newbies. I was looking for any tips / tricks people have for acting out their kink, from a clothes-stuffing perspective.

To explain: every 2-3 months I like to satisfy my kink by acting it out, when I do this usually takes two forms:

  1. Zentai/morphsuit with a weather balloon (600g) under it
  2. Bodysox/sensory body sock with weather balloon or 60-inch beachball inside.

The latter has been the thing recently; I cut arm and leg holes into the body sock so it sits on my torso, it's 80% lycra so it's stretchy, when I blow up the balloon or ball I can lie on top, get big and round and get a few good inches off the ground (the beach ball is if I'm paranoid of bursting the balloon) - either way it's lying on top and being lifted off the ground.   It's been about 2 years since I bought the body sock and it's starting to show wear and tear, so I was planning to replace it, but I was wondering if anyone else knows of any tricks that could achieve something similar, albeit bigger/more designed to cope with what I want to achieve? For example if there's a jumpsuit/onsie that is super stretchy that could do something similar, it's also worth pointing out if it's an item of clothing, gender means nothing to me considering I'll be shoving a balloon down and it and blowning it up big and round :)

I've looked at inflatable suits but they seem to mostly inflate around you, which isn't my thing. I had a "blimpz suit" a while back and although it allowed for considerable expansion, the suit itself didn't really stretch and I found myself popping the seams on that pretty quickly. I also know there are some sites out there where you can order custom zentai suits where you submit measurements, so was thinking about that - I could submit normal measurements for everything but then blow it up [sic] at the waist to allow for lots of space for expansion, for example.

In terms of criteria what I'm looking for is something that's a one-piece and made of a stretchy material (i.e. spandex/lyrca) that can allow for a bit of stretch, basically to do what I described above, but to coin a phrase, the bigger, the better!

I probably already know the answer for this, but there might be some hidden little gem that I don't know about, so if you have any ideas please feel free to share. Or use mine, or just ignore this :)


Not sure if this is the kind of one-piece outfit you're looking for, but I would absolutely recommend inflating in an oversized dress if you like the idea of that. 


I have 2 of these ones, I think both at 3X, and both of them stretch quite nicely, albeit with a slightly smaller 36 inch balloon under them. They do go up to 6x in certain colors though, and they do have a bit of spandex in them, so they may be able to handle the inflatables you have. 

There's also bodycon dresses and maternity dresses as well if you prefer a bit more pressure but still want them to stretch well. I've only tried a few of the former at sizes closer to my actual size, and while they can't get quite as large, the feeling is second to none. I'll throw in one option each for your consideration.



As well, I've always been really curious about this site due to it having up to 9x options as well as being able to custom request a longer length for a fee, but never ended up getting one of them, I'll have to change that in the future. Figured it's worth mentioning though.


Hope this helps you out, and I'd love to hear more about your clothes stuffing experiences in the future. Happy inflating! :D



That's great, thank you. It may not do exactly what I desire but it's does achieve a similar-ish thing. I'll defintely give one of these a try.

Thanks for your advice!