What is this from?

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What is this from?

I saw someone on YouTube posted this clip, but not sure what ya from. Anyone have any ideas or can recall where it's from??




*what it's from, not what "ya" from. Whoops

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Looks like an amature film project. This is probably (aside from the original file on the person's own PC) the only "source" you're going to find.

Fill 'er up!

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It's from a low-budget film called Acid Trip.


Yes, Acid Trip. I don't recall all the details, but the producer had problems with his partner—who posted the whole thing on-line somewhere. I was fortunate enough to buy a DVD from the creator. The DVD features supplements showing the design of props, and tests of the inflatable costume.


Do you know where I could find it?


Do you know where crystal bloated came from it's a animation here 


Wait does this relate to this movie? I'm just curious as I have no information lol

Margeret Moonlught
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Simply another mystery of life. We will never know..

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I believe that was a one off animation done by the now retired artist Zmasta87. 


Its from a YouTube video that been removed because the channel got terminated. It's starts off with Claire (the one getting inflated) being ran over by a steamroller. Then Alice (the one in the pink) finds her flat like a cartoon character and inflates her with a air tank. Her arm and her crack are shown being inflated more with her navel popping out plus her pants button. Then Alice pulls the thing out of Claire's mouth, causing her to fly everywhere, hitting her. Then she lands back to normal and the video ends.

I hope that solves everything!


Update: I've (kinda) finally found what I was talking about. http://www.bodyinflation.org/node/25497

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Fun fact: The woman in the Acid Trip movie got creeped/harassed by our oh so lovely community.

Those of you who volunteered to be injected with praying mantis DNA, I've got some good news and some bad news. Bad news is we're postponing those tests indefinitely. Good news is we've got a much better test for you: fighting an army of mantis men.

Margeret Moonlught
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Not even surprised at this point.

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I hadn't heard about that, but it doesn't surprise me. And my reason for mentioning the DVD above was to encourage all fans to support creators so that they will make more—it was not an invitation to ask for pirate copies. What Blue Eyes said only hardens my resolve. 

This community can be hard on artists of all kinds, so give them feedback and support their efforts. If more people did, the Acid Trip DVD wouldn't be a rare item.


Just out of curiosity does anyone know who directed / produced the movie?