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*BANG* In an instant Maim was bounding down the hallway from the Countess’ bedroom before she ran into any guards. She had hoped for a silent hunt; slip in, rough up the countess for her dues and be on her way. It wouldn’t be so easy with Countess Rosemare who was infamously stubborn in every way imaginable, which Maim found out the hard way. Maim’s only choice was filling the matriarch full of air like the gas bag she was to coerce her into paying up. The only mistake made was Maim’s laziness to memorise the whole spell, so the Countess kept filling the room with no end in sight.

Maim only realized her miscalculation once the Countess’ growing form had pushed her right up to the door, breaking everything that stood in the way of the Countess’ now spherical form. Maim had barely leaped from the room as the Countess burst into a rain of fleshy confetti. Maim thought the Countess’ would be stubborn enough to keep growing, but alas even she had limits which complicated Maim’s current goal.

The vault was next to the wine cellar where Maim had persuaded the Countess to allow Maim’s company in her bedroom. Now as Maim bolted into the center of the room she encountered the Countess’ personal guard detail, or at least most of them. Four women in off duty garments stood around taste testing wine from the barrels lining the walls only noticing Maim in their stupor because of her haste down the stone stairwell. As a brief stare down began, the guards slowly moved on Maim who held onto the Countess’ vault key which they knew well enough shouldn’t have been in Maim’s hand for any good reason.

The guard closest to Maim made a move toward her and Maim responded with a quick chant from her spell book that left the guard grasping her stomach. The other guards halted in curiosity as they watched their comrade bend over in discomfort only to stumble backwards as her belly surged forward nearly falling over. The spell’s effects were now clear to the guards who rushed for the exit which Maim interpreted as a charge for her. She chanted a slightly different spell that forced the remaining three guards to stop and collide with one another. They too felt discomfort and as they groaned, they heard the yelp from their comrade who had now found her breast and ass growing to melon proportions that threw off her balance. The guard fell on her resized bottom cushioning the tumble as her thighs grew in front of her eyes like dough rising in her breeches and tights. The growth of their comrade entranced the others who failed in their escape to notice that they were going through the same growth, at least until they began flailing for balance.

Maim realized that her quickness to round out the guards left her waiting for them to pop before she could reach the vault. Time was quickly running out for her so a chant of haste had to be cast on the guards to speed up their explosive fates. With some quick page turning Maim cast the spell and the guards who were only now flailing their cone shaped arms around felt the swelling spread more and quicken. The first guard to grow had become near spherical with her cone arms extended outwards while her torso had become nearly spherical with her enlarged breasts resting on her orbicular form as they continued to grow at a slower rate only matched by what remained of her ass that was now merging with her new form. Maim had taken several steps back as the growing girls continued to fill the cellar while quickly rounding out and cramping the cellar. Maim moved back to the stairwell to avoid the blast radius just as she began hearing creaking.

*creeaakk* ….. *creeeaaakkk* ….. *cccrrrreeeeaaaakkkk*

Maim was about to look into the cellar…


….but the guards had exceeded their limits.

Maim could now make a bolt for the door that the guards had been blocking where she inserted the Countess’ key. Upon hearing the click of the door unlocking Maim pushed it open to reveal crates of gold bars, jars of gems and jewelry, along with sacks of coins. Maim's jaw nearly dropped upon sight of such wealth. But focused herself and grabbed one of the larger sacks full of gold coins and turned to exit the vault. She locked it, pocketed the key, and bounded for the exit with a smile to compliment the thought of raiding the manor with her whole crew.

As Maim near the top of the stairwell she heard the commotion of guards and servants attempting to piece together what had happened to the Countess. Maim attempted to make a silent dash for the front door only to meet several guards pointing their short swords at her. Maim began backing away from the guards only to bump into a large butler who towered over her and was accompanied by more butlers and maids ready to apprehend her. Maim wasn’t sure how much worse it could get for her until she heard loud footsteps approaching from outside. A charming young man entered the manor entrance stepping in front of her.

“Ah. So you must be the one here to collect my darling’s debt. Must you have caused such a ruckus?”

“I wouldn’t have if your ‘darling’ weren’t so damn hard to deal with!”

“It’s a part of her charm you know! Now where is she? I’d like her to be here for your apprehension.”

A maid stepped close to the Count and attempted to explain what had happened to his wife until with a sudden *crash* several vines broke through an entrance window. The screaming maid was muffled as soon as she was outside, and with what little light shone outside displayed the maid being engulfed by creeping vines that burrowed under the manor’s outer walls or simply creeped over. While several guards ran out to assist the maid others clustered around the window and entrance to witness the spectacle which provided Maim an opportunity to distance herself from the crowd.

However the large butler was close enough to wrap his arms around Maim, firmly holding her from escape so she stepped on his foot to ease his grip. With her freedom she turned to face the butler and kicked him in the gut, winding him. As an apology she recited her trusty old spell to return some air to him which in an instant had him reeling back as his gut surged forward at a greater speed than the basement guards’ growth. He stumbled backwards falling flat on his back which soon began to expand, lifting him off the ground and wedging him between the floor and ceiling of the hall entrance. Maim began moving away from the butler as she could hear his muffled voice calling out for help and his spherical form continue to surge outwards, straining the walls next to him and growing closer to where Maim stood.

Maim had bolted to the end of the hall, turning a corner before hearing a resounding *BOOM* and then several voices shouting. She had managed to reach a rear entrance to the manor, bolting out into the manor gardens, using the cover of dark to reach the outer wall. Finding sturdy vines, Maim managed to climb over the wall as voices closed in on her vicinity. Taking a peak, Maim was tempted to unleash a larger spell and hit a clustered group of staff, but controlled such urges as she had already taken enough collateral. Lulen would already be disappointed with those unnecessarily bursted, but it just couldn’t be helped or so Maim liked to think.

Maim entered the forest near the manor and ran into Lulen who was about to unleash a torrent of seething criticism, but was silenced with a hand over the mouth from Maim. There was no time for semantics when they were still so close to the manor. Off the duo went deeper into the woods until they reached an incline that took them atop a small hill that allowed for a view of the manor. With a smile Maim was able to admire her chaos as she could make out shadows running around the premises while others went in and out of the manor. A tug from behind signalled her to follow Lulen who wanted some isolation for her lecture.

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This is my first inflation literature piece, and since I've written two others. This started with a free flow of ideas before I decided to structure it properly. 

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