How would you have others inflate you? [v.2] - Resurrection Edition

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I like the idea, I am a 19 year old gay man, I would like another man to inflate a weather balloon in my shirt by lung force, it could be in a balloon store or in a house, just the two of us.

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Hi. I'm Mary 'Onette. I'm 25 years old. My friends are Muffet Spiedaer, Sasha Six, and Sierra Ghost.

For descriptions on them, I HIGHLY advise that you check my other posts.

You should do the same for my preferences, although I want to experiment with liquidy bursting.

When I get inflated, I like the gum method, as it is simple and silly.

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I'm a lesbian, 24 years old. I'm of hourglass frame, with shiny white skin. I love breast, butt, and full body inflation, and floating. However, I'm terrified of being let go and doomed to float away, alone. I'm also a sucker for hot ghost gals, especially ones who like inflating. I'm also easily turned on by ghost gals, and I often do suggestive content. 

The idea of meeting poof ghosts is just my dream, so a plot with that would be amazing.

I'm terrified of floating away alone, but my fear is nullified if I'm floating away with someone!



I'm not a good writer.

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I just posted a thread called "forced inflation live comic"  or something like that...  It was a fun way to inflate!