How would you have others inflate you? [v.2] - Resurrection Edition

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How would you have others inflate you? [v.2] - Resurrection Edition

Welcome back everyone!

I thought it would be fun to kick things off with a fresh new edition of my experimental writing thread! How would you have others inflate you? Old Thread Here

What prompted the old thread to be made was this pattern occurring on the forums:

  1. Excited writer wishes to make short inflation tales for people who request them
  2. Starts great, but requests just kept pouring in
  3. Eventually the writer gets exhausted and burnt out from writing dozens of small stories, maybe even stops writing again for a long time

This thread has a few different rules built to stop this destructive burn-out while still allowing people to ask for self-indulgent stories:

  • You share your prompt or inflation tastes, and what you would like as a small story. Writers can choose to write a story for you if they wish, and there is no limit to how many stories one requester may receive.
  • In exchange, it's polite for the requester to ALSO write for someone else. It's ideal that for every time you request a fun inflation story, you also write a fun inflation story for another requester.
  • Writers are not obligated to write for a requester if they don't want too. They may not have the same tastes as you. If you find that no one is writing for your request, you might want to change what you're looking for. It happens.

If you have any questions or ideas for this thread, reply to this post here. Otherwise, have fun!

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I'll start with a prompt of my own ;) If you need more examples go check out the old thread.

I'm a bisexual male, 25 years old. I really like belly and full body inflation, especially floating. The tightness and helplessness as a balloon is one of my favourite aspects. I'm okay with NSFW but it's by no means necessary.

I would like to be inflated somehow while on some sort of daring adventure or mission of some sort. It's non-consensual obviously, since being blown up big and tight probably goes against what my objective is. What happens to me afterwards is totally in your hands, including popping if you'd like. My only requirement is that if I do pop, its from being overinflated.

I recommend only writing the stuff coming up just before I get inflated, somewhere in the middle of the story. Don't strain to write expansive lore (tee hee) or anything, just jump right into a fun setup in the middle of everything! :)

If you have any questions let me know!

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The two spies dropped down from the ceiling below. Agent Phobos and his partner Agent Syn, the two most skilled in the agency. In front of them stood the mad Doctor Claudius, a roguish man in a fancy tux, standing menacingly, watching his machine.

"Ah, Phobos, Syn, you've arrived," he said, not turning around, "Of course, who else would the agency send to stop me other than my two greatest rivals?" The man finally turned, arms behind his back.

"It's over!" shouted Agent Phobos, "let the hostages go!" He readied an experimental new weapon, something meant to incapacitate villains rather than outright kill them.

"You seem to be mistaken," laughed the doctor, "Syn, you know what to do."

Suddenly, the busty agent Syn turned her gun towards her partner.

"I feel bad doing this," she said, "but I no longer work for the agency. Sorry. Boss's orders." She fired her weapon, hitting Agent Phobos almost point blank.

A hissing sound was heard as the agent knew what trouble he was in. He could already feel his stomach starting to bloat. He could hardly believe it when he began to feel his fine tux stretch with his stomach. The air inside him pushed his stomach out, further and further, increasing in pressure. Meanwhile, his tight button down strained as it attempted to hold everything in.

This fight between an unstoppable force and a definitely movable object ended how one should expect. The buttons gave way, bursting open the shirt, revealing the black latex sneaking suit Phobos usually wore on mission. This didn't prevent his growth, however. His stomach continued to balloon out, increasing further and further in size. With little restraint, the air pushed inside him pushed more rapidly, further increasing the pressure.

"Well well, this is amusing." The doctor stated, starting to leave the room. "Come now Syn, we have a job to do." Syn winked at Phobos as she walked off.

In the meantime, the large agent began to feel growth elsewhere. Phase 2 began, as he felt his backside begin to round out. His chest pushed up, his lower groin pushed down. The air inside him had no escape as it moved faster and faster, increasing the pressure. To stabilize, of course, the Agent's body rounded out similarly to a balloon. He felt his belt putting more and more strain on his waist as his legs and belly inflated.

In a distant room, he heard the inflation ray fire. He breathed a sigh of relief, so his suspicions were correct. Syn wasn't a traitor after all. She saved the mission! Or so he thought, until he heard her screams coming from the room, and not Claudius's.

Agent Phobos gasped, causing enough of a displacement of air to completely burst his belt. It snapped off, followed by the tearing of his pants. His tux was in tatters on the ground, but the latex suit hugged his body fairly well. He looked like the world's heaviest man, but it was quite the opposite. He felt lighter than normal, as he bloated further and further. Quickly, his feet left the ground. It wasn't long, however, before he hit the ceiling. It seemed he was so large that his body almost touched the floor, even as he helplessly floated, a human balloon. Based on the screams from the other room, Syn suffered the same fate. They'd failed.

Suddenly, Phobos heard banging from all around him. The wall next to him burst open as a couple of S.W.A.T. agents rushed in. A scuffle was heard as Phobos felt he stopped his growth. Dr. Claudius walked by in handcuffs, escorted by many of the S.W.A.T. members. One walked up to Phobos.

"Good work soldier!" He exclaimed, saluting, and then tying the agent to a string. "I see everything went according to plan!"

Wait, that was the plan?! Phobos hadn't been given that part of the briefing!

As he ruminated over this, his large balloon of a body was shoved into the back of a large semi-truck, which was difficult due to his floatiness. When he had been squeezed in, Syn followed, also stuck as a balloon. They put Dr. Claudius in the back too, before shooting him with the inflation gun and closing the door.

Phobos reflected on the whole situation, the growth, the tightness, the floating, and more, even his extreme tightness inside the moving vehicle. He decided not to think too hard about it, knowing only that he would definitely be testing his weapon on himself when he was back to normal.

(This was my first time writing a story in general, so I apologize if it is bad. Hope you liked it!)

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This was an adorable read! Thank you so much ^^ You did a great job!


Always love these type of threads. Thank you for staring a new one Phobos001! 

I'm a late 20's male, fairly thin but have packed a few pounds in recent years. I adore blueberry inflation and being humiliated and frightened about it. Love the conecpt of having swelled until I'm nothing more than an enormous ball and my clothes (aside from a few buttons and seams) stretch with me. A fat berry shadow of my once thin self. 

The setting can be anywhere, but I prefer it in front of a group setting where others could be as equally shocked as me. Somewhere I can be put on display, rolled, and humiliated by a Ms. Wonka type and her cronies. Being poked, prodded, and rolled is such a thrill (although I would never say it outloud). I love popping and earning my "just desserts" but I can leave my fate in your hands. 

I too prefer if the story starts in the middle of the action. Feel free to have your way with me! :P

Thank you! :) 


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I'm gonna write you up something nice here soon hopefully, but I might be busy for a while. Just replying now to let you know I'm s c h e m i n g.


EDIT: Time to write has been very limited. If anyone would like to take my place then please do. I'm sorry for the long delay :(


I'll happily give it a go ;)

Your first day at the new job had gone fairly well so far, you'd met most of the staff and were settling into your office, but not before grabbing a coffee and a large blueberry muffin from the fridge, as you bit into the muffin, crumbs coming down and reaching your feet. Suddenly you hear the door open and more and more people muttering, wondering what the commotion was about you looked up to be greater by your boss, a tall, skinny lady with a stern face "are you the new intern" she said, utterly unimpressed "y...yea" you gulp, the last of the muffin sliding down your neck. Her eyes looked you over, like a dagger piercing through you, before you can say anymore  she lifts your shirt, showcasing your belly to everyone there "you had a lovely flat stomach in your interview, look at you now! You've ballooned!" You know it's true, going bright red as the tyrant continues "too much food that doesn't belong to you!" She tuts pressing your tummy in with her finger "unfortunately chubbsters like you never learn, we've just finished clearing up the last girl to steal my food!" 

you were confused at first as she let go of your shirt, but as you went to sort it out, you noticed your fingers had become a deep shade of blue and it was spreading quickly, you manage to catch your reflection in the computer screen, your face is the same shade of blue and it's creeping down your neck. You look back to your boss who simply stares, almost emotionless about your predicament "it wasn't any kind of blueberry muffin, it was a special one, baked by my sister and designed only for me!" You try to blabber an apology as all your visible skin turns blue and you hear the crowd muttering again

"is he getting bigger!"

"His belly!"

"look at him grow!"


you looked down, while you were chubby you'd still been able to see your feet but to your surprise they had been hidden by a large growing blue orb where your belly was. A few fingers start to poke it and you realise it is your belly! It felt like an other inflated water balloon. You waddled backwards into your cubicle as it continued to grow, rounding out and taking your groin and ass with it "what's happening!" You pout helplessly swatting away some poking fingers while you still could "well my dear" your boss smirked "it's simple, your becoming a blueberry!" You groan loudly at this as your clothes tighten like a second skin against your body, you try to respond but your mind is spinning as you round out, your feet leaving the ground. Your boss laughs before calling a few people over "Get this young man out of here, I don't want the blast to ruin the computers!" Before you can even think of stopping them your rolled onto your back, your head sinking into your blueberry body.


various men and women begin rolling you towards the large doors, your jacket buttons finally give up and burst open, showcasing your tight shirt as you attempt to squeeze in, to your horror more people are waiting on the other side, stopping you in your tracks. You feel the pressure rise as your boss and colleagues push as hard as they can against the large group of people stopping you from moving, with one last creak and a moan you burst with a loud BLOOSH showering both groups with gooey blueberry juice, an extremely stretched out shirt and a couple of smart black shoes.

No one was all that worried as they returned to their seats, and the boss got ready to leave, but as she was about to climb over your remains, she heard a sound, she turned to see another intern, her plump belly pushed against her shirt "sorry, I missed lunch. What's going on?"

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Well, since I wrote I might as well leave a prompt.

I'm a tall, thin man who recently turned 18 (Yes, I am new here.) I like all types of inflation, mainly air and water. Belly, full body, and berry are all great options.

I really like it when large groups of people begin to expand for some reason, especially if I am part of that group. I also really like quicker inflations with longer aftermaths, to truly feel the effects the growth has. I abhor popping, or at least popping that leads to death. If want to pop me, you somehow have to make it so the popper survives

Keep in mind, what got me into inflation was those old Skol 360 ads, so take that for what you will.

If you take this task up, I would be extremely grateful. Thank you!

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On it. Nice pfp by the way.

My username is stupid.

Better known as Poqato on the art scene.

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Earth doesn't care that the northern hemisphere has snow and cold and depressing weather. You could always fly off to the southern hemisphere, in one of these generic tropical islands, to get the good weather and good vibes you deserved. And hey, that was exactly what you did after winning some contest to a soft drink brand named uh... What was the name again? Heck, you didn't even recall seeing that brand anywhere on store counters to begin with, but hey, a win's a win, and you weren't alone in that trip either.

Lots of other people had won this contest together, which meant that the group reunion turned into a giant beach party to celebrate this shared victory away from the woes of the snowy real life! As expected, though, stands adorned with umbrellas at every corner, packed full of that same soft drink that allowed you lot to win that dream cruise.


As you idly chatted under the shade with another guy that'd won the ticket with you, discussing the next activities and debating whether hiking in muddy terrain or descending rapids with a 50% chance of death is the worst thing to do on a first day, you occasionally took a sip of that same drink. It's... Unusually carbonated, the taste is almost like foam, but there was an addictive tanginess to it that always made you want to go for more. And before you knew it, the glass' contents were already gone into your stomach. Drat.

You remembered there was like an hour or something left before you had to embark on that boat to do some wildlife touring, so what was left to do was to listen to that guy's rambles and nod your head at whatever he said. "And she didn't even give me time to explain! She just left me to do my own thing on that one person cruise, and now I think my girlfriend hates me." You rose a brow. Why not give the ticket to her, then? "...She says she's allergic to the sun, or something." What was she, a goth? At any rate, that conversation was quickly turning out boring, especially when you had nothing to say.


You desperately sought another source of entertainment, but right as you did that, it seemed like some will from the heavens answered your call. "...And I'm gonna do so many sports, that whole forest looks like a playgr- *urrrrp*... Playground for... For..." You heard his speech slur gradually, and more than his generic tirade, that in particular drew your attention. You blinked at him as his sight was drawn to his own figure, which started to rumble ominously. "Uh... What...?"

Soon enough, however, you both were caught off guard by a sudden expansion from him! That once flat stomach of his suddenly billowed outwards, rounded out! First, it threateningly popped the buttons of his hawaiian print shirt one after the other starting from the top, but right as the last button held on for dear life, your new acquaintance suddenly billowed outwards with such force that his bellyballoon hit you, and nearly knocked you over the stand! "W-What the fuck!?" All you were left with is a vacationer with an orb of a torso and a ruined shirt, arms and legs forcefully spread out as he waddled with difficulty, attempting to adjust to his newfound balance.


Amidst the confusion, you turned your head around the moment you heard another 'bwomph' in the background. It wasn't just a specific phenomenon - left and right, barbecue enthusiasts, swimmers, wildlife aficionados, anyone seemed to randomly swell out uncalled, busting buttons, filling out swimming gear and causing mild collateral damage from loss of balance. To make matters worse, a gust of wind suddenly rose up, and swept most of the affected vacationers off their feet, some even carried off flying and landing into the crystal-blue sea in the distance, their newfound buoyancy allowing them to land perfectly in the water without sinking whatsoever.

As you tried to figure out what suddenly caused this, your eyes briefly darted over to the nearby swimming pool. There was a bunch of guys and gals having fun there just five minutes ago, but now it was filled to the brim with indistinguishable orbs that were so packed tight against one another that they were completely stuck together in the rectangular hole and a good part of the water had spilled out of the facility, squeaking and creaking as they tried to escape the sudden flesh prison.


Panic quickly started to build up within you, because the more people swelled in your vicinity, the more you were convinced you were next! Your newfound fear started to make your brain work in overdrive, and quickly you realized - that darned soda! No wonder it was such a shady brand if it caused-


Oh no. Your heart skipped a beat as you heard your stomach do that. It definitely WASN'T natural. As you tried to find a hiding place quick, you realized you'd have to maneuver in between the sea of balloon people - the sudden influx of roundness had definitely restricted maneuverable space, but you'd still give it a try...


Just as you made your first determined step forward, you felt a rapid pressure rise, and soon enough that flat belly became round, growing stuffed and then rapidly beyond normal sizes as it pressed on your own button-down. Your eyes widened - you realized there was no chance for you to escape the crowd before you became one of them, but you still tried to cover as much distance as possible, to at least have a small enough distance remaining to bail the heck out of here once you became round and at the mercy of the fickle elements!

Crreeaaakk... Pow! Ping! Bang!

The bursting buttons from your beachball-shaped torso are the final indicator that you'd just got seconds before you became all sphere. Unfortunately, your chosen pathway was blocked by a mass of struggling balloon people desperately trying to find their footing, wiggling arms and legs uselessly. Your survival instincts kicked in, and you tried to force a way through from within anyways, but...


Right as you reached the bottom center of this human pile, your body decided it had had enough struggling against the expansion and suddenly lets go, your torso suddenly doubling in size and becoming a giant exercise ball in shape, leaving only your head and pushed-out limbs as the only remaining normal things about you. From the force of that final expansion, the human pile "erupted" like a volcano, and tourists left and right bounced and flopped against the floor painlessly, albeit with panicked yells and screams, with some swept off by the wind and joining either the other living lifebuoys in the clear blue sea, while others flied up to land on top of palm trees and scare the birds.

The eruption, at least, gave you enough maneuvering space to get back on your feet, albeit with difficulty. Your center of balance was all kinds of disrupted, and even staying standing up was a challenge. You couldn't even see your feet anymore - it was blocked by balloon torso everywhere, uniformly swollen and prey to the whims of a sudden gust.


The sudden fwomphs and puffs came to an end. You looked around, desperately trying to check if anyone had been spared by this freak accident. You managed to notice, just above the horizon of your overstretched chest area, a short, redheaded woman that seemingly hadn't been affected whatsoever - you noticed the drink she was holding was different in color... You awkwardly waddled towards her, but right away lost your footing to bump into her. Thankfully, you'd grown so light, you were the one pushed back while she remained on her feet, and sighed.

"Oi, watch your step, blimpy."

You briefly apologized, and asked her if she knew what was going on.

"Sure do. That GeneriSoda brand isn't really the best pick for parties like these, innit? Just after a glass, you feel bloated, and that ruins your chances at doin' anythin' for the rest of the day."

You awkwardly looked to the side, and briefly muttered this wasn't so bad.

"Eh, to each their own. But next time, if ya wanna avoid this disaster, try that drink." She displayed you her own soft drink, a bright orange color. "Brand new Tack-Homie. All the fun of a soft drink without the bloating that comes with it. Comes in two flavors - Pineapple and Betrayal. Second one's ideal before you go bungee-jumpin'."

You squinted. That sounded familiar.


Soon enough, however, the bell was rung for the next activity. Nobody seemed to want to deflate so soon, though, so as everyone headed for the boat, it soon enough turned into a traffic jam of orbs trying to fit on the boat and through the doors in a cacophony of squeaks. You'd played smart and waited to be the last one to embark, but soon enough you felt a push from behind - the same short lass, who was also part of the trip, was giving everyone a helping hand by pushing against your giant rubbery body to help the rest of the balloon tourists fit in the steadily packed boat.

"C'mon, you better fit in, all of ya, lest I throw some of you in the sea!"

Since there was nothing left to do but let yourself be pushed, you relaxed your muscles and let yourself find enjoyment in all of this. Hey, maybe you were gonna get some more of that GeneriSoda before leaving...


Infomercial mode I think. Would you buy Tack-Homie? I would I think, I heard it's good if you wanna take up archery.

Hope you like!

My username is stupid.

Better known as Poqato on the art scene.

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I really enjoyed that story, thank you!

Also, you sly dog, you missed out on the best drink. E-fram, perfect for giving a boost of energy so large you could conquer a fort almost singlehandely.

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Yeah, but I heard it was pretty, uh...

Glad you enjoyed~

My username is stupid.

Better known as Poqato on the art scene.

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Guess I'll request something! Since I'm not too comfortable with having me as the inflatee just yet, I'll just use my self insert as subject matter by proxy.

Tobias is a 22 year-old homosexual male with an average-to-toned physique, about 5'10" in height. For this request, I am particularly interested in competitive-style air inflation, performed by blowing in one's own thumb.

In particular, the idea which I had in mind is that he's at some sort of fancy reception party or something (mostly a throwaway excuse to include suits, my favorite thing to expand out of), and a much bigger and muscular guy (with biiig pecs) has heard rumors that Toby is unusually stretchy. He challenges him to an inflate-off, and turn by turn, the guys blow themselves up to try and out-size/out belly the other. The much bigger guy, however, gets too cocky and overestimates his capacity, then explodes, leaving Toby as a largely inflated smugface, whose confidence and new size draws the attention of many eyes and many hands.

When it comes to specifics, my favorite kind of inflation is belly, though I also like the inclusion of pecs and crotch halfway through. I appreciate extra focus on the noises of inflation (yes, especially written-out onomatopoeia) as well as the strain and failure of clothing through. Rubbery, squeaky bodies as they swell is also a delicious treat.

I prefer my inflations to be slow and gradual, and when it comes to my usual "max" size, it usually goes "when all clothes that could've popped have popped, it's time for the guy to burst as well". I also am fond of gas (of both the mouth and rump variety) as well as leakage on high levels of pressure (steam out of ears, nose, or heck nipples if you're feeling extra spicy) but none of that is mandatory.

I already appreciate enough that you've managed to read through all of this and consider writing for me. Thanks in advance!

My username is stupid.

Better known as Poqato on the art scene.

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Companies like to throw massive parties whenever there was a merger, this is a simple fact. Fortunately for Toby, his recent promotion allowed him to just barely make the guest list. As he walked around, small champagne glass in hand, a tall blond man approached Toby.

"I recognize you," the man said. He was quite the tall fellow, with long ruffled hair, and an extremely muscular frame. His suit had to be custom tailored, there was no way you could buy it in a store. His massive biceps were visible through his sleeves.

"You do?" Toby asked. He was certain he had never seen this man before in his life.

"Oh, you might know me from my last name, Kirsten. My sister was part of your class when you attended school." That was the clicker.

"Ah yes, Maya! How has she been?" Toby inquired. The tall behemoth looked a lot better than he did a couple of years ago. Oddly, he looked slightly paler too, as if he had started spending more time indoors.

"She's been great! She's done well at the family corporation since she graduated. Actually, you may not know this, but it was her idea to merge the two companies!"

"Huh. No kidding!" She was always a smart one. "Well, it certainly is nice to see you again."

"Aww, that's it? I was hoping for more...Oh, I know, how about a competition! I've heard you're really good at growing your stomach all big and stuff." Toby blushed a bit, but denied the claim. Unfortunately, Mr. Kirsten was set in this.

"I used to eat a ton of food to get my muscles really big, so I bet my stomach could get really big too!" He yelled, "Here, I even brought some small air tanks!" He emptied his pockets, revealing a dozen small ones.

And thus, the competition began. Mr. Kirsten took the first small tank, gulping air down rapidly. His stomach, which presumably used to be abs, now visibly pushed against his shirt.

"Ugh, maybe this is gonna be harder than I thought..." he muttered aloud, pressing against his stomach, "well, your turn!"

Toby eyed the small tank, barely the size of a soda can, before putting the end in his mouth. He was taken aback by how quickly the air rushed into him, swelling his stomach quite a bit, though Toby had been bigger in private.

"Wow! You took that one easily!" Exclaimed Mr. Kirsten, readying his second tank in his mouth. Once again, his stomach swelled, this time accompanied by a loud


His stomach now seemed to strain against his shirt and coat, buttons close to bursting. Toby took his second tank and downed it with an easy


Toby's belly still felt somewhat empty, despite how stretched his shirt was. He guessed he really could get quite large after all. Mr. Kirsten grabbed his third tank, struggling a bit to move.

"Here we go..." he said, taking in even more air. It started with a fwooosh, but that soon became an ominous creaaaK! as Mr. Kirsten swelled more and more. Soon, his buttons gave way with a pop! Pop! Pop! P-p-p-p-pop!

"Aw...I just got those fixed...L is gonna kill me when she gets back..." Mr. Kirsten's exposed stomach was almost the size of a large yoga ball, which, given his already large proportions, looked somewhat normal on him. Toby took his third tank and swallowed. The pressure built as Toby finally began to feel himself getting slightly full, only slightly.

"I...think...I can" huffed the large man. By now a large crowd had gathered to watch Kirsten take one more tank. He swallowed and swelled. His belly couldn't contain much more, obviously, as his chest seemed to grow with a similar familiar


Until finally, there was a loud


And Mr. Kirsten simply no longer existed. Everyone stared at Toby, the clear winner. After a sea of congratulations and handshakes, a man with round glasses spoke to Toby.

"Alas, he will be missed," spoke the man "he was a good friend, and a great brother-in-law..."

"You married Maya, huh?" Toby inquired.

"Yes, my name is Iggy Victor. Maya is my beautiful wife." He attempted to shake Toby's hand, which was hard, given how swollen Toby's torso was.

"I work for Kirstcor. Used to own part of it, though in some ways I still do. Now I'm mainly just the graphic designer. Paint a bit on the side. Anyway, I hope you're enjoying the party. I'll take my leave."

The man with the rounded glasses left, leaving Toby to his new adoring fans.

Before we end this story, I'd like to give a shout out to this story's sponsor: Nosedrag. Nosedrag is great for when you need to ensure your reader gets the point of what is going on, as your writing may not be clear enough on a tone or allusion you are going for. Nosedive, proudly made in the UKoF by Kirstcor

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Short and sweet and very nice! Noses were dragged and guys were burst. Thanks for doing my request! ♥

My username is stupid.

Better known as Poqato on the art scene.

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Might as well jump in the bandwagon. I'll also do my best to make a story for someone.


Either way I'm a 22 year old bisexual male. I like full body, belly, butt, cock and so on. I mainly go for helium because the sweet feeling of floating away or floating in general (in which means tied down or being stuck at The ceiling) Any other type of gas/liquid is alright as well but again i mainly go for helium.

Being helpless, humiliated, forced is also what i love and I can be inflated in public or alone at certain places.


I am a pretty nerdy Person so i could think of something is happening at a anime convention, heck maybe i turn into an anime character and getting sucked in. Who ever is doing this can let The imagination go wild.


The ending could be either me floating away, being kept as someones balloon or popping (as long as I turn back as normal) 

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You walked through the convention hall, slightly bored. Everything was the same as last year. Fortunately, your mood changed the moment you saw a girl dressed as the villain of your favorite show out of the corner of your eye.

"Woah, nice cosplay! You got props and everything!" You exclaimed. The woman smiled.

"Aww, thanks! I was beginning to think I was the only Inflatra fan here!" She exclaimed right back.

"Ooh, ooh, I want a photo, could you hit me with her ray gun?" You asked, excitedly.

"I can do pictures, but...I'm not certain I should use the ray gun..."

"Aw, why not?"

"Because, I...have reasons."

"Oh come on."

"No!" She yelled, getting angry.

"Fine, you know what? Forget the picture. It would probably turn out bad anyway." You began to walk away, but then you felt something hit your back.

"Fine, you want to be shot so bad? There you go! Now you'll see why I didn't want to!" The dark haired woman yelled, very angry.

You felt it begin in your stomach. Bloating. Odd, since you hadn't eaten much today. Then the feeling grew. And grew. Your belly felt tighter and tighter as you turned around.

"What did you do to me?!" Your voice was noticeably higher.

"I gave you what you asked for," the woman answered.

Nearby people began to take notice of the commotion. Imagine their surprise when they watched a man's belly begin to swell underneath his t-shirt.

The growth was tight. Your growing belly swelled and swelled. It seemed to raise up too, causing your feet to leave the ground slightly, belly up. The bystanders thought it was a good show. Quite a good show, until they saw that there was no fake balloon under his shirt. That was his stomach.

Panic erupted from the crowd as the woman watched your growth. You were stuck, facing the ceiling, with a belly that reached out higher than most of the nearby booths. Just as you felt as though your belly couldn't handle any more, the rest of your body began to fill out. You felt your backside hit the ground, before raising you up slightly. Your limbs began to feel shorter and shorter. Your waist became wider and wider. Soon, your balloon of a body began to raise, a helpless little balloon stuck on the convention ceiling.

People watched in awe as you grew, and floated to the ceiling. Someone called the emergency line. The fire crew had to bring the truck in to reach you because the paramedics didn't have a long enough ladder.

After you were successfully tied down to a string, you were handed to the woman in the cosplay.

"Ma'am, is this your oversized flesh-colored balloon?" The firefighter asked. He had no idea this was a person. She simply answered yes.

"Well, now it has a string, so hold on tight," he explained. The woman simply nodded and left, no arguments were made.

And thus, you spent the rest of your days living with the same girl who subjected you to this fate. Fortunately, the two of you got along. The rest of your lives together was quite nice. Eventually, you naturally deflated, but that took almost two decades to fully reverse, leaving plenty of time to enjoy life as a simple balloon.

(I hope you enjoy it! It's probably bad, but no biggie, right?)


I have loved these threads in the past, happy to see it still going. 

I'm a guy who works in a party store, a bad place for someone who loves balloons and wa ts to inflate like one. My cute coworker Emily makes it even more difficult. She's always teasing me about my kinks which I stupidly told her after the company Christmas party. She promises me that one day she's going to make me her balloon, but that's just teasing right?

I'd love for an element of this to be in public at work and at some point I'd love to be a tied to her wrist as she walks home from work. 

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You were minding your own business, restocking some shelves. Heh, balloons. You wondered'd get fired for that. Besides, the store was getting busy. You'd have to put those thoughts out of your mind.

Suddenly, Emily appeared from around the corner. The petite girl had a large grin on her face. She held something in her hands, though it was hard to tell what it was.

"Hey there ballooney boy! Today's your lucky day!" The smile stayed on her face. It was almost contagious. Almost.

"Haha Emily. Come on, we have jobs to do." You tried to move, but she blocked your path.

"Ah ah ah, I said it was your lucky day. Don't you want it?" She wagged her finger at you. You stared at her, confused.

"Want what?"

"This!" She yelled before taking a deep breath in. Very quickly and very suddenly, she appeared to grow. Her stomach swelled and swelled. Her belly burst out of her uniform. Thankfully, the buttons were the metal kind sewn into the shirt, so no real damage occurred. You watched, entranced. She was living out your greatest fantasy right in front of you. Soon, she stopped growing, gave a slight huff, and turned to you. She moved toward you.

"Pucker up!" She exclaimed, locking her lips with yours. You were certain you would be fired for being 'intimate' at work. That was until you felt air rushing inside you. Her belly, pressed against you, began to shrink. Meanwhile, yours billowed out, quickly becoming the size that hers was earlier, button pops and all. It felt so tight, and so good. When she let go, she breathed in again, returning her belly to the same swollen size before repeating the process.

On and on this went, she swelled, then blew the air into you. She swelled again, and pushed it straight into you. Many bystanders took notice to what was going on. Some were disgusted, others intrigued, one or two enjoyed it. All were some level of confused.

To you, this felt like paradise. You got to watch your crush's belly swell, while in the meantime being so full and tight that you might blow at any moment. However, the air kept coming, and you kept growing, pushing beyond any limit you thought you had. Eventually, clearly, you rounded out. You couldn't see directly in front of you, you were too large.

Next, Emily strapped her arm to yours, before buttoning her shirt and proceeding to leave with you through the warehouse. You barely fit through the warehouse door. She walked to her home with you, stuffing you into the garage for the night. When she came by the next morning, she revealed everything. She could inflate and deflate herself at will through a weird meditation training. After a long enough time as a balloon, and with a little help, she taught you the ability yourself, so the two of you could be happy balloons together whenever you wanted.

(Sorry the ending dragged, still not fantastic, but I think I'm improving.)


Ooooh, this is a good way to welcome the site back!  I may have to lend my talents to writing here, but for starters...

Male, mid 20s, brown hair and average/skinnyish build.  I have gron to ADORE being force-inflated by an attractive woman (possibly a lover/girlfriend) and either being laraded around as her toy, or even better, her lewd toy (lewds optional because of course)

Helium is one of my favorite substances, and humiliation is appreciated, be it body writing, face sitting, or just generally being traleated as a balloon instead of a human and mocked.

Popping optional, but if you do pop me make sure it's not permanent.  That way I can keep inflating for my new owner all over again~



This is the first time I've done this on one of these threads, but here goes.


Sandy had been in a bad mood with you all morning for forgetting to buy a sun shade for the picnic table.  Despite your efforts at a reconciliation, she had virtually ignored you the whole time that you were helping her prepare for the garden party.  This was particularly frustrating as she looked absolutely amazing in her short, tight summer dress.  So it came as a great suprise when you heard a high pitched Mickey Mouse voice behind you saying "Hey, come and have a go at this! Hehe".

You turned to see Sandy standing next to the large helium cylinder which was used to fill up the party balloons.  She had a broad smile on her face as she called you over again in her high pitched comedy voice.  Relived and excited by the thaw in relatations, you hurried over to join in the fun.  You put your mouth to the nozzle, cracked the valve open a bit, and breathed in.  "Hello Minnie!" you said, expecting to sound like Mickey Mouse, but unfortunately, it was in your normal voice.  Sandy frowned as she said "You need more gas than that".  Her voice had by now also returned to its usual silky tone.

You again pressed your mouth to the nozzle and opened the valve a bit wider this time.  You were shocked at the speed at which the gas rushed into you.  You recoiled, but then collected your composure, " Hello Minnie!", you tried again.  This time the the first word came out squeeky, as desired, but the effect had worn off by the second.  Sandy's frown deepened "You're not getting enough gas into you".  The corner of her mouth curled up into her familiar sexy smile as she cooed "Try again".

You moved your mouth over the nozzle one more time, but before you could open the valve, Sandy had her hand around the back of your head and pushed, so that you swallowed the whole nozzle.  With her other hand she opened the valve to full blast creating an almost deafening hissing noise.  You attempted to push yourself away from the nozzle, or reach for the valve, but your arms were already filling up, and were being pushed out to your sides.  You looked pleadingly into Sandy's eyes, but were met with a broad smile and a giggle.

Your belly pressed against your button up shirt, causing gaps to appear between the buttons.  Your belt began to creak as your buttons violently popped off your belly and smacked into the gas cylinder in front of you like bullets, causing it to ring like a bell.  You had to waddle back a couple of paces as you felt the bare skin on your tummy begin to press against the cold metal of the gas cylinder.  Sandy Looked down, at your now massive belly, and smirked "You're not so much of a Mickey Mouse, I think your more like a Porky Pig".   She giggled again.

Your belt and jeans burst, allowing your body to take on the spherical shape it had been trying to achieve.  Your feet no longer touched the ground, instead it was your bare tummy which could feel the grass tickling against it.  Sandy no longer had to hold your head onto the nozzle as you were now completely immobile.  She stepped back to get a better view of her massive blimp of a boyfriend.  Yet still, you grew.

Sandy's smile dropped and her face took on a quizical tone "I think......I think you're floating!".  Your eyes widened as your realised that the grass was no longer tickling your tummy and therefore she must be right.  Sandy's broad smile returned as she got down on hands and kness to inspect how much clearance there was between you and the ground.  Again you felt your tummy being tickled, only now it was Sandy's tender touch (along with her frighteningly sharp fingernails).  Your cheeks puffed out with laughter and your hands and feet flapped uncontrollably, yet no sound could be heard above the hissing of the gas.  

At this stage you were about 10 feet in diameter, and Sandy could see that you were now so bouyant that you were beginning to lift the gas cylinder off the ground.  She closed the valve and held on to the cylinder to prevent both you and the cylinder from slowly ascending.  "You really are quite a Blimp!  You're my own little airship." she said, smiling impishly.  "And airships need ballast.... and passengers!  Permission to come aboard?" she asked as she arched one eyebrow.

Sandy put one foot into a pocket of your tattered jeans to give her a leg up, and then managed to climb the rest of the way onto your back.  You were relieved to feel the grass tickling your tummy once more.  Stretching forward with one of her legs Sandy managed to kick the gas cylinder out of your mouth.  She now straddled you like a giant blimpy horse.  "Giddy up!" she said as she dug her heels into your sides.  You obediently bounced along, so high and bouyant that it looked as though you were both on the moon.

Sandy expertly steered you where she wanted to go.  Over to the trees where the rest of the balloons were tied.  Sandy stopped you under the trees, and from her high perch, she was able to reach and untie four of the balloons.  She retrieved the string from each and released them to ascend into the atmosphere.  You gulped as you watched the balloons fly away; feeling more empathy for balloons than you ever had before.

The four strings from the balloons were tied around each of your hands and feet.  Allowing Sandy to dismount and keep hold of them to stop you floating away.  She tied the four strings to the picnic table, which resulted in you becoming a lovely sun shade, and stepped back to admire her work.  "Hmm.." she said as she removed the last remaining fragments of your clothing.  "Ah-ha, I know!" she said, and she strode off quickly but elegantly towards the Helium cylinder.  Not the helium cylinder! you thought in panic "What are you going to do?" you pleaded in your squeeky high pitched Mickey Mouse voice.  Sandy's hair flicked over her shoulder as she turned her head to give you one of her sexy impish smiles.

Sandy's body obscured the helium cylinder, but you could hear a hiss and a squeeking and creaking balloony sound.  Sandy strutted back over the lawn holding something behind her back.  Like a game show hostess Sandy executed the big reveal, "Ta-Daa!" she said as she produced a balloon with Mickey Mouse's face on it.  "Very funny." you squeeked sadly.  Sandy tied the balloon in front of your face.  "Perfect!" she said with a triumphant smile on her face.

Just then the first guests arrived for the party.  You kept very quiet, not wanting to speak in your humiliatingly comical high pitched voice and reveal that you weren't actually a balloon, and that Sandy had outsmarted you and converted you into her own giant, naked, pet Blimp Boy.  

One of the women was particularly impressed with the huge balloon sun awning.  "It looks like a giant space hopper." She said to Sandy.  

"You can ride it later, if you like." Sandy replied.  

"Wow, that would be great." said the woman, "but I had better remove my high heels first, it would be a shame if it ended with a Bang! instead of a Boing!"  

"Nah, it'll be OK", said Sandy, peering around the Mickey Mouse balloon to see if that would scare you into talking.  You stared back in silent panic.  Sandy gave you one of her sexys smiles, and a wink.



I guess I'll follow that story up with a prompt of my own.

I'm a heterosexual male.  I love the idea of being tricked, seduced or outsmarted into blowing up, by a beautiful woman.  I love her superiority to be effortless, and for her to find it amusing, whilst I panic.

I love descriptions of the contrast in how elegant the woman is compared to me, in my blimp-like state.

I could be inflated by food, or some kind of gas.

I also love the idea of being popped by a sharp high heel!


I'm also new to writing stories especially ones in a thread like this, so I hope this is up to snuff.


After a lengthy setup you had finally finished setting up the summoning circle. Finding some of the more archaic ingredients had proved to be difficult, it's not like your local grocery store carried rams blood or a rod of the finest silver, but surely they didn't have to be exact right? Either way it was to late to turn back now. The full moon had reached its apex and was shining a beam through your window into the center of the circle and you knew you wouldn't have long before your chance would disappear. You take a deep breath and hold up the tome reciting the incantation hoping that your pronunciation of Latin wasn't too butchered. The air swirls around you threatening to put out the candles you had lit around the circle growing more and more fierce until they suddenly stop and you see a figure materialize out of nothing with a POOF and a cloud of smoke.

Before you stood easily the most beautiful women you had ever seen wearing what had to have been the tightest purple latex catsuit in existence. Adorning her head was a pair of horns that poked out through her long blonde hair spiraling out into sharp points and down below was a thin tail with a spade-like end that flicked back and forth behind her fittingly purple colored high heel boots that caused her to easily tower over you.

"Greetings Master I am Milren, daughter of Lilith and here to fulfill your deepest dreams and desires." She said with a smirk as she ran her hands down her body making sure you got an eyeful of every curve before ending with a spank on her ass. "What is your bidding?" You felt your heart nearly skip a beat as you stared dumbfounded at the hell-spawn. This was far beyond what you had expected and your mind raced filled with plenty of impure thoughts. After a brief amount of silence and much deliberation you decided exactly what you wanted. "I command you to have sex with me!" You exclaimed giddily barely able to contain yourself like a child on Christmas morning.


"Sex with you... that's a tad disappointing. Most people who summon me tend to have a bit loftier ideas, but if that's what you truly desire..." She unzipped her catsuit down to just below her chest revealing her cavernous cleavage. "Then I will gladly oblige. Lets get you out of those restricting pants hmm?"


With a snap of her fingers your pants and boxers vanished leaving you half naked and fully exposed. "Impressive for a mortal, but no offense I'm used to much bigger. How about I give you a little something to make you larger, what do you say Master?"  Not only were you going to make love to her, but she was going to give you enhancement down there as well how could you say no? You vigorously shook your head in agreement and with a wink she snapped her fingers once more causing your crotch to expand out.

Expect that isn't what happened at all; your manhood stood at attention, but did not appear any larger or seem to be growing larger. Instead you felt a strange fullness begin to fill your middle like you had eaten a large meal, though it lacked the weight that usually accompanied. Your normally flat stomach began to push against your shirt forming into a potbelly that showed no signs of getting smaller.


"This isn't what I agreed to! Milren I command you to stop this at once!" You shouted in a panic futilely trying to push your stomach back down.


"I'm afraid I can't do that Master" She hissed as she stepped over the ring of salt that surrounded her, breaking the rules that had been plainly written in the tome.


"But I control you! The ritual should have bound you to circle where you would be weakened and forced to obey me." Your middle could have easily matched an exercise ball at this point and you could hear a faint hissing over your shirts stitching struggling to hold together.

"I can assure you that is not the case. In fact it's quite the opposite." Milren sauntered over to your swollen form, her large bosom swaying back and forth with every clack of her heels against the floor. "Perhaps you shouldn't trust a demon summoning book you found in the religious section of a used book shop." She chuckled and placed a hand on your vast stomach and began to softly rub. "Or think that mere table salt could hold a demoness balloon boy." Despite being taller than her now the way her finger nails scrapped against your gas filled belly along with her piecing green eyes and ever present smirk made you feel tiny, delicate, and most of all powerless. Of course your inflation was still going strong your lower body having joined in giving you a spherical appearance.

If anybody had been looking in they would have seen quite the sight. A large pale orb with a head, hands, and feet sticking out wearing a shirt stretched so tight it might as well been transparent juxtaposed next to the pinnacle of female beauty and grace carefully caressing it as it grew under her watchful gaze. They might have mistaken the scene to be some kind of modern art piece meant to showcase the unchecked gluttony and hedonism of the male compared to the controlled nurturing and vitality of the female. Or perhaps it was a statement about how men "puff" up their own egos in order to impress girls and hold power over them when in reality the girls are the ones who hold all the cards and all it would take is a simple poke to remind them where they stand.


After what had felt like an eternity your growth came to a halt leaving you to helpless flap your now vestigial hands and rock back and forth. "So what happens now?" You meekly reply both terrified and turned on by whatever Milren had in store for you.

"Now I get to enjoy my new toy~" She stated in a husky voice and with a quick tug she reached up and ripped your shirt clean off finally completing your transformation from man to blimp. "All that gas that's packed inside of you is of my own special concoction; just light enough to make you fun to play with, but no so much that you float off on me though I have had that happen a few times when I got a bit overzealous."


The mention of floating off sends sends you into a frantic panic as you struggle in vain to escape trying to shout for help, but all it really ends ups doing is make you look more ridiculous causing her to let out a hearty laugh at your pitiful display. "Ahahaha don't worry I won't let you be swept away into the night sky I prefer much more personal methods." This does little to dissuade you and you go right back to shouting for help. Somewhat annoyed she snaps her fingers and your cheeks fill up cutting off any speech from you.

"There much better and besides its not like you had much to say anyway." She wraps her arms around your circumference and begins to toss you around having used her magic to raise the celling and square footage of your dingy bedroom to give herself ample space. She would teleport to catch you or even summon clones of her self to play along clearly showcasing that you never stood a chance in the first place.


"I still can't believe that you were willing to summon a succubus and despite the limitless options you had, you wanted basic sex." She giggled as her and a few of her clones played volleyball with your globular body. "Your lucky I find inflating and messing with you mortals amusing or I wouldn't even bother. Speaking of which its time for my favorite part."

Her clones disappeared and the two of you were left alone. The way she was grinning did not bode well as she tapped her fingers upon your taut flesh. "Now that I've had my fun your usefulness has come to end. The question is how should I finish the job?"


"I could keep filling you with gas until we find your limit, give you one last kiss to send you off, show you what a real BLOWjob is like..." As she listed off the various ways you could meet your doom your terror grew more and more apparent which she gladly egged on.

"You wanted to ride me right? What if I rode you instead? I could hop you all around town till either my ample ass does you in or my heels~" At the mention of heels instead of fear you instead feel lust? Your swollen cheeks burn red, something Milren picks up on immediately. "Oh so you like my heels do you? Then you will get more of your fill of them, consider it a parting gift."


You couldn't see her over your inflated middle when she sat down in front of you, but you definitely felt her heels as they traced electric waves of pleasure when ever a sharp heel or pointy sole made contact with you skin. You craved even more, your muffled moans letting her know exactly where your sweet spots where and armed with that knowledge she switched gears. She bounced you back and forth from one foot to the other, her immense strength and your weightlessness sending you higher and higher with each bounce.

As you approached the ceiling after one particularly strong kick you knew in your gut that this was it. Your body rotated as it reached its apex to give you a perfect view of your tormentor below one leg raised in the air with the tip of her heel aligned with your center of mass. The seconds felt like hours as gravity pulled you down to your doom, but you felt no fear or dread only pure elation.


"Your wish is my command Master" She said in a mocking tone wiggling her stretched leg. "I'll make sure that this BANG will be the best one you've ever had!"

The last thing you see before her heel pierces your skin and pops you like a soap bubble is her blowing you a kiss goodbye followed by a hearty laugh.  


Wow, that was brilliant. You should write more stories.


I've been a huge fan of your work since forever, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.




I've been a huge fan of your work since forever, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I Love To Inflate

Hi all, ok I’ll give this a good. I’m 6ft3 Bi male, I’m into full body via foot or bike pump, mouth and hose, air or helium and I love inflate via blow job ;). I love the idea of my mouth being taped up. I love either being tricked, taken by surprise or a group of ppl being forcefully with me and holding me down. It could be set in the back room of a balloon shop or set at a house party where I’m made into one of the balloons then they have there wicked ways with me. But I’ll leave this up to you 


I am being used as a ritual by a clan of women, and inflated over time until I exploded in their ceremony


You were just walking out of a burger restaurant when you ran into them. Sipping on an x-tra large milkshake still in hand, your softly stuffed belly collided with her lyric clad six pack.
“Oh, I knew we wold find you here”
You look dumbfounded as a dozen young women in yoga pants and workout attire begin rubbing your tummy and pinching your love handles.
“Nice and soft”, one said admiringly
“Plenty of room for growth”, another replies as she fondles your tummy.
Before you know it the girls have walked you to their cars and are driving you out into the countryside.
You sit in the back middle seat, with two beauties squeezing you on either side. Along the way they giggle at you as you consume your triple burger deluxe and fries, their infectious laughter only encouraging your hunger.

As you arrive at their cabins you pull your over belly, only to find it doesn’t quite fit anymore.
The girls gather in front of a dazzling woman, dressed in a low cut top.
“Is this him?”
As they bring you forward the gas in your tummy causes you to burp. The whole group starts laughing, it’s clear you’re the perfect fit. The dazzling woman takes your milkshake and begins sipping it as the group walks along a trail path.

They explain to you your participation in a ritual called the Festival of Plenty. You will drink as much breast milk as the girls can produce in one day for the next 12 days. At the end you will mate with the dazzling woman thus rejuvenating the land for spring.

As the sun goes down you follow a girl to your specially prepared cabin. You bathe and go to sleep. The next day you put on a stretchy lycra set of shirt and pants. The girls are already up bright and early, presenting you with a tall pitcher of milk. A girl stands behind you as you drink, rubbing your middle, whispering in your ear to drink to the very last drop. You can feel yourself expand into her hands.

You walk the camp grounds with her, observing the other girls doing group yoga exercises. Your guide explains that the exercises harmonize the mind and body. The girls in front dip down to touch their toes. As you attempt the same movement, you find your belly is in the way. As you continue trying you can almost hear a chorus of voices in your mind saying, “OMG, he’s Such a Butterball!” “IKR? He’s so Perfect!”

As the days wore on the drinking continued. Each day another girl would accompany you around camp as a guide, so that you would always be sure what day they were on. It was on the third day you noticed a definite fullness in yourself. It was during a hugging exercise. As you were hugged in all directions you noticed a definite roundness in yourself. As they pressed close you could again hear their voices, “What a blimp!” “OUR blimp!”

It was on the fourth day that you noticed you weren’t the only one growing. You had tried to cross a creek by yourself when one of your guides glared at you eye to eye. Previously the girls had been shorter than you, but now they were just as tall. She stopped you with a hand to your belly and pointed at the ground. You hadn’t noticed previously, but your belly was now so round and stuck out so far that you could no longer see your feet. She smiled and your guides directed you onto a wooden bridge.

On the sixth day you learned how wide you’ve become when you tried to enter a girl’s cabin. Emphasis on tried. Your belly ballooned through the open door, but your arms couldn’t make it past the frame. Again the girls gave you a sing songy chorus, “He’s too FAT, he’s too WIDE, this round BLIMP can’t fit INSIDE! He’s too FAT, he’s too ROUND, I think I heard a squeaking SOUND! We girls are SLIM, but you’ve no ROOM, because you are our BALLOON!”

Just then the dazzling woman walked forward from inside her room. She kissed your cheek and pressed herself lovingly against your belly. “Six more days darling.” She pressed a little further and you were freed from the doorframe.

On the seventh day you found you could no longer undress yourself for a bath. Your guides whispered in your ear, “It was going to happen sooner or later” “Just roll with it” The girls disrobed as well to make you feel more comfortable, but their toned middles made you feel even rounder than you already were. As you blushed the girls advanced, pressing themselves against you, and you felt even more blown up. You could hear their giggling chorus, “Would you like us to sing a song for you?”
“n-no” you replied without speaking. Your guides tightened themselves around you into a hug.

On the eighth day you realized you could no longer walk in a straight line. Instead you have to wobble back and forth. Your guides surrounded you on all sides as you moved on a trail. Again they were sing songing a chorus, “You’re so FAT, our doors need no LOCK, now you can barely WALK”
To drive the point home the girls began jogging around you.

It was on the ninth day that you realized your guides breasts had grown. “Eyes up here Blimpy” one spoke without speaking while poking your tummy. It was then you noticed they had grown taller than you. Her mouth curled into a smile. The girls began pressing themselves to you, rubbing your middle. The sing songy chorus was almost sultry “We girls are now curvier, fitter, stronger, taller. But if you drink more of our milk, it won’t make you any smaller. You’re fatter, rounder, wider, shorter; but of your transformation you’ve only gone three quarter.”

The tenth day found you so round that you could no longer walk. Your guides licked their lips and began rolling you around camp. They sang without singing “You’re so FAT, you’re so ROUND, unable to walk you are BOUND.” They rolled you faster and faster, picking up speed as they went. Soon you were tumbling down a grassy hill into a field of flowers. Girls climbed on top of you, their now wider buns and thighs pressing into you. They sang silently “Boys are FAT, girls are FIT, thanks for giving us somewhere to SIT!” That night you slept with several guides balanced restfully on your belly.

By the eleventh day your guides had breasts and buns like ripe watermelons. Your milk was in a barrel, but your girls lifted it with ease silently singing “We girls are STRONG, but you boys are WIMPS, that’s why we fill you into BLIMPS!” A number of girls bent over, their round buns pressing into your middle. Another lept into the air landing on your face. Again they sang “Rounder rounder oh so PLUMP! Our blimpy boy’s developed a taste for RUMP!” “Do you love our plump, bump jump?”
As the girls wiggled their buns all you could think was “YES!!!”

On the twelfth day you were rolled to the center of camp. As your shirt had split open during dressing, your girls didn’t even bother wearing clothes. There was no barrel now. You drank freely from their breasts for every meal. The other girls circled around you, pressed to you so they could feel you expand. At the meal’s conclusion they rocked back and forth, silently singing “blimpy boy, blimpy boy; blimpy boy is our new toy.”
You dared ask “what happened to your old toy?”
“Most went home” “Wanted to live in cities” “Concrete jungle” “Soul crushing” “Dehumanizing”
Their eyes began to tear up “Join us” “Stay here” “Don’t go” “If you do go, bring friends and come back” “Boys are always welcome” “We love boys” “We love you”

“I love you” At this the dazzling woman walked out to meet you. She was not only taller, but even more shapely than all the rest. You drank greedily from her, your body filling to it’s absolute maximum limit. As the sun set, she mounted you. The girls surrounding swayed, and the trees seemed to sway and even the earth swayed.

The next morning, a girl was taking your old clothes away. With the glint of metal from your car key, you had a vision of your car, your apartment, your old life. Suddenly the girl before you began to sob and started to vanish into mist. The sharp key fell from her now transparent hand.


This is great, as usual.  The last paragraph is interesting and very enigmatic.  I don't think I can claim to understand it :)


Some great writers above! 

36 yo irish guy who loves dick inflation that leads to full body. Literaly blowjob, hose up the but, decompression (spacesuit "malfunction" is always a fun one). I love the idea of inflating and then overinflating, lots of internal pressure that eventually leads to a big loud bang/pop (which of course co-insides with the biggest, bestest orgasm you will ever have).

Lately been into the idea of a group of Ex's coming by (Tina with the big boobs, Emma with the Ass, Maeve the chubby cute one and Denise the petite nerd) after all having discovered my secret I was too scared to tell them about. They all turn out to be size queens and VERY much into the idea.

Of course I am not all take. I will happily write one for the person after me, share and share alike!



Hi! i would love to write for someone, but i'm kinda horrible at writing male inflation, which as of now is all there is. Anyway, i'm a 18 year old, slightly chubby, nerdy, southern gal, and i love being messed with magically. Love belly and breast inflation, though don't like going too big. Maybe yoga-ball sized? Maybe something that makes people nearby think i've always been that size, or something. Or even maybe myself thinking i've always been that size? Hopefully that can give you a good idea. Anyway, i'm kinda nerdy, 5'2, slightly chubby belly (though people around me say i'm thin, though i'm definitely not, a lot of my body bounces), tight D cup, slight butt, generally wide hips. i also have short, brown hair (shoulder-length, maybe a bit shorter) and glasses. i can't wait to see what you all do with this!


Hanz Popper

New year, new me.

2020 may not be the best year for a girl over down south. So 2021 should be a brand new start for her. But how would she start her new year as a new person?

Meby sporting more, start a vlog or buy a nice car... all this things sounded kind of boring. While thinking she looked over her books. "Charly and the Chocolate factory, my favorite". Than she found a book she has never seen before, the Hertziger Handbook Young Witches. She always had intrest in magic, and wanted to know if it was real.

She opend a the book on the chapter body goals. "Well this might be easier than a gym". The first spells were kind of boring like: hiw to make your hair red, or how to maje your nails longer. But then the southern girl opend on a special spell.

"a young witch should be a surviver in nature. Some winters she has to go into the forrest for a long period of time without food. Thid spell will end your hunger for a long time. But you will get bigger. This spell has to be preformed carefully. Shouting out the magic words to loud make you go bigger"

The southers girl looked at her body. It was a bit chubby, but why go for chubby as you can go for big. In exitement she screamed out the magic word "zwijn zwijn, maak mij als vol als u".

Nothing happend. She wanted to put the book away till she started to feel funny. Her clothes begin to feel tight. And under her shirt her body started to swell. Her chubby figure started to get more curvy. Her belly raised like a swelling balloon. Every breath breath felt like inhaling a thanksgiving diner.

She placed her hands on her swelling gut. It feels warm and soft. Her breast made her bra wish for better days. Her hips would crush most chairs. "This spell is amazing she thought" she rolled her eyes in thought "but what if i sayed the spell to loud? Would it make me as big as this room? Or pop like a balloon?". She rubbed her belly. "Well, that is a problem for later"

She swelled some more. Her breast's and hips where a size even the Kardasians can only dream of. But her proudest body part was her massive gut. Its skin wad exposed because the clothes could not hold it any longer. It was moaning in protest to its size. It was like a sloshing yoga ball with a belly button. 

The swelling seemed to stop. The girl was pleased with her new bodytype. It might not be the social norms, but it was her norms. Proudfull she slapped her stomach. "This spell might end my hunger, but is still gonna full you some more with southern fries". 

Hanz Popper

Small note, english isnt my native tong, so some grammer might not be 100% correct. Sorry for that


it was still great, thank you!


Hanz Popper

I am glad you like it.

Hanz Popper

Meby i will do a part 2 some day.

Hanz Popper

I wrote a story, so its time to nominate the next inflatee. I dont like to be inflated myself, so i hope you like to write a story about the character bellow (if its okey with you guys).

Her name is carla, a nice and social latina lady. She has a good looking body, brown eyes, and black curly hair. She likes to wear tanktops and seeing new things.

She has a friend named Selsa. A latina lady with green eyes, straigt black hair and a pretty smile. Selsa might put Carla in problems time to time.

What inflation do i like? Belly inflation, full body inflation and blueberry inflation. Also a thing, i am really into popping (and teasing a girl with popping). So a nice exploding is a must for me!

Thank you

I Love To Inflate

Hi all, ok I’ll give this a good. I’m 6ft3 Bi male, I’m into full body via foot or bike pump, mouth and hose, air or helium and I love inflate via blow job ;). I love the idea of my mouth being taped up. I love either being tricked, taken by surprise or a group of ppl being forcefully with me and holding me down. It could be set in the back room of a balloon shop or set at a house party where I’m made into one of the balloons then they have there wicked ways with me. But I’ll leave this up to you 


23 year old Bi Male, Fairly Chubby. Happy with any form of inflation. love humiliation and big messy pops


I would want to be inflated right before I took my clothes off in a shower and the clothes stretch and become tight. I get so heavy and my big fat belly expanded, I flop to the ground, leaving me to look at my belly, expanded and growing.

Gay blueberry Boy

Ok. I'm 18. Gay Male. Fresh into College. I've got bright blue eyes and brown curly hair. 5,11 and weigh 175. I'm most likely wearing sweat pants with a tee and a north face zip up. Me and a bunch of other students are in Willy Wonkas tour. I get my just desserts in the inventing room because I cannot control my love of gum. I blow up into a blueberry. Have to be rolled away before I Explode. Oompa loompas and Wonka mocking me saying I desvere it. Basically I'd be the Gay college guy version of Violet. 


hello! would like to be forced inflation and me inflate by either force feeding or air/water

i been kidnaped (i a female about 28 yrs have slim bod) no popping tho popping tease would be nice i also would like a bit of nip teasing if possible

sorry about my screwed up grammer i am typing fast.

Hanz Popper

Its late at night and you are still waiting on your bus. Folks tolled you "dont go out at the rich part at town as a woman on your own. Those rich people are nothing but spoiled creeps". You thought it was just some crazy myth, till a bag was pulled over your pretty face.


**** some unknown time later ****

You wake up, still with a bag on your head. You feel your clothing had been changed for some fine silk dress. The dress felt nice in contrast to your heavy stomach.

"Did my guest eat my birthday cackey already" spoke a female voice, like she was still a child. You felt to soft hands on your swollen but plushy belly. The hand pulled of the bag of your head. Now you are face to face with the woman who kidnapped you. Some crazy rich girl in a pink maid outfit. She had so much plastic chirurgy that she looked more as a cartoon as a real woman. Even her long hair was painted in a fake black. Your eyes rolled around to spot the room your in. It was a big ballroom, the floor was litterd with bra's and shoes. 

The rich girl graps you fat stomach "i hope my birthday cake dident hurt you little tummy?". The rich girl shaked your belly, almost making you barf up strawberry cream. You realised you where practically some toy for the crazy rich girl.

She rubbed your stomach again and came so close to your face she could kiss you. "We had the part of you eating cake." She grinned at you with her big puffy lips "but a birthday party would not be complete without... a balloon" She grapped a pump from her back and stick it in your behind. "I love balloons... so big... so round... so playfull" She softly wispers in your ear. She grapped a bra of the ground "but sadly most of my balloons popped today.... you wont pop dont you?"

She started pumping. You soft pudgy belly became more round and hard. Even your breast and hips get into the swelling. "I gonna make you the biggest birthday balloon ever" she sqeeled in glee. Not a care in tge world if it would pop you like the girls before you. 

She pumped and pumped till your body was a big ball with breasts. "No i want to play with my balloon" she shouted. She grapped you, bounced you, rolled you around the ball room like you was nothing more but a giant soccerball.

After playing the rich girl looked a bit bored. " i think its sleepy time". Smiling she climes on top of you. It was a wonder her high heels dident pop you already. She layed down on one of your giant breasts and falls asleep. Even you think "this feels really nice to be honnest". And you fall asleep to.


You wake up at your bus station again. You check if you still have your cards. In your search you find a lot of money in your purse. On this money is a small note "thanks for the party. Call me....". 


I Love To Inflate

Hi all, ok I’ll give this a good. I’m 6ft3 Bi male, I’m into full body via foot or bike pump, mouth and hose, air or helium and I love inflate via blow job ;). I love the idea of my mouth being taped up. I love either being tricked, taken by surprise or a group of ppl being forcefully with me and holding me down. It could be set in the back room of a balloon shop or set at a house party where I’m made into one of the balloons then they have there wicked ways with me. But I’ll leave this up to you 

darkburster2's picture

I know I’m considered taboo but might as well: 


-female (preferably my OC, Nami) (PM or check my devianart for reference if you don’t know, also my avatar)

(barefoot, exposed belly, pants/shirt)

-popping (messy)

-slime, kiss, water/liquid, cum, etc 

-bellybutton popping out/toes spreading

-feet inflation

-horror themed (like they’re not enjoying being blown up)


***NO weight gain, fat/flabby, light/happy, chubby, food stuffing, non-popping, furry, male etc stuff. 

Misery loves company.


Not sure if I will inspire anyone to write but here goes. In RL I love perilous play, bondage, being spanked, sex sex and more sex oh and I'm submissive. I have used inflatable buttplugs and dildo's in RP and my Master sometimes uses them on me to punish me. Can be a little bit uncomfortable but I love it when he says "I'm going to pop you slut!"

A story about me would be me willingly wanting to inflate. I would be wearing one of my fetish outfits. Things go to far. I am hour glass only and I like to be popped. If I do inspire someone to write a story for me, my name is Jayne. X


Bondage with Inflation.... what more could a girl ask for. If you wish to chat to me I am on xhamster. It is a free adult porn site and you will need a profile. Again this is free. Just let me know your from here and you wish to chat about inflating me


Might as well chip in my two cents.

As my username suggests, I'm really into inflation that involves lung power, particularly very deep inhales. 
My ideal fantasy is where a girl is doing something that involves inflating herself with deep breaths, but she's completely nonchalant about it; to her it's just an everyday activity. She doesn't even realise how arousing it is to me until I point it out to her. 

Looking forward to seeing what you lovely people come up with! 

If you're turned on by the idea of a girl turning herself into a balloon by taking a really deep breath, this is the guy to talk to.

Take a deep breath in. You'll need it.

ThiccPuppette34's picture

Hi! I'd be willing!


That'd be awesome! Thanks!

If you're turned on by the idea of a girl turning herself into a balloon by taking a really deep breath, this is the guy to talk to.

Take a deep breath in. You'll need it.