Good to be back

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Good to be back

Hello everyone. It really feels good to be back on this site now after this strange/crazy times.  I want to say thank you Luther for your hard work to try to revive this site and I hope you don't have to work to hard for a while. Anyway I really hope to meet some new people and old ones as well, plus reading some stories again. 

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I know I am glad to see this site back! Hope to be able to chat with more people!

The rounder the better


*Brushes some debris off his shoulders, from the Obliteration*

Cheers, everybody!

Hanz Popper

I am glad its online again! Thank you Luther

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Never thought I'd see the day this site would be back. Thanks for everything you did to make it happen, Luther!


It's good to see this site return. At least something good happened this year.



I have for real kept a tab open and been checking it nearly every day to see if the site would come back. I might not post a lot, but hey, gotta love my fellow inflation lovers. Even if my particular tastes differ from the main user base.

I Love To Inflate

I’ve missed this site so glad it’s back

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Yaaaaaay! It's good to see everyone again! Very excited to get this community back on it's feat again :) Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Up There and be...

So glad to be back


Can't wait to see new and old faces!! So glad this site is back :)


I think the site saw 2020 coming and decided to hibernate haha. Thank you for your hard work bringing it back Luther!


Glad to see the site back, thanks Luther!