New Sort-Of Inflation Scene

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New Sort-Of Inflation Scene


Attractive, adult female eating and eating until she fattens, then inflates, then explodes.  It’s a messy pop but played for laughs so it’s not TOO gross.  (In my opinion anyway)


It’s from a Spanish tv show and I have no idea on the context/dialogue, but oh my God do I love it.

...I meant that sarcastically.

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Berries are always sweet, no matter how sour they act, they'll always make the best juice.

Equation for juice filling: Volume/Quantity=[(Diameter*Circum


After some further research, it looks like it’s from a sketch comedy show.  The woman in question is meant to be a female politician that they don’t seem to be fans of.  She’s at a campaign rally where all of her supporters keeping sending her entrees as a show of their affection.  Due to her ego, she can’t resist eating them all, which leads to her swelling to bursting.

...I meant that sarcastically.

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The spanish female monty python scene!!!!

Damn... you found the gold in the hills!

And boom goes the inflatee


gotta agree with Firnov. What a  *wow* you've found

Not cause it's everyone's thing, but cause it's been on TV



Wow lol


interesting - this corteous gentleman who's helped damsel out picks up his magic (orange?) slice, maybe to reuse (what are appropriate 3 R in inflation?)

as if a movie ends with - "who's next?"


I think the scene would be better if only her belly inflates or she inflates into a large round sphere.


I think the scene would be better if only her belly inflates or she inflates into a large round sphere.

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You win the internet.

-Just another weirdo

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It is actually in catalan, not spanish, but I think I can translate it:

-Good night, miss Arrimadas. If you allow me we'll serve you the wine you ordered, a priorat and a rioja.

-Perfect thank you. Nothing of dividing the grapes by their procedence.

-Have you decided what you will take for dinner?

-The truth is that everything seems delicious, but I'll only take the Waldorf salad. I prefer a light dinner because tomorrow will be a very intense day.

-But you can relax, everyone knows you'll win the elections.

-Oh no, you let yourself go and then you end up like Albert, as everyone left him be president he ended up like Rajoy's butler.

-As you like, but that Cis member wants to invite you to some appetizers.

-How nice, they have treated me so well I guess I can't refuse it.

-Bon Appetit


-Everything alright?

-It was delicious, bring me the bill as soon as you can... And this?

-Raviolis with fua and truffle sauce, courtesy of that IBEX businessman, he wanted me to tell you they are very happy with what you're doing.


-And this?!

-It's from those two socialits from there, they wish that you like it, and that you remember it the moment you have to pact.


-That's it, I'm done, call a taxi... a minivan.

-Wait, the truffle risotto, it's from that executive from The Sexta


(Singing) Because she is the chairwoman, and she'll always be! From that PP table, to thank you kicking out the independentists.


-Caramba, there's a lot of people that loves you and that wants you to ascend pretty strong, uh?




-Oh I didn't that cake was filled with donettes either. And now to finish this small plate of ham courtesy of your number one fan.

-Ole y ole wonderful, you are wonderful... But eat girl, eat, this is nothing, I've cutted it very thin. Come on eat, eat that you are getting very skinny, girl. (she explodes)


-Holy shit, man, what a waste, anyways. Let's see where's that piece of ham, ah look at it, here it is. Thin, thin. Here we don't waste anything.


Thank you, I’ve been so curious.  :)

...I meant that sarcastically.


Oh my god her facial expressions and the noises made this perfect!!