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The hissing sound grew more insistent. She continued to look around for the source, but no matter where she went through the house, the sound never changed in volume; it seemed to be following her around.

She began to see if the sound was coming from behind the refrigerator, when her belly seemed to brush the countertop too soon. She wasn't that close to it, was she?

She looked down and saw her shirt was pushed out and bunched up a little. She also saw something that resembled a pale, flesh colored ball sticking out from below the folds.

"What the...?"

She pulled her shirt up and saw... No, that can't be right. She blinked and rubbed her eyes to clear them and looked again.

Her belly was sticking out, egg-shaped, the skin sloping outwards from below her chest, peaking at just below her navel before sloping back down to her legs.

The hissing sound was issuing forth from her swollen belly. She gingerly put a hand on the crown. She gasped and pulled her hand away in shock. It really was her belly!

As she looked at it in disbelief, the sides of the "egg" that was her belly were slowly bowing out sideways and protruding even more front ways.

She took off her shirt and looked at herself in the mirror. Her belly was almost entirely round now.

She clasped her hands and attempted in vain to push her belly back in, but her hands only met soft resistance. She could feel her belly slowly pushing her hands apart.

"I... I got to call someone..."

She picked up the phone and began to dial 911, but gasped and dropped the phone as the fat rolls at her waist that she had since her early 20s suddenly pulled open like...

Like the folds of an air mattress pulling out! She was inflating; the hissing sound was air entering her belly...somehow.

Her waist and sides were now bowing out as her belly continued to swell from the air. Forgetting about the phone call to 911, she thought about how to possibly stop the air from entering her body.

Her swimming pool was an above ground style and she was short enough to fully submerge if she kneeled down in the bottom.

As she moved through the house to the back door, she could feel the skin of her belly pulling taut where her legs met her inflating abdomen whenever a leg moved behind her.

As she got to the back door, she felt the skin of her belly beginning to brush the bottom of her breasts.

Quickly entering the comparatively icy water in an attempt to find out where the air was entering her and stop it, she attempted to kneel.

However, she found that submerging was tricky. She had forgotten that air was more buoyant than water and her belly kept trying to stay above the surface of the water.

Her body threatened to tip over several times and the exertion from simply trying to stay upright was wreaking havoc on her skin. It was pulling tight in many different places as she tried to keep herself vertical.

Finally, she grabbed at the walls of the pool to steady herself. She now resembled a full term pregnant woman.

"This was a stupid idea," she berated herself. But she couldn't mentally upbraid herself for long as a new sensation crept into consciousness: Her bra was starting to feel tight in the cups...

The sound of hissing filled her ears. The air was now filling her breasts! She had to get out of the pool. The ladder was on the opposite side.

She didn't dare cross straight through the pool; she had a vision of her becoming stuck floating on her back, inflating out of control, unable to summon help.

She sidled along the edge, feeling her breasts pushing against her bra.

Her feet threatened to kick out from under her. She felt herself lifting slightly, her feet refusing to stay firmly planted on the pool floor.

Somehow she made it to the ladder. She turned quickly to ascend the ladder and her feet kicked out from under her a final time, her body quickly floating horizontally in the pool.

She held onto the ladder for dear life, feeling the bra tug angrily at her inflating breasts.

She pulled herself closer to the ladder and found she was unable to get her legs to the rungs. No! She pulled hard against the poles and found she was able to get some leverage.

She wedged her inflating form between the two poles and inched her way up. Finally, she was out of the pool and, with a wet pop, freed herself from the ladder. Any bigger and she would've been stuck between the poles.

That was probably the stupidest thing she's ever done.

Save the berating for later, she told herself. 911.

No, that'd be too slow and they wouldn't believe her anyway. The hospital. It was only five miles away. She could still make it.

She ran through the house to collect her keys. Thankfully, she kept them in a bowl on a cabinet next to the front door. In her rush, however, she knocked the bowl off and the keys fell behind the cabinet.

She cursed under her breath and tried to move the cabinet. Her belly, however, now was the size of an overinflated beach ball and her breasts bulged painfully against the straps of her bra.

She couldn't get leverage facing the cabinet with her body inflating like this. She turned to the side and shoved with all her might. She moved the cabinet just enough to reach the keys. Or so she thought.

She knelt down and tried to reach for the keys with her left arm. This caused her to push her inflated breasts against the cabinet. Her right arm suddenly stuck straight out from her body. Gasping, she looked and saw her right arm was bigger. No!

She jammed herself against the cabinet and was able to reach the keys. As she locked the door, she noticed it was becoming harder to bend her legs and arms.

She could still make it.

She waddled towards the car. About halfway there, her bra straps burst and, free from their confinement, lurched forward. She shrieked, partly in surprise bit mostly out of terror. Her clothes were bursting off her.

She made sure that the seat was far enough back to reach the pedals and got in. Her belly now reached her knees sitting down and her breasts sat at the bottom of her vision. The waistband of her sweatpants were elastic, but it had been pulled to its absolute limit trying to contain her body.

Pulling out, she began to drive to the hospital.

She could feel her legs inflating now. Slowly, she felt herself rising in the seat, but her breasts also moved up higher in her field of vision. Her shirt slid off her breasts and bunched around her armpits. The waistband of her sweatpants slid off her belly and into her lap, exposing the full globe of her belly and the seat of her panties dove between the inflated globes of her rear end.

Her legs and arms kept wanting to pull her into a starfish shape, but she held on to the steering wheel with a death grip and her now very large legs had become wedged underneath the dash. The waistband of her panties dug into her skin.

The hospital was only a couple miles away now. She could-- her right am suddenly snapped out. She tried to pull it back to the wheel but she didn't have enough strength to bend it back. She'd have to leave it there and drive with one hand. The seams in her shirt sleeves gave up the ghost with a horrible ripping sound, leaving the shirt bunched up around her neck. This allowed the skin on her arm to suddenly billow larger, becoming conical. With a ripping sound followed by a sudden slight deflation of her upper body and simultaneous sudden inflation of her legs and rear, her panties gave way. Her upper body, however,soon returned to its previous size and continues to swell.

Finally, just a mile away. There was a sharp left turn ahead and just a short drive through the woods and she'd be there. They could fix this, couldn't they?

Rounding the sharp curve at high speed, she felt her right arm press against the passenger seat as inertia pushed her to the right on her arm, her skin bulging at the sudden compression. She used this opportunity, where her arm suddenly bent, to regrab the wheel. It was a good thing, too, because her left arm suddenly tried to snap out. The bulging was all her sweatpants needed. As if unzipping, the seams ruptured.

The door prevented her left arm for star fishing, but it caused her to be tilted even more sideways. Her belly was now passed her knees and pressing into the steering wheel. She could feel the wheel rubbing her skin.

And now, she was there. The emergency room.

She didn't even bother finding a parking space and just parked at the doors.

She couldn't reach the door release! Her arms refused to bend that way. So close!

She felt herself begin to push forward as her back began inflating. The cone that her right arm had become was widening. The concave angle that normally makes up the armpit was growing less concave. If she couldn't get out of the car soon ...

Her bloated body ballooned hard against the door enveloping her left arm between her breast and belly. Her head was now more or less center between the steering wheel and seat, her inflated back pushed hard against the seat, her inflated belly pushing against the steering wheel. Her arms swelled uselessly at her sides, causing her to tilt more. She felt the top of her legs push against the underside of the dash and bulge over the bottom of the steering wheel, the back of her legs against the floor.

Suddenly, her belly pressed against the horn and the horn blew long and steady. That should get someone's attention.

And it did. A nurse came out to see who was making all the racket.

She couldn't breathe. If only she could reach the seat back release...

But, it was not to be. Her left arm was firmly wedged between her breast and belly.

Suddenly, the steering wheel popped upwards; thankfully she had a steering wheel that tilts. Her body ballooned up to fill the new gap.

Soon, she was aware of a bunch of people around her car. Her belly stuck out crudely, pushing into the steering wheel, nearly consuming it, pushing hard against the horn. Her overinflated breasts were now seated upon the growing sphere of her torso and growing inexorably towards the windshield and ceiling.

The car door opened and, free from its confinement, her left arm ballooned out straight with a fwoomp sound. "Help me," she squeaked, her voice sounding like she had breathed helium. Was she filling with helium? Why didn't she float, then?

She became aware that people were shouting, pulling her left hand, but she couldn't hear them over the hissing sound.

She felt herself slide toward the open door. She couldn't bend to assist. Someone had entered the car from the passenger side and was pushing her head down and into her cleavage. Her skin felt tight and balloon like.

Her head, amazingly, cleared the door opening and somehow, the assembled team was able to yank her out of the car with the sound of a hollow squeaking sound.

They helped push her to her feet and the were shouting at her, but she couldn't understand what they were saying over the hiss that filled her ears, filled her.

She was standing, kind of, outside the emergency room. She stood, looking like an overinflated starfish; her conical arms and legs pulled into an X shape with a sphere in the middle.

She attempted to waddle but her widening conical legs were forced further apart by her expanding body, what used to be her crotch was being pushed down toward the ground. The perimeter of her arms and legs were becoming one with the sphere.

By the time she got into the emergency room, her body forced her feet off the ground; what used to be the inside portions of her legs now on the cold tile floor.

She felt someone push on her and, for a brief moment, she was disoriented. She was on her back. Her arms and legs, what were left of them, consisted of just bulges on the sphere she had become. At the end of the bulges, hands and feet flapped uselessly in the air. They seemed to be pushing her with relative ease. Was the air--the helium?-- inside her making her lighter? Would so much helium fill her body that she was take flight? Hundreds of feet in the air, the air pressure was lower and caused many helium balloons to... No, she was inside. That wouldn't happen. She felt skin begin to pull at her wrists and ankles; the bulges that used to be her arms and legs flattening smooth against the sphere.

As she was rolled through the hall, she felt her fingers and toes stiffening, her feet and hands beginning to balloon as well. She felt her palms inflate under her swollen fingers, like she was wearing inflating rubber gloves.

She was stopped in a room. Her body had forced itself up to her chin, pushing her head backwards.

The back of her neck was being pulled onto the growing sphere. Her hands and feet were nothing more than a bulge with five slight bulges at the end of each.

The hissing sound filled the room. She was now looking upside down at a wall, feeling the skin of her chin pulled onto the sphere. She was entirely round now, a sphere six feet in diameter with only slight protrusions where her fingers and toes were.

She heard someone wheel something into the room. She attempted to speak "Help... mrpfh..." Her mouth was forced shut by the increasing pressure. Her cheeks puffed out briefly, causing her lips to involuntarily pucker, before being subsumed by the sphere.

Her head was gone. She was now only a face on a sphere. She felt something cold rubbed on what used to be her belly.

The ball that she had become was growing larger, tighter. The surface area of the floor she was in contact with began to shrink, the circumference lessening as the ball she became tightened, growing even more spherical. Her eyes were forced shut by the growing pressure. She felt the floor under her begin shifting, sliding. Was she becoming buoyant in the air or were they moving her? She couldn't feel their hands anymore.

Then she felt a pinprick.

She had been jabbed. The hissing sound grew more intense but the pressure began to reduce. Papers flew everywhere in a sudden wind that began to blow.

She felt the pressure lessen more and she suddenly had a chin again and she began to feel more of the floor again.

She was deflating. Someone had stuck her with a pin and she didn't pop. She could bend her fingers again. She could feel the palms of her hands shrink back to normal.

Within 15 minutes, she could stand on her own two feet and 30 minutes later, she was, more or less, back to normal. Her skin hung around her like a deflated beach ball.

They assured her that plastic surgery could help remove the excess skin. What they wanted to know is how it happened. She didn't have an answer. They had patched the hole with five stitches and a bandage. They placed her in an observation room to prep her for plastic surgery.

The hissing sound, however, did not go away. Soon, she felt her belly begin to push back out again, the excess skin began rising around her, billowing up slowly but surely. She pushed the call button and began to weep.

Author's Note: 

This is something I wrote on my phone during lunch breaks about 4 years ago.  Just a bit of stream of consciousness thing that doesn't really have a resolution, per se.  Just something stuck in my head that I had to get out, really.

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Pennsylvania Ki...
Pennsylvania Kite Weather's picture
The unknown can't hurt you but it can sure entertain you.

Wonderfully crafted, convincingly real, and paced and structured so aptly balanced that practically everyone can read this story— and should.

What really sold it to me was just how it captured the confusion; the wording, the mannerisms, all the little attempts to control the inflation and the mounting seriousness along the way. There's an acuteness, a correctness to the observations and details; the one leg feeling stiff as it extends behind her, for instance. We don't need her name. We don't need her future. But to just enjoy this story by being pulled fully into the experience is something that makes a reader like me who's not even into full-spherical bodies that much a captivated audience member. This is absolutely magnificent.

RenegadeKamui's picture
I loved it!

I loved this story because it touched on all of my favorite things in inflation: the slow, detailed progression from barely noticeable, to fully spherical; how simple tasks become impossibly hard as her body betrays her; the way she tries to fight her condition but only puts herself in worse peril; and the ending when she blows back up just when she thought she was in the clear. I do have a few suggestions for future stories, though.

  • Single-sentence paragraphs -- I see them all the time on this site, and they really chop up the narrative. Maybe it's convenient to write that way on your phone, or that's just the way the story ran in your head, but it would really help to edit it before you publish it.
  • If you gave your character a name, you wouldn't have to refer to her as "she" all the time, which would make the story less repetitious.
  • Since you gave the story a written date in 2013, it'll be buried way down in the library where no one is likely to see it. I would've missed it myself if I hadn't misclicked on "recent posts". You might want to have Luther fix that.