To Be Her Gift

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Brooke hated having to get out bed this early in the morning. Unfortunately, it was the only way to make sure her plan was set in place without Laura, her fast asleep girlfriend, from noticing. After she took a moment to glare at the alarm clock in contempt, she got out of bed. Taking a moment to grab her notebook, she took a seat, and wrote a message with the pen that was next to it.


Happy Birthday, Babe! I just went out to buy us some hot chocolate, and you looked so tired last night, I didn’t have the heart to wake you up. I’ll be back ASAP!! I know how much you like to snoop, so you’re allowed to open ONLY the present in the red box before I get back.I know that one’s been killing you since you weren’t able to open it during Christmas. Be sure to pull the ribbon first! It’s very fragile.

Love you!

Brooke <3


With that, Brooke painstakingly placed her notebook on her pillow, and started tiptoeing down the stairs, making sure to step on the sides of the stairs so they wouldn’t creak. The room was made visible by the moonlight shining through the windows frosted by winter’s grasp.Once she made her way down the stairs, Brooke sneaked on through to the Kitchen. As she reached in to the cabinet to find her pill, she spied Laura’s laptop out of the corner of her eye. Brooke to a moment to chuckle to herself. Laura had taken the time to not make sure that laptop had closed all the way, or if she didn’t feel the need to sate her curiosity, she highly doubted that this would be happening. Finally, she took in the Christmas tree in the living room next to her. It’s soft, warm glow called to her, and Brooke made her way to the table in the middle of the room.

Reaching underneath the table that lay in the middle of the room, she found the gas pellet taped to the top.Now that she had everything she needed, she made her way to the fated red box. She picked up the box and its lid, and walked toward an open space, away from the tree and table.The box was easily the biggest of the bunch, tall enough to reach her knees, and wide enough for her to step inside the box. Which is exactly what she did.Very carefully, Brooke placed the gas pellet so it rested on the ribbon on the inside. Brooke took a moment to place the lid on her head, and acknowledged how silly this image seemed. With the anticipation reaching its peak, she took a breath to ease her nerves. This was for Laura, she needed to remember that. And with that, she swallowed the pill.

She kept her eyes on the tree, but as she planned, her reference point seemed to be getting farther away from her. Unconsciously, Brooke readjusted her bra, feeling its fit become looser. The ornaments that were at her eye level was now a few inches above her.Her heart started to race as the faced the notion that was actually happening. She was really shrinking!! Her t-shirt was becoming more and more like a dress, as she felt herself becoming smaller. Time passed, and her clothes fell off of her body. The lid, which at first had felt essentially weightless, now was a heavy burden for her head.

Brooke grabbed one last look at the Christmas tree, the plastic facsimile looking more like a Redwood to the diminutive girl. Finally, she shrank so much that the lid covered the top of the box, and Brooke was left in darkness as the pill’s effect stopped, leaving the lid just out of arm’s reach. With one last sigh, she laid against the cardboard floor, and stared at where the gas pellet would be. Step one was complete! Now the ball was in Laura’s court, whether she knew it or not. In the meantime, she bundled herself up in a nice cocoon with her gargantuan t-shirt, and intended to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

A few hours later, Brooke was awoken from by a faraway rumbling.She briefly wondered where she was, when the rumbling felt stronger, and more frequent. She suddenly realized the rumblings were in fact Laura’s footsteps. She was clearly excited, given how fast the steps seemed to be coming toward her. She braced herself as best she could for what she knew what was coming. To Laura’s credit, she was trying her best to be gentle as she rotated the box, and Brooke only slammed into the walls a few times. Slowly she was put down, and the friction of fabric being pulled signaled that the ribbon was being pulled, and Brooke scampered away from the middle of the box. No longer being held up, the gas pellet fell to the ground, and snapped open, with a small puff of pink gas pouring out. Brooke quickly inhaled as much as possible, and as a result, kickstarted phase two.

Brooke felt a wave of goosebumps go through her body, when all of a sudden, she started feeling bloated. Sure enough, when she looked down, her belly protruded out from under her, so much so it was covering her feet from view! Soon after, her torso joined in the process. Even when she knew that this was supposed to happen, Brooke remained distressed, and was fruitlessly trying to push it back in. She kept on trying until, to her dread, her arms started getting pushed to their sides.While she still could, Brooke waddled within the box so that she would be facing Laura.And not too soon, as her torso started pushing her legs outward. She suppressed a moan as she her arms and legs were sucked in to her body, she didn’t wan’t to risk lowering the surprise. As her wrists and ankles were finally sucked in, Brooke tried not to fall, and be stuck on her back (At least, not yet). Brooke’s body ran out of room as she became spherical, but her growth wasn’t done yet. In a pace that she was unprepared for. Brooke’s body started taking up ever more space in the box. Just as her eyeline had changed when she shrank, Brooke’s eyeline started rising as she grew (though what she could actually see outside of her mass was shrinking in turn.) She whimpered as she felt her body push against her box’s walls. The pressure mounted to the point where Brooke was worried she would pop, but with a BANG, she busted out of her present box. Unrestricted, her body’s growth made up for lost time, until she was eye to her with her lover. Laura was, as predicted, blushing, and speechless. Brooke smirked as she took in her surprise as Laura realizing her deep dark secret had been found out. Hell, Laura seemed just as unable to move as Brooke was. After a small silence passed, Brooke flapped her useless hands, and put on her most sultry voice. “Happy Birthday, Babe. Ready to play with your new toy?”

Author's Note: 

My very first story! I'd appreciate some feedback on this. This was supposed to be a Christmas story, but since that's long passed, I made it into a birthday story instead. I hope you all like it!

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doubleintegral's picture
Very well written. Would like

Very well written. Would like to see more from you!

Awesome Story!

Very nice concept and exceution, my friend! 

The only criticism I'd have of this is that some of the punctuation is in the wrong place. Yeah, I know that sounds quite picky, but inflation writers generally have a very keen eye for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

For example:

She suppressed a moan as she her arms and legs were sucked in to her body, she didn’t wan’t to risk lowering the surprise.

Should read:

She suppressed a moan as her arms and legs were sucked into her body. She didn't want to risk ruining the surprise.

Apart from the odd mistake here and there, this is a very sexy story that I'm sure lots of people will love.

Excited to see what's next from you, Succoria!

If you're turned on by the idea of a girl turning herself into a balloon by taking a really deep breath, this is the guy to talk to.

Take a deep breath in. You'll need it.


well written and paced, you did not overwhelm with details but rather left it up to the mind of the reader to fill in the blanks.  I would have preferred a little clarity on what was happening, it was somewhat hard to follow what was taking place to Brooke. 


Write more!

Good work

Keep it up!