Inflation formation

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Inflation formation

Which roles there can be in inflation sport?
What's their task, what do they carry, what patterns do they form on the field?

Some ideas of roles for a team game:

-- by field position
Well that's similar to real world games:
+ Forwards stand in front
+ Backs stand in the back
+ Wingers stand on the sides
not much sense, since the task is to attend opposing team, not the ball

-- by typical task
That's similar to online gaming:
+ Inflator - for delivering quick and powerful inflation
+ Inflatee - capacity player for receiving inflation instead of others
that's more meaningful but lacks inflation specifics

-- by items they possess

+ Archer - a missile player
She carries an inflatoray, a pneumatic gun of inflation markers, gel balls for throwing, helium darts or anything else that shoots or is thrown. She might take a whole range of those since she doesn't expect to be inflated. However, if she does inflate, all of her tools will become out of her reach. Defend the archer! ^_^

+ Runner - a melee player
She can be using a footpump, an inflation spray, helium pills or anything else. She can also distract too full opponents who refuse to slip, helping them over the edge. Or she can be very good at puffkiss or swelldance. Or she can be a capacity player, striving to be in the right place to inflate instead of others. She has to run a lot on the field so she doesn't carry much

+ Tanker - a powerful inflator in heavy support role
This girl tows an airtank and operates its controls. She has more than anyone can handle, and operates it even with closed eyes or when very full. However, she carries nothing to defend herself so she's usually the toughest player in the team

Any other roles or formations you'd like to see?

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One of your games again. Great. I hope there will be a big sport event in Russia soon (if you know what i mean)

And boom goes the inflatee


nah, just a quickie to fine-tune the rules of a tabletop RPG ^_^


I'll rename "a girl with an air tank" into Airtankgirl - many thanks, it's an honour for me to use that word! Who knows, maybe ATG used to be the first ATG? ^_^


Currently thinking of ways to show slipping


Inflatics - a character slips and leaves the field. She lost this round, better luck next time

   Big screen: A colourful BANG with confetti and glitter (CG is shown instead of deflating character, like in VSG)

   TV: Character slips and disappears (her figure isn't shown until she leaves the field)

   Field view: Character slips, then slowly deflates and quietly walks off the field without disrupting the game of others

Underground inflating ring - a character pops. That's it, she's gone

   Popping: A BANG, surroundings are shaken by the blast, bursting cloud covers adjacent area


Any other views you'd like to see?


Double post from "Zorbing Time"

First of all - publishing the first drafty picture of Inflation formation

Don't beat me hard for it - it's a very first attempt to put together interface elements in Paint, to give you an idea what I'm aiming at.

Two teams inflate each other in a tactical inflation game - that's called "encounter"

If your team wins an encounter, it earns "money" that can be spent on items and hiring more team members.

On the field items can be used in many ways - (e.g., 30+ actions for heliumtank)

Each team member owns items, and is an entirely generated character with background, ability scores, class-subclass, skills-feats, level and so on.

Skills and feats can either grant team member a permanent ability, or some quick trick they can do, or some mode they can enter

Encounters are of several types

- two teams can start in opposite corners and then move to the centre of the screen to inflate each other,

- or one team can defend a "castle" or "hill" while another team tries to get hold of it

- or one team runs left to right (or right to left) on a platform while another team are foes in their way

- or there's a relay like in Inflation Olympics

- or it's 1 vs 1 till bursting solely on lungpower like in Inflate Club

- and on and on whatever comes to mind


What kind of ideas can be built in Inflation Formation?

There was a thread about what video game would you like to play. Inflation Formation is planned to take care of more than half of inflation ideas from that thread, only the most ambitious and unusual ideas won't be covered.

The coming month will show whether we are ready to have a game we would like to play created for us. Personally, I think we are ready, I have no doubts in our community. Still, the outcome is open, and I'll accept your will.


What is Inflation Formation?

It's a 2D action RPG. People will make adventures in it, and I'll write an adventure in it to give an example.


An adventure consists of stories and encounters.


Stories are what you've seen in VSG: having an RPG-style dialogue, making decisions, or showing a cutscene movie.

Encounters will be something new - a tactical inflation game


A tactical inflation game has a view from the side, enormous variability and advanced game mechanics.

Game mechanics is the same as in a zorbing tabletop. Having it published will also let me collect feedback from players and improve it further

And if I'm lucky to have a budget - next year I'll hire an artist so that graphics is professional and animation is sexy ^_^


Sorry for np, I'd love all of you to check if you know an interface designer and show him/her this:

Thank you ^_^