Inflatable competitions

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Inflatable competitions

How do they compete in inflation?

Stretching bigger, flying higher, holding tighter?

A few already popular (inflatics disciplines):

* Freestyle
"Let's have fun!" no rules, just beauty and style. A toy for Strigoii by BellyDemon, Party time by Dizzy and Balloon Roulette by Alec Deluxe are great examples. Scores for beauty and style I guess, since they don't measure anything and just inflate until a slip. Might be repeated a few times in a row. However since each slip is quite a workout and each deflation burns calories, after a few reps they will think only of where to lay down.

* Stretchout
"And I'm having the biggest whatever!" or "Maybe, but I'll watch your slip first!" or "Let's pump each other until one of us slips". Inflation club of Alec Deluxe and Inflate-off by Bloat-her-up are great examples. I guess Limitburster's Training Session is training toward a stretchout. btw, she used this word for the first time and I just picked it up. All the totally AWESOME games of Captainstupids are about stretchout - so far.

* Blimprun
Name given by Carnatic to his picture. Yep, one with the helium tank riding on top of the blimp. The Gameshow of Dizzy is also a great example, if you don't mind gore - Burstgirl writes about running the distance as well. There's a distance to run, or there's a labyrinth to escape from with all kinds of inflationary goodies in the way, etc. The way Carnatic showed it - is (I have to guess) they have to reach the finish before they slip or fly away.

* Snapping
"Rip that bra off her!" as Kate cries in Dunk tank. Grim "It won't be corset that gives" in Evelyn corsets. Just burst the darn thing before you slip.

* Bellydance
Also from a story (sorry, don't remember who's the author).
In the Middle East (imaginary one) they believe that a lady must inflate only when she gives birth, so they only pump each other until it starts to show. And bellydance is a competition in concealing that you actually started to inflate - for as long as possible. Dance hides it pretty well.

* Hosing
Two ladies, each has a pump with a long hose. They try to fit it into each other (usually, into a navel). Since certain limited fighting is allowed, it's not easy! As a variant, the competition can go on until someone slips.

* (name wanted)
Just a lasertug with inflato-ray, or paintball with inflationary gel balls.

* Bubblegliding
That's for BIG ones. Like Dirigi-belle by HellenSweller. I think I also stole a word from somewhere, just don't remember from where...

* (name wanted)
You guys have a great idea to combine fighting with inflation. I don't see how yet, but will keep think of it.

* Arena
"Two teams inflate each other until only one team is left standing in the field" (c) me ^_^ That's all in one. Do anything - just get'em outta darn field. ^_^

Any ideas?

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well, being a lover of breath holding, there's always seeing who can hold her size the longest!  like, they start off at the same size, then, without adding anymore air, they see how long they can hold, while slowly still growing from holding the pressure...

though that really just plays to my particular kinks...

your friendly nighberhood Puffy Cheek Lover!

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Speaking as a HUGE fan of competitive inflation, I can say that this is relevant to my interests...>>

So... SO relevant...>>;

"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men."


to Sugarhigh & AnotherCanadianGuy - you guys have two totally awesome ideas, one - about imaginary inflation via puffing cheeks, another - about real deflation via relaxation. Connecting the dots between the two led to a new line of training. Thanks a lot for that, my dear friends!


Got it wrong: not "bigger". "Stretching wider, flying higher, holding tighter" just sounds better ^_^

Fighting in inflatics - nah, never; but something that looks like a slow, dance-like semblance of fighting - maybe.Still - in my imaginary world - a guy who got shot/stabbed in the belly/chest will inflate full, (get popped) heal and deflate. So... who knows... If they're fighting that bad - it might end with inflation after all. ^_^

So far games of stretch (what I call "Stretchout") are most popular - biff's great idea of inflating with thought, Dunk Tank and similar games about overinflating someone (measuring time, or number of pumps, or anything else). It's a shame not to mention "Summer Inflation Games", for me that's a mother of all such games.

With games of running/solving labirynths (what I call "Blimprun") being solid second - forgot to mention great game of PBallooned


2all: Will be collecting/sharing ideas of competitions for quite some time - feel free to take any or add yours any time.


...and it would be cool to make something out of this, while we wait for Inktober to start

and now I shut up - no more shameless self-advert from me, your turn you awesome ones ^_^